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Trump asks who is bigger enemy, Fed Chair Powell or China's Xi?   23%

President Donald Trump reacted furiously on Friday after Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell spoke about the trade war with China and economic risks to the United States, asking whether his appointee to the U.S. central bank was a greater "enemy" than China's leader Xi Jinping.

Can Trump prevent a US recession in election year?   3%

Donald Trump is pressuring the Fed to stave off a sharp economic downturn as he seeks reelection in 2020. The feelgood effects of his $1.5 billion program of tax cuts are due to run out soon, so what can he do?

Fed's commitment to act upstaged by Trump's furor   20%

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said the central bank would "act as appropriate" to keep the U.S. economy healthy in a deteriorating global economy, but stopped short of committing to rapid-fire rate cuts and drew fire from President Donald Trump.

EU hopes to ease trade tension with US at G7 summit, official says   15%

The European Union hopes to ease trade tensions with US President Donald Trump when the leaders of the world’s seven major advanced economies meet in France over the weekend, a senior EU

China-based firms look to obscure tariff loophole to dodge trade war, but US customs is cracking down   6%

Companies manufacturing in China are using a little-known trade rule to dodge tariffs on their exports to the United States and reduce the cost of US President Donald Trump’s trade war.Section 321 of the Tariff Act of 1930 – also known as the de minimis rule – is a legal loophole that allows single shipments not exceeding US$800 in value per individual or company within a 24-hour period to enter the US tariff free.“The de minimis is the green lane of trade,” said Charles Brewer, CEO of DHL e…

Majority of economists see 2021 recession   31%

A strong majority, 74 percent, of U.S. business economists appear sufficiently concerned about the risks of some of President Donald Trump’s economic policies that they expect a recession in the U.S. by the end of 2021.

UPDATE 2-Trump says he wouldn't stop Fed Chair Powell if he offered to resign   -6%

U.S. President Donald Trump sharply criticized Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on Friday and said he wouldn't try to stop the chief U.S. central banker if he offered to resign.

Trump campaign seeks to mobilize women in 2020 battleground states   13%

President Donald Trump's re-election campaign hosted events in 2020 battleground states on Thursday to mobilize and train suburban women, an important voting bloc that defected from Republicans during last year's congressional contests.

AP News in Brief at 11:04 p.m. EDT   -25%

Trump raises tariffs on Chinese goods as trade war escalates WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump angrily escalated his trade fight with China on Friday, raising retaliatory tariffs and ordering … Click to Continue »

Trump is ramping up his economic double-talk to tamp down recession fears   -15%

As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump warned about the perils of President Barack Obama’s economic management. Now as president, Trump often fails to heed his own advice.

Trump retaliates against China with fresh tariff hike, capping chaotic day for markets   -25%

U.S. President Donald Trump retaliated against China on Friday with a series of tweets announcing a hike in tariffs on all Chinese goods. This comes after the stock markets sold off in reaction to Trump angrily ordering U.S. companies to stop doing business with China and accusing his own central banker of being an "enemy" to his economic plan.

Explainer: What tools could Trump use to get U.S. firms to quit China?  

Hours after China announced retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods on Friday, President Donald Trump ordered U.S. companies to "start looking for an alternative to China, including bringing your companies HOME and making your products in the USA.".

Pelosi says public doesn't support impeachment   20%

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi still isn't ready to launch impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump

Florida man charged for stash of Trump-shaped ecstasy pills  

A Florida man who was found to have ecstasy pills shaped like U.S. President Donald Trump's head has been charged with unlawful possession of controlled substances, according Pinellas County court documents.

Donald Trump says he is 'thechosenone' to take on China video  

The US president said his life would be easier if he had not mounted a trade war with China but went on to say ‘I am the chosen one’ to take on Beijing. Donald Trump said the US would probably make a deal with China

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Europe must oppose Trump  

With U.S. President Donald Trump due to visit Europe again for the G-7 summit later this month, European leaders have run out of options for dealing with the U.S. president.

