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10 years, 10 companies, $100 billion: Israel's tech 'Big Bang' is here   21%

Forget the 'Startup Nation.' Israeli high-tech is changing. The industry is set to grow a new generation of large companies that could could revolutionize Israel

Stinging blow for Israel in major Dubai cyber bid   40%

The Israeli group, led by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, had hoped that Israel’s reputation and the normalization of ties with the UAE would clinch the deal

Israel 2031: What will life look like in 'the most crowded country in the West'?   25%

If there is no change, says Prof. Alon Tal of Tel Aviv University’s public policy department, a decade from now Israel will be facing an overwhelming reality: 'Only South Korea and the Netherlands are more crowded now and by then, they won’t be'

Safely Past Another Election, Israel Turns Attention Back to De-Arabization of The Zionist State   -11%

The Zionists openly say that they will allow Palestinians to choose whether they remain in “Israel” as residents without rights, leave, or fight and be killed by the Israeli forces -- the same forces that have been killing them for more than seventy years.

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Baseball Major Leaguers tapped for online training of Israeli players   60%

Coronavirus restrictions push the Israel Association of Baseball to move to virtual training to keep kids 'within some kind of baseball connection'

Being a Mizrahi woman in Israel: This Yemeni author explains identity politics to English readers   20%

Ayelet Tsabari’s memoir, ‘The Art of Leaving,’ offers a rare narrative about a globe-trotting woman who flees home. Now that she has reconciled with her Yemenite roots and (partially) with Israel, she explains what drove her away

Israel, Greece sign largest defense procurement deal: Israeli defense ministry   10%

Israel and Greece have signed their biggest ever defense procurement deal, which Israel said on Sunday would strengthen political and economic ties between the countries.The agreement includes a $1.65

Vaccinated foreign tour groups to be allowed into Israel in May   1%

Organized groups of foreign tourists with antibody and negative COVID tests will be able to enter Israel starting next month, tourism minister says

Detention of Jerusalem candidates threatens Palestinian poll  

Israel briefly detained three Jerusalem-based candidates for Palestinian legislative elections on Saturday, deepening a dispute over whether banning Palestinian residents of east Jerusalem from voting

Soccer association to hold conference to promote womens soccer without any women  

The Israel Football Association said they invited one woman speaker, who canceled

Yemens Jewish population, once over 50,000, drops to below 10  

Tens of thousands of Yemeni Jews left for Israel shortly after its establishment as a state in 1948, spurred by the wave of antisemitism across the Arab world that the founding had triggered

Turkey calls on Israel to end violence against Palestinians  

Turkey on April 16 called on Israel to cease its aggressive policies against Palestinians.

Netanyahu wants to spend big to rescue Israel's COVID-hit economy, while others aim to spend smart   16%

Concerned about the labor market amid as unemployment remains at a high 12%, the Bank of Israel looks askance at the prime minister’s grants program

Why Spielberg is all ears for this Israeli podcast   30%

The makers of hit podcast ‘Israel Story’ reveal the secrets of their success.

Why a parched Iran may seek peace  

Climate change’s effect on the Middle East has already helped push deals between Israel and two Arab states. Will Iran be next?

Decorated judoka Alice Schlesinger who competed for Israel, then Britain, retires  

32-year-old Schlesinger, who represented Israel until a dispute with the national judo association, ends her career with one World Championship and four European championship medals

Iran nuclear talks resume under shadow of Natanz attack  

Talks to save the Iran nuclear deal resume in Vienna Thursday amid new tensions, with Tehran preparing to ramp up uranium enrichment in response to an attack on a facility it blamed on arch-foe Israel.

Rome's Jews fume after Israeli Rabbinate bans staple dish   -6%

A ban on imports of carciofi alla giudia into Israel has angered many Jewish Romans. But Milan's Jewish community would rather play by the rules

Israeli hi-tech startups are booming. This is what it takes to raise a unicorn   -6%

Fifty startups in Israel now exceed $1 billion in value, with half of the total crossing the threshold since 2020. Who are the entrepreneurs behind the companies and to what can their success be attributed?

