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10 years, 10 companies, $100 billion: Israel's tech 'Big Bang' is here   21%

Forget the 'Startup Nation.' Israeli high-tech is changing. The industry is set to grow a new generation of large companies that could could revolutionize Israel

Israel Prize winner for film Judd Neeman dies at 84  

Ne’eman was a critical filmmaker and a pioneer in the study of Israeli cinema, He was awarded the Israel Prize for film in 2009

What lessons can be learned from the failure of Hit & Run  

Netflix’s decision to cancel ‘Hit & Run’ after just one season is a blow to Israeli television, but won’t be the last we see of Lior Raz

Berlin residents to vote in referendum on seizing rentals from corporate landlords   16%

Residents in Berlin, fed up with increasingly high rents, have secured a referendum on housing that could have reverberations across Europe.

Fire officials are investigating a 'suspicious' blaze at the historic Susan B. Anthony House  

A fire damaged the Susan B. Anthony Museum and House in New York on Sunday, before firefighters put out the blaze and rescued artifacts inside.

Israeli rhythmic gymnast Linoy Ashram snags gold medal at Tokyo Olympics   12%

Taekwondo fighter snatches first Tokyo 2020 medal for Israel ■ Israeli mixed judo team nabs bronze ■ Israeli gymnast Artem Dolgopyat picks up gold

Israeli troops kill five Palestinian gunmen in West Bank clash with Hamas   -13%

Five Palestinian gunmen were killed in shootouts with Israeli security forces during a sweeping West Bank arrest operation cracking down on the Islamic militant group Hamas on Sunday.

Israel starts widespread use of Regeneron's COVID treatment in high-risk patients   -10%

Israeli Health Ministry director-general calls life-saving COVID drug 'national resource in short supply,' vows to avoid waste and to carefully determine eligibility criteria

Jerusalem artist spotlights Israelis and Palestinians who were burned alive  

A series of works, jolting in their simplicity, center on the names of eight Israelis and Palestinians who burned themselves to death or were burned alive

Letters to the Editor: California's new zoning laws guarantee zero affordable housing   -50%

SB 9 and 10, now law, merely allow new multifamily housing in single-family neighborhoods. This is a boon to builders, not low-income renters or buyers.

Seven medals, four gold: Israel becomes powerhouse at Tokyo Paralympics   43%

Israeli swimmers have claimed six medals so far in Tokyo, setting three world records, as country easily surpasses medal haul from Rio five years ago

An app for deciphering Ulysses   18%

Israeli digital artist Ariel Malka’s unique interactive approach is the talk of the Internet town

Biden goes global on Covid-19   8%

The White House is branding its global Covid-19 summit today with an ambitious (if somewhat wordy) motto.

Painter Zoya Cherkassky, Israel's eternal dissident, is embraced by an unlikely institution   -60%

In a solo exhibition titled 'Pravda,' Zoya Cherkassky expresses the truth about the hardship, oppression, and disappointment faced by Israelis who immigrated from the Soviet Union

Two Israeli soldiers seriously wounded by friendly fire in West Bank operation   -6%

Five Palestinians were killed in the fire exchanges with the Israeli military near Jenin and Ramallah

Palestinian MP Khalida Jarrar released from Israeli prison  

Jarrar, a left-wing figure and member of the now-defunct PLC, released by Israeli authorities on Sunday.

Haunted house actor stabs 11-year-old boy's foot while trying to scare him  

An 11-year-old boy stabbed in the foot by a haunted house actor at a fairground in Ohio was an accident, the business-owner claimed, according to CNN.The child was about to begin walking through the

Midnight Mass review: blood-soaked horror loses the faith and the plot   12%

Netflix’s new series from the makers of The Haunting of Hill House aims to be a profound meditation on God and existence, but falls into absurdity. Heaven knows what’s going on

No one wants to hear this when Netflix drops a seven-hour miniseries, but Midnight Mass only really gets going in episode three. And, when it finally sets off, it doesn’t seem to know where it is heading. Directed and written (mostly) by Mike Flanagan of The Haunting of Hill House fame, this is a more philosophically ambitious take on spooky horror that searches for something profound, but frequently loses its revelations in a thick fog of bloated dialogue and fake blood.

The 127 residents of Crockett Island, a fading maritime community accessible by a twice-daily ferry from the US mainland, are dealing with three developments. Riley (Zach Gilford), a young man previously imprisoned for a shameful crime, has returned home, reuniting him with his childhood sweetheart, Erin (Kate Siegel). A vigorous young priest, Paul (Hamish Linklater), has arrived to replace the island’s beloved elderly monsignor, who went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and never came back. And, as the islanders look out from their wooden houses at night, something seems to be stalking the darkness.

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Jewish Agency invites staff to radical West Bank settlement for holiday trip   13%

Workers were invited to attend a Rosh Hashana trip in Hebron, where hundreds of Israeli settlers live among more than 200,000 Palestinians. The Agency's deputy chairman says he was not consulted

The real Sherlock Holmes of Tel Aviv  

Israel’s first conference devoted to Hebrew-language detective fiction proved a stark reminder that few fictional private eyes have left a mark on Israeli literature — although one has come close.