N. Korea launches 2 more projectiles Trump says Kim likes testing missiles  

North Korea has reportedly fired two short-range missiles off its eastern coast, marking the seventh missile test since Donald Trump met with Kim Jong-un in June. The US president downplayed the launches as inconsequential.
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Trump Clarification Syndrome  

David Remnick on Donald Trump’s deranged behavior as he has repeated an anti-Semitic slur, reneged on promises to enact gun control, and retweeted conspiracy theories, and on the importance of not falling into despair.

Donald Trump heads for G7 with parting potshot at summit host France, renewed threat to tax French wine  

US President Donald Trump threatened his French hosts with taxes on their wines on Friday as he headed to a G7 summit in France with a series of parting shots, including another broadside at the Federal Reserve’s chairman.After a day that saw big falls on Wall Street after he announced new tariffs against China, Trump was in no doubt that he would emerge victorious from his trade war and appeared in a combative mood all round ahead of the diplomatic gathering.The US president blew up last year…

Donald Trumps laughable bid for Greenland reveals a great power tussle over the Arctic thats deadly serious   8%

As gloom seems to bear down on us from all sides, the imperative this week has been to search for something comical that might lighten the mood. But the search has reminded me of something that every brilliant writer knows in his or her bones: that comedy and tragedy are awkwardly close companions. At present, the entanglement of comedy and tragedy are screamingly obvious. It is hard not to be distracted by the comedic antics of US President Donald Trump, even as he inflicts harm on the world…

Trump Accuses Most American Jews of Disloyalty to Israel, Deploying Anti-Semitic Trope   2%

President Donald Trump revealed again on Tuesday that he subscribes to the anti-Semitic belief that American Jews harbor a secret dual loyalty to Israel.

The post Trump Accuses Most American Jews of “Disloyalty” to Israel, Deploying Anti-Semitic Trope appeared first on The Intercept.

China hopes Donald Trump honours earlier hands-off stance on Hong Kong despite latest US trade war link   16%

China is hopeful that US President Donald Trump can “honour” his earlier hands-off stance on Hong Kong, although the Commerce Ministry spokesman neglected to mention the latest statement from the American leader linking the trade talks between Washington and Beijing with the anti-government protests in the city.Trump had been distancing himself from the tensions until earlier this week saying that trade talks with China would be hampered if Beijing used violent means to crack down on the…

Was Chinas Arctic push behind Donald Trumps wish to buy Greenland?   -2%

US President Donald Trump’s reported wish to buy Greenland may have been rejected by Denmark, but it underscores the rapidly rising value of the massive, ice-covered island due to global warming and to China’s drive for an Arctic presence.The accelerating polar ice melt has left sparsely populated Greenland, a self-governing part of Denmark, astride what are potentially major shipping routes and in the crosshairs of intensifying geopolitical competition between superpowers.It also has untapped…

Trump cancels state visit to Denmark after 'nasty' PM says Greenland not for sale   -100%

President Donald Trump declared Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen's dismissal of his idea to buy Greenland "nasty" and an affront to the United States on Wednesday, a day after shocking Danes by cancelling a Copenhagen visit over the rebuff.

Trump escalates attacks on China and threatens to raise tariffs  

President ‘hereby orders’ US firms to seek alternative locations and suggests Fed Chair is an ‘enemy’

Donald Trump escalated his attacks on China on Friday, bumping up tariffs on Chinese imports and ordering US companies to leave China.

Trump’s announcements on Friday – all on Twitter – came after the president launched another blistering criticism of the Federal Reserve chairman, Jerome Powell, asking: “Who is our bigger enemy, Jay Powell or [China’s] Chairman Xi?”

