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Wary of Biden tack on Iran, Israel revisits military options, newspaper says   -10%

The paper, Israel Hayom, did not cite any sources. But it went on to quote Defence Minister Benny Gantz as saying: 'Israel needs to have a military option on the table'

Traumatized by Trump, U.S. Jews are about to get battered by Israel, too  

If and when American Jews emerge from their own country’s horror show and pay attention to Israel’s upcoming election, they won't like what they'll see. As Trump exits the White House stage, more right-wing nationalists are surging towards power in Israel

Ben-Gurion University to require gender parity on key appointments committees   12%

The university is the first in Israel to require gender balance in committees, and by doing so hopes to increasing the number of female professors at the university

Social Media Giants Ban Trump, but the Real Censorship is of Palestinians   -5%

“Israel is using this for its political aim to silence Palestinians. They’re using hate speech as a political tool.” --  Alison Ramer, 7amleh 

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Coronavirus pandemic has driven 42,000 Israeli families into poverty   23%

All told 151,000 mainly middle-class families have been hurt economically by the COVID-19 pandemic, a report from Israel's National Security Institute states

The doctor who treated Hitler's hysterical blindness  

Hitler’s affliction after World War I and the doctor who treated him star in a 1939 novel by Ernst Weiss, a Jewish physician and writer whose works – praised by the likes of Kafka – only recently got their due in Israel

Israel shines as host of Womens European Lacrosse Championships  

Israel Lacrosse Association is hosting women’s tournament, made up of 20 countries and 500 players

After Quick Vaccine Success, Israel Faces New Virus Woes  

Israel imposed a tighter lockdown as coronavirus infections soared, the variant spread, vaccines were running out and a debate erupted over the country’s responsibility to the Palestinians.

Report: Biden team already holding talks with Iran on US return to nuclear deal   -50%

Channel 12 says officials in the incoming administration have updated Israel on the deliberations, as wary Jerusalem pushes for a broader accord

The Nazi commandments for a pure Aryan society   -10%

Eugenics, euthanasia, forced sterilization – these and other 20th-century phenomena related to the theme of ‘racial purity’ are featured in an exhibition opening in Israel on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Israel expects to vaccinate children against Covid-19 by March, says pandemic chief  

Israel’s pandemic response chief has said that he hopes to see a vaccine offered to children over the age of 12 from March if trial data supports the move.
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'Israel paid for my education and gave me a stipend. It didn't feel right to walk away'   8%

A Canadian who came to Israel to attend high school and then decided to stay, and an American expat leading guided tours from the comfort of her living room

Bangalore to host first Israeli film festival   5%

Project of new Israel consulate to open with classic Israeli tale of Indian Jewish immigrants.

Josef K. in Jerusalems Old City  

Benjamin Balint on his book ‘Kafka’s Last Trial,’ and why no streets in Israel are named after the Jewish writer

The 10 Best Kosher Restaurants in Israel   -8%

Diners who were until recently prisoners to poor food at high prices now have the offerings of no few chefs in Israel.

U.S. publishers withdraw 'Islamophobic' book about imagined Iranian attack on Israel  

'The Siege of Tel Aviv' envisions five Muslim armies attacking Israel - and the Nazi-style genocide attempt that follows

Israels ultra-Orthodox prefer a Jewish state to a democratic one, survey finds  

Israel Democracy Institute’s Democracy Index finds under 10 percent of respondents trust the justice system, and 82 percent believe segregation from Arabs is necessary to preserve a Jewish identity

Paul McCartney says won't come to Israel to receive Wolf Music Prize  

McCartney says being chosen was a 'great honor,' but his schedule won't allow him to travel to Israel

Why Spielberg is all ears for this Israeli podcast   30%

The makers of hit podcast ‘Israel Story’ reveal the secrets of their success.