How Israeli Jews' fear of Christianity turned into hatred  

The life of Jesus and the religion he spawned are taught in Israeli schools in a way that’s inconsistent with their influence on European culture and Western civilization, scholars lament in a new book

'Tis the season for another Israeli military PR blitz   28%

This year, however, not all glossy interviews and special reports are pure PR, and reflect some of the achievements – and shortcomings – of the Israeli army

A stock market fad now, Israeli food-tech is riding a revolution in eating   30%

CEO of the latest Israeli business in the field to go public says environmental issues, consumer tastes ensure a bright future for meat substitutes

Bangalore to host first Israeli film festival   5%

Project of new Israel consulate to open with classic Israeli tale of Indian Jewish immigrants.

Headlines for September 24, 2021   5%

Haiti Envoy Resigns over Mass Deportations, Blasts "Catastrophic" History of U.S. Interventions, Immigrant Rights Activists Demand an End to ICE Jails on Day of Nationwide Action, CDC Dir. Walensky Approves Pfizer Boosters for High-Risk Workers, Overruling Agency Panel, South African and Bolivian Presidents Highlight Global Vaccine Inequity at UNGA, Guyana's President Calls Out Disproportionate Effects of Climate Crisis on Small Island Nations, EPA Slashes Use of Industrial Chemicals Widely Used in Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, House Approves Increased $768 Billion Pentagon Budget, Rejecting Bids to Rein In Military Spending, House Approves Amendment Ending U.S. Support for Saudi-Led Bombing of Yemen, Rep. Tlaib Condemns U.S. Support for Israeli War Crimes & Abuses as House Approves Military Funding, Exiled Catalan Separatist Leader Arrested in Italy, "Texans Are in Crisis": Abortion Providers Ask SCOTUS to Review Texas Abortion Ban, House Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas Four Aides and Allies to Trump, GOP-Ordered Maricopa County Recount Ends with 261 Fewer Votes for Trump, 99 More Votes for Biden, Derek Chauvin to Appeal 22.5-Year Sentence for Murdering George Floyd, One Killed, 14 Injured After Tennessee Mass Shooting, Facebook Official to Face Senate Questioning After Reports Instagram Harmful to Adolescent Girls

What Israelis really think about civil marriage, surrogacy and dating foreigners   -8%

According to a survey by Haaretz and the Israeli Congress over half of Israelis are in favor of civil marriage, and 61 percent support equal rights for LGBTQ couples

Documenting sexual abuse in Israeli sports: 'He would tell me, Spread your legs'   50%

Ties between athletes and their trainers provide fertile ground for sexual misconduct that's hushed up, new Israeli film reveals. 'For the trainee, the coach is a combination of rabbi, teacher, psychologist and doctor'

Three-bedroom, two-bathroom house near Hyattsville, Md., lists for $368,999   4%

AFFORDABLE HOME OF THE WEEK | The house has hardwood floors on the main level, an open living and dining room, an updated kitchen with stainless-steel appliances, white cabinets, a white tile backsplash and quartz counters.

US stops using horses in border ops after outcry over Haiti migrants  

The US Border Patrol halted using horses in migrant operations around Del Rio, Texas, the White House said on Thursday, after embarrassing photographs suggested mistreatment of Haitian border-crossers.Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas “conveyed to civil rights leaders earlier this morning that we would no longer be using horses in Del Rio”, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said.The move came after media photographs and video footage on Monday showed Border Patrol horsemen…

Bidens global tax revolution wont leave Israel untouched  

A minimum tax may affect the calculations of U.S. companies here and Israeli firms operating in America

New book shows how Israels fate was decided at the battle of El Alamein   15%

A breakthrough book by Gershom Gorenberg featuring uncovered secrets from World War II reveals how easily the war could have gone the other way, and how Israelis tend to exaggerate the role played by the Palmach

The 10 best cafs in Tel Aviv   50%

Tel Aviv is quietly being taken over by a coffee revolution. Discover the hottest roasting houses and best blends of beans, as well as the most succulent sandwiches to snack on, on the side.

How Denise Morgan escaped Melbournes house of horrors   20%

She lived in a tiny room with no window, inside a home filled with bed bugs and stained mattresses until a COVID cluster helped expose conditions in Hambleton House.

Israeli-Arab energy deals are dramatic, but they arent the future   11%

Abu Dhabi buying a stake in the Israeli gas field Tamar is less important than high-tech deals

Christies to auction white male for sale NFT touted as commentary on capitalism, slavery & white supremacy   12%

Iconic British auction house Christie’s is set to auction off an NFT digital art piece of a white man being sold as a slave, with the artist describing the piece as a commentary on slavery’s role in “developing capitalism.”
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'Fauda' star Salim Dau to join next season of Netflix's 'The Crown'  

Israeli Arab actor Dau will play Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed, the father of Princess Diana's partner Dodi with whom she died in a car accident in 1997

US Capitol riot: Trump loyalists including Meadows, Bannon subpoenaed by January 6 committee   -5%

The US House of Representatives select committee investigating the deadly January 6 riot at the Capitol has subpoenaed four former members of Donald Trump’s administration, including Mark Meadows and Steve Bannon.Former White House deputy chief of staff Dan Scavino and former Defence Department official Kash Patel were also subpoenaed and instructed to produce material and appear for depositions, committee Chairman Bennie Thompson said in a statement.Meadows, a former congressman, served as…

Israeli troops kill four Palestinians in West Bank clashes  

Sunday’s violence was the deadliest between Israeli troops and Palestinian militants in the occupied West Bank in recent weeks.