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Talks underway on farmers electricity bills  

Talks are underway to find ways to help farmers pay their bills for the electricity they use for irrigation purposes to prevent a possible disruption to agricultural production.

West Texas rancher pours $2 million into Sarah Stogners underdog campaign for statewide oil and gas board seat  

Ashley Watt, who owns a 75,000-acre ranch, is helping bankroll a substantial ad buy.

The Jewish refugees who fled the Nazis and then returned to help defeat them   25%

A British commando unit made up mostly of Jewish refugees helped tip the scales in favor of the Allies during World War II, even as they faced prejudice and antisemitism along the way. A new book tells the remarkable story of X Troop

Want to become Italian? The 007 of lost Italian documents may be able to help   -3%

If you have Italian ancestors in your family tree, it might be easier than you realize to get Italian citizenship. Francesco Curione, the 007 of Italian Records, helps track down documents to pave the way.

South Africa uses insect army to tackle invasive plant species  

Can planthoppers help fight the spread of water hyacinth in South African waterways?

Elephants in Mourning Spotted on YouTube by Scientists   -13%

It is difficult to catch Asian elephants responding to deaths of herd members in the wild, but online videos helped researchers observe the behavior.

How Florida became the leader in fighting fire with fire  

When you fight fire with fire, the problem and solution look identical. But planning and discretion distinguish controlled burns from wildfires – and help combat them.

Walls start to fall in Northern Ireland classrooms  

In a society still divided by “peace walls,” multidenominational schools help bridge divides in communities by focusing on shared values.

Patch me if you can: how to mend clothes creatively   50%

From colourful stitches to fabric mixing, visible mending can breathe new life into garments with stains or holes

Ask a visible mender to explain why they love to repair clothes using patches or colourful darning and the response will usually include storytelling. Most menders pride themselves on adding to the history of a garment: a cleverly patched hole is evidence of something saved from landfill.

They’ll also insist it shouldn’t be perfect. The charm of the visible mend lies in the character of its flaws, so the important thing is to have a go. Here is some advice from expert visible menders on how to get started.

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Ghana: Trade, Investment Organisations Strategise to Build Resilient Economies Post Covid-19 Pandemic  

[Ghanaian Times] The meeting of Trade and Investment Promotion organisations across the world aimed at providing solutions to help build resilience and manage risk in the era of COVID-19 pandemic ended in Accra yesterday.

The Power of DIY: This CNN Hero helps women build new lives by training them for construction careers  

Nora El-Khouri Spencer and her nonprofit, Hope Renovations, have helped dozens of women in North Carolina find jobs in the construction trades while also doing modifications that enable seniors to stay in their homes.

10 solutions to improving your health, fitness and wellbeing   -7%

If you’ve been feeling run down or unwell recently, here are 10 products and services that can help boost your health.

G7 Finance Ministers Race to Secure More Ukraine Aid  

Officials are working on a plan to provide $15 billion to help keep Ukraine’s government operating during its war with Russia.

Golden States Andrew Wiggins Isnt the Bust You Thought He Was   10%

Wiggins, the No. 1 overall draft pick in 2014, had developed a reputation as a bust. Coming to Golden State has helped him finally tap his potential.

See moment passenger lands plane after pilot had medical emergency   13%

A passenger with no flying experience safely landed a private plane at a Florida airport with the help of an air traffic controller after the pilot became incapacitated. The condition of the pilot is unknown at this time. CNN's Pete Muntean reports.

'He's out': Passenger lands plane at Florida airport after pilot becomes incapacitated   50%

The passenger had no experience flying an airplane, but safely landed with help from an air controller.

The War in Ukraine Could Empower Qatar  

As the United States and Europe seek to deprive Russia of its oil and gas income, their leaders hope Qatar can help fill the void.

Chinas Internet Censors Try a New Trick: Revealing Users Locations   20%

The rapidly expanding practice, which authorities say helps combat disinformation from abroad, has fueled a whole new type of online battle.

Shanghai lockdown suffering highlights need for greater media freedom in China   -70%

Allowing state media more leeway to report on what is happening in the city would help curb mounting anger.