Polish soccer association celebrates victory over Israeli team as a pogrom   -25%

Relations between Poland and Israel have suffered since the introduction of a law in Poland last year making it illegal to blame the Polish nation for Nazi crimes

Even Israel's secret service can be hacked, and this expert knows why   8%

Moran Cerf, a French-Israeli neuroscientist and one of the first Israeli hackers, thinks human error enabled the recent spate of attacks targeting Israel. In an interview, he explains how to protect your privacy and security

As 'artichoke war' intensifies, Rome Jews fight Israeli rabbis over classic dish  

Israel’s Chief Rabbinate considers Italian-Jewish community’s carciofi alla guidia nonkosher, but Rome Jews say their artichokes are tighter and more compact than the Israeli version, thus preventing insects and worms from infecting them

Former Major League Baseball All-Star Ian Kinsler joins Team Israel  

‘Wearing Israel’s blue and white means more to me than just playing baseball’

New trivia-quiz trend encourages Israeli revelers to drink and think   -10%

Which British pub phenomenon is now gaining ground among Israel’s young? Top marks if you said pub quizzes. The brains behind the MyQuiz night have all the answers.

Alleged Israeli strikes in Syria destroyed warehouses storing missile parts, report says  

Spare parts were brought to warehouses days before extensive strikes attributed to Israel, Iranian Revolutionary Guards source tells Kuwaiti newspaper

Raanana clubs lead International Football League of Israel  

Meanwhile, Israel bows to Belgium in American football qualifying match for the European championship

'Some patients have never kissed anyone': Amid pandemic, sexual surrogacy sees rising demand   35%

Despite the taboo, sexual surrogate therapy has found its place in Israel, offering a real lifeline for those with intimacy issues

Sheldon Adelson, Jewish-American billionaire, conservative megadonor and Netanyahu patron, dies at 87   10%

Sheldon Adelson spent millions of dollars in Israel and U.S. to push conservative politicians, including upending Israel’s media market with his pro-Netanyahu free daily Israel Hayom

'Jews of Egypt': A flawed but praiseworthy documentary   16%

Although Egyptian director Amir Ramses and his generation mostly know about Jews from the context of war with bitter rival Israel, he has presented the community in the early 20th century as the 'good guys.'

Dollar gains against shekel after Israel central bank announces 2021 purchase  

Bank of Israel announces it will buy $30 billion in 2021 in order to curb the rise of the shekel, a policy overhaul meant to provide the market with 'certainty about the bank's commitments'

Assassination, bribes and smuggling Jews: Inside the Israeli Mossad's long secret alliance with Morocco   33%

From body bags to bugging summits, cosying up to Franco to counter-insurgency: This is how the Mossad built, and nearly destroyed, perhaps the most steadfast clandestine relationship between Israel and any Arab state

Dont look to Biden to solve Israels China dilemma   32%

The U.S. is Israel’s friend but Beijing is becoming more aggressive pursuing its economic policy goals, leaving Israeli companies in a quandary

Rome's Jews fume after Israeli Rabbinate bans staple dish   -6%

A ban on imports of carciofi alla giudia into Israel has angered many Jewish Romans. But Milan's Jewish community would rather play by the rules

Israel's new stock exchange building restores confidence in old-style capitalism   50%

With its appropriate design and location, it is one of the best buildings constructed in Israel in recent years

Israel is an 'apartheid' state, says Israeli human rights group B'Tselem   10%

Israel adamantly rejects the term, saying the restrictions it imposes in Gaza and the West Bank are temporary measures needed for security

U.S. dollar trades at 24-year low against shekel as Israel's central bank intervenes   -6%

The shekel has gained value sharply despite Israel's impending elections and the lack of political stability. In 2020, the shekel has gained 4.8 percent against key currencies

U.K.'s Ken Loach calls for boycott of Israel-backed culture, sport, academia   25%

Filmmaker renews criticism of U.S. and U.K. for supporting Israel.

Is 'Jewish' a nationality or religion? Inside Israel's fierce, bitter debate about identity   3%

How one man’s quest, half a century ago, for the right to define his own family’s identity unwittingly set up a momentous clash between Israel’s secular and religious power centers, changed the Law of Return and still fuels conflict over who is a Jew