The doctor who treated Hitler's hysterical blindness  

Hitler’s affliction after World War I and the doctor who treated him star in a 1939 novel by Ernst Weiss, a Jewish physician and writer whose works – praised by the likes of Kafka – only recently got their due in Israel

Israels election results: The pain of the Covid aftermath economy   12%

COVID wasn't the economic disaster for Israel that many predicted, but in its aftermath a new economy is forming that will be painful for many

Israeli athletes feeling the pressure as coronavirus threatens Tokyo Olympic Games   -33%

Israel's Olympic committee called on athletes to think seriously about any trip to a training camp or competition

Israel's new stock exchange building restores confidence in old-style capitalism   50%

With its appropriate design and location, it is one of the best buildings constructed in Israel in recent years

As Israel's gig economy grows, so does the number of fake professions   50%

In Israel, you could hire a love consultant, a traffic psychologist or a datologist, even though none of these are recognized areas of expertise

Israel's Employment Service warns that job market is struggling to recover  

The service attributes further deterioration of Israel's labor market to the cumulative effect of successive lockdowns, warns competition for jobs 'will grow more fierce' as extended period of unemployment benefits expires in June 2021

From Iraq to Yemen: Israel's Eurovision entry draws unexpected support from the Arab World   5%

Israel's Foreign Ministry shared a video of Netta Barzilai performing 'Toy' on its Arabic-language Facebook page, and got surprisingly positive responses

Israel's COVID flight ban turned its citizens into illegal immigrants  

Israel's coronavirus flight ban left thousands stranded abroad, often in violation of local laws. A draconian solution turned into a nightmare

New museum tells of Israeli setback on a 1948 battleground  

A month later, Israel won the day at a total cost of 28 elite Palmach soldiers over three days of fighting.

New food-tech campus thrown into question as Israel fails to live up to its commitments  

The project in Israel's north was hailed as an 'important step toward making Israel a food technology powerhouse,' but TheMarker finds that the project is struggling to get off the ground

Eyeing tax benefits, Amdocs tech firm seeks to transfer intellectual property to Israel   15%

Israel is trying to attract international companies to relocate to Israel by allowing them to pay a reduced rate for intellectual property

Israeli jets & helicopters strike Gaza Strip in reprisal for rocket attack  

Explosions lit up the night sky over Gaza as Israeli fighter jets and attack helicopters bombed several locations inside the Palestinian enclave. Tel Aviv said the strike was a reprisal for a rocket fired into Israel earlier.
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Israel shines as host of Womens European Lacrosse Championships  

Israel Lacrosse Association is hosting women’s tournament, made up of 20 countries and 500 players

Iran has successfully enriched uranium to 60 percent, parliament speaker says   6%

The announcement marks a significant escalation after the sabotage that damaged centrifuges at Natanz, an attack this past weekend suspected to have been carried out by Israel

U.K.'s Ken Loach calls for boycott of Israel-backed culture, sport, academia   25%

Filmmaker renews criticism of U.S. and U.K. for supporting Israel.

Bauhaus turns 100: The architectural style that put Tel Aviv on the map  

In the early 20th century, Israel became a center of the 'International Style,' but contrary to urban legend, the local obsession was not exclusive to Tel Aviv

Israeli minister attends West Bank road opening that may be illegal electioneering  

The ceremony could only be described as a campaign appearance designed to appeal to Transportation Minister Miri Regev's electorate, but Israel Roads Company says the 'important benchmark' justifies her 'visit'

Israeli diva Rita revisits her Iranian childhood   -6%

As she approaches 59, the renowned Israeli singer is daring to open old wounds in her new memoir: from a childhood in Iran that included a five-story fall that nearly ended with a kidnapping, to her struggle for survival in Israel as she was forced to start working at the age of 10

Menu for an Israeli shabbat dinner   5%

The Jewish day of rest is customarily marked with a festive meal on Friday night. These recipes bring an Israeli touch with an emphasis on Israel’s seasonal winter vegetables.

U.S. conservatives gave the Israeli right huge political power. When will the left do the same?   -1%

Funded by ideologically-driven American conservatives, the new right is redrawing Israel's political map and government policies. The center-left needs to start adopting similar practices or risk being left behind

Iran asks Interpol to arrest Natanz 'sabotage' suspect: media   -2%

Iran has asked Interpol to help arrest a suspect in a sabotage attack on its Natanz nuclear facility which it blames on Israel, a local newspaper reported Sunday.