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Tokyo Olympics: Israels first-ever mixed medley swim team makes finals   20%

'We’re four people here at the global top. That’s something special that hasn’t happened for a long time'

Lee Camp: We Know the Silver Bullet to Ending Poverty and Destitution But Choose Not to Use It   6%

Universal basic income has been tried successfully countless times. So why the hell isn’t the US government implementing it?

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Analysis: The 5G-airline safety issue is why we have a government   20%

The promise of 5G, the next generation of wireless technology, has excited people for a long time -- faster internet, better connections and easier access.

New budget airline to launch transpacific flights connecting US and Asia with a stop in Alaska  

Carrier’s CEO claims passengers will save time and money by changing planes in Anchorage

Podcast: Work from home, get spied on by your boss  

On "The Times Daily Podcast," we examine how and why companies are spying on their workers at home … and whether a backlash is coming.

Tongan blast was violent and vast, but may not disrupt global warming   20%

While Tonga’s neighbours struggled to access information about what was happening on the ground, scientists, equipped with modern monitoring technology, saw the blast in real time.

Sinners or trendsetters? A forgotten trio of 19th-century Jewish feminists   25%

Three women who were way ahead of their time, educated and famous for their Berlin soirees – but ignored for centuries by Jewish historians because they converted to Christianity

Matt Hancock: the MP who cant even take a swim without getting into trouble  

The politician has been reprimanded – this time by the Serpentine swimming club for taking an illicit dip in the London pond

Name: Matt Hancock.

Age: 43.

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Report: Police used NSOs spyware in corruption probe of Likud MK   7%

Law enforcement allegedly obtained photographs and information from phone of David Bitan's acquaintance; lawmaker appears in court for first time in trial

Cathay Pacific offers pilots 2,700 bonuses to keep flying in spite of draconian Hong Kong quarantine rules  

Hong Kong’s strict quarantine laws have kept officers in isolation for weeks at a time

Vancouver Asahi baseball legend Kaye Kaminishi celebrates 100th birthday   12%

Koichi Kaye Kaminishi joined the Vancouver Asahi baseball team in 1939 — a time when many Japanese Canadians faced discrimination. He was one of thousands of Canadians of Japanese descent interned during the Second World War.

Roberta Metsola Elected as President of European Parliament  

Roberta Metsola of Malta will succeed David Sassoli, an Italian politician who died last week, at a critical time for the institution.

Hybrid learnings led to an unstoppable education revolution   5%

Introducing the “flipped classroom,” where students learn independently prior to class and use in-class time to discuss and complete activities

New year, new hair? 2022 might be the year of the rebellious haircut   -12%

The writer was known for her long, dark hair — part of her game plan to look younger. Last fall, she decided it was time for a pandemic cut. She wasn't alone.

Wife of missing Chinese activist dies in US after appeal to Beijing for reunion fails   -16%

Zhang Qing’s dying wish was to be reunited with her husband, Chinese activist Guo Feixiong.But that wish was left unfulfilled on Monday when Zhang, 55, died of cancer in the United States, with Guo missing in China and out of reach of his family.Just before Christmas Zhang made a desperate plea to Chinese authorities in an interview with the South China Morning Post for her husband to be allowed to travel to the US to see her one last time because she felt time was running out. The couple has…

Terrifying video, 911 calls released three years after Borderline mass shooting   -20%

After court battles with the Los Angeles Times, Ventura County officials released more than 90 emergency calls and a dozen body-camera and security videos from the deadly attack.

The Polish police force had a key role in the Nazi Final Solution, explosive new research shows   17%

One police officer executed an infant before his mother’s eyes, others raped and murdered a young woman in their car. A groundbreaking study portrays for the first time the Polish police's involvement in the Nazis’ annihilation project. Historian Jan Grabowski is at it again

John Adams, minister-turned-journalist who championed digital storytelling, dies  

Former Los Angeles Times editor John Adams, a champion of digital storytelling, dies at 46.

Five ways your energy bill could be wrong  

Now is not the time to be paying for a mistake

Laurel Cutler, a Power in Advertisings Golden Age, Dies at 94   30%

In her five decades on Madison Avenue, she cracked the glass ceiling at a time when women were rarely seen in the executive suite.

