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10 years, 10 companies, $100 billion: Israel's tech 'Big Bang' is here   21%

Forget the 'Startup Nation.' Israeli high-tech is changing. The industry is set to grow a new generation of large companies that could could revolutionize Israel

Bennett approves transfer of over 1 million COVID vaccines to Palestinians  

The agreement is essentially a loan which will see a later shipment of COVID vaccines to the Palestinian Authority redirected to Israel

Israel might have the answer to the global birthrate crash   25%

Many countries are concerned about plunging birthrates, but Israel has the opposite problem

Israeli Aircraft Bomb Gaza Just Days Into New Government  

After a day of rising tensions, which saw a far-right march in Jerusalem and incendiary balloons launched from Gaza, Israel’s new coalition government ordered airstrikes against Hamas.

TikTok hires Israeli lobbyist after Israeli-Palestinian violence goes viral   -80%

TikTok has faced backlash in Israel — including calls by Netanyahu to suspend the platform — after violent videos of clashes between Jews and Arabs went viral

Decorated judoka Alice Schlesinger who competed for Israel, then Britain, retires  

32-year-old Schlesinger, who represented Israel until a dispute with the national judo association, ends her career with one World Championship and four European championship medals

Trump's 'favorite dictator' is now Biden's burden   -1%

Biden vowed 'no blank checks' for Sisi, but Egypt's recognition of Israel — and help on Gaza — has long fed a U.S. alliance despite human rights abuses.

Photos: Israeli ultranationalists march through East Jerusalem, stirring animosity  

The march posed a test for Israel's fragile new government as well as the tenuous truce that ended last month's 11-day war between Israel and Hamas.

The doctor who treated Hitler's hysterical blindness  

Hitler’s affliction after World War I and the doctor who treated him star in a 1939 novel by Ernst Weiss, a Jewish physician and writer whose works – praised by the likes of Kafka – only recently got their due in Israel

Second air strike in a week shakes fragile truce between Israel and Gaza  

Gaza and Israel both launched small-scale attacks as negotiators continue to wrangle the details of the cease-fire and 8000 remain homeless.

Israel shines as host of Womens European Lacrosse Championships  

Israel Lacrosse Association is hosting women’s tournament, made up of 20 countries and 500 players

The Nazi commandments for a pure Aryan society   -10%

Eugenics, euthanasia, forced sterilization – these and other 20th-century phenomena related to the theme of ‘racial purity’ are featured in an exhibition opening in Israel on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The real Sherlock Holmes of Tel Aviv  

Israel’s first conference devoted to Hebrew-language detective fiction proved a stark reminder that few fictional private eyes have left a mark on Israeli literature — although one has come close.

Israel launches airstrikes on Gaza for second time since ceasefire  

Israeli jets launched air strikes on Gaza overnight Thursday to Friday after militants in the Palestinian territory again set off incendiary balloons into southern Israel, the army and AFP journalists said.

In wake of Meron disaster, prominent rabbi says women should be more modest   11%

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, an influential figure in Israel's ultra-Orthodox community, is the latest leader to apparently avoid blaming anyone for the Mount Meron stampede that killed 45 pilgrims

The new front in the New York City mayor's race: Israel-Palestine   -6%

Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang draws fire from fellow Democrats for tweeting that he is 'standing with the people of Israel' amid Gaza rocket fire, as other candidates cope with a changing political landscape in the city

Bangalore to host first Israeli film festival   5%

Project of new Israel consulate to open with classic Israeli tale of Indian Jewish immigrants.

Number of start-ups in Israel in decline, according to new figures  

The number of new start-ups in Israel is in decline, a publicly funded agency said Wednesday, raising concerns for the future of the country’s much-vaunted technology sector and the wider

Soviet emigres publish their own Israeli cookbook   14%

'The Russian-Jewish Cookbook: Recollections and Recipes of Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union' offers a glimpse into the kitchens and rich cultural world of Russians speakers who immigrated to Israel as children.

'King Bibi' wasn't the only big myth shattered in Israel this week   -2%

Israel's new coalition has ruptured the fantasies, myths and facile takes that have sheltered American Jews in their hasbarist or anti-Zionist comfort zones for so long

Racism, hate and violence are Jewish values, too   -80%

Judaism rejects the racism, hate and violence we’ve witnessed on Israel’s streets. And it also endorses them

Paul McCartney says won't come to Israel to receive Wolf Music Prize  

McCartney says being chosen was a 'great honor,' but his schedule won't allow him to travel to Israel

Why Spielberg is all ears for this Israeli podcast   30%

The makers of hit podcast ‘Israel Story’ reveal the secrets of their success.