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Donald Trump says hes the chosen one to take on China over trade   20%

US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he was “the chosen one” to address trade imbalances with China, even as congressional researchers warned that his tariffs would reduce US economic output by 0.3 per cent in 2020.Trump told reporters his life would be easier if he had not mounted a trade war with China. But he defended his actions and said he believed a trade deal between the world’s largest economies was still possible.“I am the chosen one … so I am taking on China. I’m taking on…

Donald Trump accuses Jews who dont vote for his party of disloyalty and being uninformed   22%

US President Donald Trump has showed a fresh willingness to play politics along religious and racial lines by accusing Jewish Americans who vote for Democrats as showing “either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty”.The remark came amid Trump’s ongoing feud with Democratic congresswomen Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, both Muslim. Critics said he was trading in anti-Semitic stereotypes.Trump has closely aligned himself with Israel, including its conservative…

White Terror: Donald Trump and the Ideology of Racist Hate   -80%

The massacre in El Paso is the consequence of growing racist extremism in the United States. As president, Donald Trump's task should be that of uniting the country, but he himself has contributed to the climate of hate.

Trump faces consequences of go-it-alone stance at G7 summit   10%

US president Donald Trump is set to confront the consequences of his preference for going it alone in an interconnected world as he heads into a summit of global economic powers.

Trump court pick denounced feminists, gay-rights groups and diversity efforts in 90s, 2000s editorials   -6%

A White House aide nominated by President Donald Trump for a federal appeals court seat has a history of denouncing women's marches against sexual assault, dismissing education about multicultural awareness and accusing a major LGBTQ group of exploiting the brutal murder of a gay student for political ends.

Trump heads to France after ratcheting up China trade war  

President Donald Trump is heading to France for an annual summit of leaders of the world's richest democracies

Wall Street plunges as U.S.-China trade war intensifies   -21%

Wall Street tumbled on Friday after the U.S.-China trade war escalated in dramatic fashion, with President Donald Trump demanding that American companies seek alternatives to doing business with China after Beijing announced its own slate of retaliatory measures.

Fighting Denmark with Trump in Crazy Town   -12%

An unofficial blacklist has deprived Donald Trump of conservative foreign policy talent and, boy, did it show this week.

Donald Trump woos leaders of former Soviet states at expense of traditional allies   13%

When Klaus Iohannis smiled for cameras alongside President Donald Trump on Tuesday, the Romanian president became the 10th European leader to visit Trump at the White House this year.But none have come from the large Western European powers that have been cornerstone US allies for decades. Instead, Trump has courted and been courted by Central and Eastern European leaders.For Trump, the region offers the potential for new trade, energy and military arrangements that can sometimes circumvent…

UPDATE 3-Answering Trump, UPS, FedEx and USPS say they already fight illegal drug shipments   30%

FedEx Corp, United Parcel Service Inc and the U.S. Postal Service said on Friday they are already working to stop traffickers from using their services after U.S. President Donald Trump ordered delivery firms to refuse packages of the powerful painkiller fentanyl from China.

Donald Trump meets top advisers on Afghanistan peace plan   5%

US President Donald Trump met with top advisers on Friday to review negotiations with the Taliban on a US troop pull-out from Afghanistan and the potential for a political settlement between the warring sides.“The meeting went very well, and negotiations are proceeding,” the White House said in a statement.Trump, who is on a working holiday at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, received an afternoon briefing from US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other advisers on the talks, which…

Should Denmark buy US instead? Some say its a great idea  

Donald Trump has become the butt of a lot of jokes since cancelling a trip to Denmark after it refused his offer to buy Greenland from it. Some people think it’s Denmark that should buy the superpower instead.
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US President Trump does not want to do business with Chinas Huawei  

US President Donald Trump on Sunday said he did not want the United States to do business with China’s Huawei even as the administration weighs whether to extend a grace period for the

Trump says U.S. would tax French wine in response to digital tax  

U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday reiterated criticism of a French proposal to levy a tax aimed at big U.S. technology companies and threatened again to retaliate by taxing French wine.

'Our bigger enemy': Trump escalates attack on Fed chief  

President Donald Trump launched a furious and highly personal Twitter attack on Friday against the Federal Reserve and Chairman Jerome Powell.