Boss behind mass Zoom firing back in charge boss Vishal Garg took time off after his handling of mass job cuts sparked outrage.

Is the great Australian holiday out of reach?   21%

Skyrocketing prices and extended wait times have meant that taking off in a caravan and hitting the road is becoming less accessible for some Australians.

Guinea Bissau/Nigeria: Guinea Bissau Vs Nigeria - How to Watch Super Eagles' Last Group Game  

[Premium Times] This is the first-ever AFCON fixture between the two teams.

Encore: Ancient footprints mistakenly attributed to bears were made by early humans   5%

A new look at nearly 3.7 million-year-old fossil footprints uncovered in Tanzania shows that multiple species of early humans lived together at the same time.

At cost of truth, Israeli military probes look mainly for someone to put the blame on  

The military's chief ordered to investigate the incident in which two commanders were killed by friendly fire, however experience suggests that this time too bereaved families' queries will remain unanswered

What ants can teach us on democracy and social cohesion   42%

In experiments with ants conducted by scientists at the Weizmann Institute, the majority group was seen to compromise with the minority in order to preserve unity − the first time behavior of this kind has been documented in the animal kingdom

Osaka getting into gear with dominant victory  

Naomi Osaka took time away from playing last year. She is playing like she is making up for lost time.

France ends UK travel ban  

As infection rates soar across Europe, France has relaxed its travel ban on arrivals from the UK -- just in time for the peak ski season.

Willie Thrasher re-releases another album with Grammy-nominated producer   25%

Toronto music producer Kevin Howes has re-issued yet another northern gem. This time it’s Willie Thrasher’s Indian/Inuit Country, which was first out from Sunshine Records in the 1990s.

Russia and Iran Put on a Show of Unity Against the U.S.  

Vladimir V. Putin met at the Kremlin with Iran’s new leader, Ebrahim Raisi, at a time when both their countries, despite their differences, are at odds with Washington.

Winter gas bill from hell: Oklahomans face paying $1.4bn over snowstorm   -12%

Customers saddled with paying 600 times the usual price for energy as regulators are accused of being too close to the industry they monitor

When Neil Crittenden heard that an extreme winter storm was about to hit Oklahoma last winter, he did what officials advised him to do and kept his heat on and water running so that his pipes wouldn’t freeze. The 40-year-old Oklahoma City resident even used hair dryers to keep them thawed.

What Crittenden didn’t know at the time was that the energy he used was going to cost him significantly. As winter storm Uri swept across the south central US last February, utilities that weren’t prepared scrambled. The storm caused blackouts in several states and resulted in the deaths of at least 223 people.

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Growing shade: An epic quest to plant a tree for every home in Senegal  

Tree-planting projects come with big promises that prove hard to keep. One activist has found a recipe for success by taking it one tree at a time.

The best breakfasts in Tel Aviv   8%

It's time to branch out your brunch to lesser-known but no less worthy places to start your day

Earthquake: 3.5 quake felt near Palm Springs  

A magnitude 3.5 earthquake was reported Monday evening at 11:39 p.m. Pacific time four miles from Palm Springs, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Something specials building: The method behind madness of Matildas coach Gustavsson   -6%

The Asian Cup is here, and it’s time to shift from what Tony Gustavsson calls “preparation mode” to “tournament mode”. After a tough 2021, are the Matildas ready to flick the switch?

Newly Declassified Video Shows U.S. Killing of 10 Civilians in Drone Strike  

The New York Times obtained footage of the botched strike in Kabul, whose victims included seven children, through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

Novak Djokovic needs time to recover after visa ordeal, Johanna Konta believes  

Konta says that the Serbian will need time to recover from an “ordeal”

Times when Bhavana made heads turns in saree  

9 times when Bhavana made heads turn donning sarees!

The best ever A380 airline stunts   27%

Incredible new photos show a woman in Emirates flight attendant uniform perched on the spire of the Burj Khalifa as an Airbus A380 flies past, but it's not the first time the superjumbo has been used for a publicity stunt.

Record holder Aviv Barzelay joins Israeli national swim team for Tokyo Olympics  

The 19-year-old who recently set a new Israeli record for the 200-meter backstroke will join the team despite falling short of meeting the Olympic qualifying time