Israels unlikely coalition: is this the end for Netanyahu?  

Israel has a new coalition government made up of eight very different parties. But having ousted Benjamin Netanyahu, can it hold together?

Israel’s longest-serving leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, was ousted from office on Sunday by a coalition of rival parties from across the political spectrum. Yair Lapid, a centrist former TV news anchor, won a confidence vote in parliament by 60 to 59 seats giving the new coalition a razor-thin majority.

The Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent, Oliver Holmes, tells Rachel Humphreys that Netanyahu’s downfall was marked by jubilant celebrations from his political opponents. But the new coalition of eight parties is far from stable. Dahlia Scheindlin tells Rachel that despite the momentous week in Israeli politics it may not produce a significant change of course on the biggest issues facing the country. And it may not be the last act for Netanyahu in Israeli politics.

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Coronavirus may have ended Israels baby boom   70%

If so, that may be good news for the environment but it’s bad news for Israel’s high-tech economy

Israeli nationalists to march in East Jerusalem as Palestinians call for Day of Rage in response  

Far-right Israeli groups will march in and around East Jerusalem’s Old City on Tuesday in a flag-waving procession that risks igniting tensions with Palestinians in the contested city and rekindling violence between Israel and Gaza militants.

Apple Pay set to enter Israeli payment market next month   -7%

While Apple users account for only 20-30% of all smartphone owners in Israel, they are considered to be more technologically savvy than average

U.S. Jewish groups urge Biden to confront antisemitism emerging from Israeli-Palestinian flare-up   -60%

Anti-Defamation League says 'a dangerous and drastic surge' in antisemitism has been seen after fighting broke out between Israel and Hamas

As 'artichoke war' intensifies, Rome Jews fight Israeli rabbis over classic dish  

Israel’s Chief Rabbinate considers Italian-Jewish community’s carciofi alla guidia nonkosher, but Rome Jews say their artichokes are tighter and more compact than the Israeli version, thus preventing insects and worms from infecting them

Israel strikes Hamas positions in Gaza in response to launching of incendiary balloons   12%

This marks the first escalation in violence since a cease-fire ended 11 days of conflict between Israel and Hamas last month

On Conflict Peace and Genocide: Time for New Language on Palestine and Israel   18%

It will not be easy to deconstruct the seemingly endless edifice of lies, half-truths and intentional misrepresentations of Zionist Israeli colonialism in Palestine. Yet, there can be no alternative to this feat.

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Father pleads U.K. authorities to keep sick daughter alive and take her to Israel   16%

Israel's Health Ministry confirmed it appealed to the British government on behalf of the family, who argue their ultra-Orthodox faith means they can't agree with any action that would bring their child's death closer

Former Major League Baseball All-Star Ian Kinsler joins Team Israel  

‘Wearing Israel’s blue and white means more to me than just playing baseball’

Israel keen to build ties with Asia's Muslim nations, Singapore envoy says  

Israel's Singapore ambassador says the 'door is open' to improve relations with Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei, despite fierce condemnation of Israel's Gaza operation by the Muslim-majority countries in South East Asia

New trivia-quiz trend encourages Israeli revelers to drink and think   -10%

Which British pub phenomenon is now gaining ground among Israel’s young? Top marks if you said pub quizzes. The brains behind the MyQuiz night have all the answers.

What if Mossad agents had caught Hitler in the Amazon rain forest?  

The Holocaust was an impulsive rebellion by 'polytheistic instincts,' claimed Jewish American essayist and literary critic George Steiner, who passed away this month, aged 90. He also speculated about what might have happened if Hitler was captured by Israel

'Jews of Egypt': A flawed but praiseworthy documentary   16%

Although Egyptian director Amir Ramses and his generation mostly know about Jews from the context of war with bitter rival Israel, he has presented the community in the early 20th century as the 'good guys.'

Jewish Democratic lawmakers, including Jake Auchincloss, denounce Ilhan Omar's 'offensive' tweet  

WASHINGTON – A group of 12 Jewish Democratic lawmakers, including Massachusetts Congressman Jake Auchincloss, slammed Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., over a tweet she wrote that seemed to equate the actions of the United States and Israel with Hamas and the Taliban, calling it “offensive” and demanding she “clarify” her words. The tension is the latest […]

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