Foods for before and after the Yom Kippur fast   35%

Recipes to help make the fast easier and meaningful.

What you should know to master portion control, according to an expert   8%

Ultraprocessed foods and beverages are being sold in sizes up to five times larger than when they were first introduced, according to a recent study. Here are expert tips to help you downsize your portions and improve your health.

Canada's Prince scores header to lift Houston Dash to tie against Racing Louisville  

Canada's Nichelle Prince scored a header to help the Houston Dash earn a 1-1 tie against Racing Louisville on Saturday in NWSL action.

With baby formula scarce, California mothers are sharing their breast milk   -12%

Lactating parents across California are pitching in to help feed other people's children during the ongoing national baby formula shortage.

War and caprice: How Leo Tolstoy predicted 21st-century warfare   20%

Author Samuel Moyn can’t help wondering whether ‘cleaner’ warfare is really more humane, and whether we want robots to be the ones doing the fighting

The perilous life of migratory birds   -7%

Climate change is making their journeys longer and harder, window panes and power lines are deadly obstacles, and hunters lie in wait with nets. But there is plenty we can do to help, not harm, our feathered friends.

Best friend: More homeless shelters see value in allowing pets   -25%

Those working toward finding solutions around homelessness are increasingly recognizing the crucial role pets play in the lives of vulnerable populations. California is piloting a program that would provide funding for shelters to help keep pets and owners together.

Column: Republican 'pro-life' advocacy ends with a child's birth   33%

Republicans want to ban abortion but have not proposed measures to help pregnant women and their children once they are born.

When apartments are involved, inheritance wars in Israel get dirty   -4%

With more people marrying for a second time in Israel, there’s a sharp increase in court battles after the death of one of the partners. Two documents can help prevent such family disputes

Theres a scientific reason women like to hug and its linked to stress  

Women get much more back from cuddling than men, a new study suggests, which may help explain male reticence around hugs.

How Justin Turner helped Gavin Lux redeem himself with walk-off double in Dodgers' win   10%

After committing a costly error early on, Gavin Lux drives in two runs in the ninth to help the Dodgers avoid a sweep by the Philadelphia Phillies.

Endorsement: Lindsey Horvath for L.A. County supervisor in District 3   50%

West Hollywood Council Member Lindsey Horvath has the drive and creative energy to help L.A. County realize its lofty goals for serving marginalized residents.

Opinion: Our children deserve more, in the quest to end violence  

We must all come together to help our kids, former Detroit Police Chief Isiah McKinnon writes.


Scientists eavesdrop on an ancient river giant: the lake sturgeon   -10%

Lake sturgeon used to be common in rivers and lakes from Minnesota to Louisiana. Now the species is near extinction. Scientists are implanting radio transmitters to see how they can help save them.

Crypto markets tumble and investors get their fingers burned   -17%

Investors in crashing stablecoins should have listened to a Canadian finance expert as the catastrophic failure of one such unit helps destabilize the crypto market. Now he says there could be worse ahead but doesn't rule out a rebound in the strongest examples, such as bitcoin.

Fed nominee Michael Barr calls inflation 'far too high'   8%

President Joe Biden’s pick to be the Federal Reserve’s top banking regulator pledged Thursday to help reduce high inflation and provide clear rules to govern financial innovation

Plaschke: The Curse of Trevor Bauer continues to punish the Dodgers   -8%

The Dodgers' starting pitching rotation is a mess with Clayton Kershaw and Andrew Heaney out, and Trevor Bauer remaining on the roster isn't helping.

4 EU countries pledge tenfold rise in North Sea wind power  

Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark plan to build 150 gigawatts of offshore wind capacity in the North Sea to help achieve the EU's climate goals and, eventually, break away from Russian energy.

Carbon farming: Climate change solution or greenwashing?  

European agriculture produces millions of tons of CO2 every year. Could encouraging farmers to capture carbon on their land to sell credits to businesses help reduce emissions?

He was the king of Israeli lobbyists. Then he quit overnight   -5%

With clients such as Google and Philip Morris, industry observers wonder why Boris Krasny closed the lobbying arm of his consultancy - and whether the move will help decentralize Israel’s lobbying sector