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Bloodied and bruised, I survived the inside of a Kansas tornado. But there aint gonna be no rematch.   -15%

Storm enthusiast, whose van flipped three times, says late May tornado tour was his last.

Argentina eliminates Scotland from Womens World Cup with three-goal rally  

Florencia Bonsegundo converted a penalty kick in second-half stoppage time on her second attempt, capping a comeback for a 3-3 draw.

Endorsements Pouring in for Insurgent Queens DA Candidate  

Within 24 hours, Tiffany Cabán earned endorsements from the New York Times and leading presidential candidates Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

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Woodford Patient Capital shares fall 1.7%  

Shares in Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT), Woodford Investment Management's only listed fund, fell 1.7% at the open on Wednesday after the Financial Times reported it may drop Neil Woodford as...

The Arabic Booker Prize could make history this year   8%

This could be the first time a woman is named the sole winner of the International Prize for Arabic Fiction

Eliot Higgins Bellingcat channel suspended by YouTube, then quickly restored   -7%

YouTube claimed another victim in its ongoing account-banning spree on Tuesday, this time targeting internet sleuth and open-source “investigator” Eliot Higgins.
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'Dark Side of the Ring' Shows the Human Side of Pro Wrestling's Most Dangerous Era   20%

The new VICE on TV series investigates the time when what happened in the ring bled into real life drama.

Co-living apps make settling into a new city a breeze   -20%

Finding accommodation in a new city for students and young professionals is difficult, but co-living spaces are making things easier one app at a time.

Rwanda: RwandAir's Inaugural Flight to China Touches Down at Guangzhou Airport   40%

[New Times] Upon arrival at Baiyun International Airport, RwandAir received a big welcome as is tradition for inaugural flights to new destinations.

Six events not to miss at WA Beer Week 2019   9%

Midwinter is here but that doesn't mean no beer. In fact there's no more appropriate time drown oneself in frothy goodness and soothe the soul before Dry July.

Trains in Hawaii? Hop aboard for short trips on scenic routes  

Trains that once took freight and passengers around some of Hawaii’s islands are back in business, sort of. Visitors can hop aboard and ride through history along the coast or through old sugar plantations. The scenic rides are a throwback to a time when trains once operated on Hawaii, Maui and...

Israeli gymnast wins silver medal at European championship   12%

This is the first time that three Israelis make it to the finals of the European championship

FIFA Women's World Cup: Lena Oberdorf The 17-year-old student learning fast   -20%

Her coach says she's "fantastic," and Lena Oberdorf has made made her mark at the World Cup while taking time out from school. With Germany through to round of 16, she could enhance her reputation against South Africa.

Getting a seat on Universals new Harry Potter ride just got harder   16%

When Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure opened at Universal Orlando last week, it drew thousands. Lines wrapped around the resort and wait times were 8 to 10 hours. The park … Click to Continue »

Google News failed us, says New York Times  

The service pointed readers to an aggregated version of a New York Times scoop.

Womens World Cup on TV: Netherlands and Canada square off for first place   52%

What to watch for in the Women’s World Cup soccer tournament on Thursday:



Where: Stade de la Mosson, Montpellier

Time: 9 a.m. PDT


The buzz: New Zealand is playing in its fifth Women’s World Cup and is still looking for its first win. In France, it’s also...

Later-in-life virgins At my age, it becomes a red flag   21%

In these open-minded times, one taboo has held steady: never having had sex at all. Four thirtysomething virgins explain how they deal with the stigma

Richard’s colleagues call him their work therapist. He’s empathetic and a good listener, he says – “so a lot of people tell me about their personal shit”, including the people he works with at his retail management job in the south-eastern US. But when they complain to him about their sex lives, or he sees happy couples hand-in-hand in the shop, “I think: ‘That’s not something that’s going to happen for me.’” At 31, Richard is a virgin.

If it seems as though taboos about sex have lifted in these ostensibly open-minded times, there is one that holds steady: the stigma over never having had sex. While it has become widely unacceptable to criticise someone for having too many partners, being a virgin “still seems to be something that can be only mocked or shamed or suspect”, says Richard.

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When Gloria Vanderbilt Reviewed Harriet the Spy  

For a brief period in the mid-1960s, the author, artist and fashion designer was a children’s book critic for The Times.

Google Calendar went out for three hours and we all had an existential crisis  

It took with it a sense of time and stability in offices and households across the country (and parts of Europe, South America, Asia and Africa).

Africa: Sudan At a Crossroads - the Leadership of the African Union Needs to Be Stepped Up   -5%

[Daily Maverick] In this particular time when the future of Sudan as a nation is hanging in the balance, it is imperative to take into account the needs and demands of those marginalised communities throughout the processes taking place in Khartoum. The continued exclusion of these communities represents a serious risk to the very existence of Sudan as a unified state.

Kim-Joys recipe for vegan onion, broccoli and tomato quiche tartlets   30%

A little sugar and some coconut oil is all you need to convince even the most sceptical non-vegan of the merits of this delicious pastry

A lot of people are wary of vegan pastry, but you genuinely won’t be able to tell that this pastry is vegan. It tastes buttery and melts in the mouth, thanks to the ratio of coconut oil to flour. Make sure to include the sugar, as it gives the pastry a little more flavour and helps it to brown. I prefer the tofu-based filling to egg-based quiche; all the vegans and non-vegans I’ve served it to love it.

Makes eight 10cm tartlets
Prep time: 20 mins for the pastry, plus 20 mins for the filling
Bake time: 30 mins

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What Boris Johnsons filthy car tells us about the aspiring PM   29%

Photographs of his Toyota are a still life of slovenliness, but are the cartons, crumbs and crumpled clothes a sign of a muddled mind?

It might prove to be the most relatable thing about the Tory leadership hopeful Boris Johnson. The photographs of his messy car – as shambolic as its owner – will be familiar to many of us. The shots of the inside of his Toyota are a still life of slovenliness, featuring empty food cartons, water bottles, crumpled clothes, discarded children’s books, crumbs and receipts. It is either homely or filthy, depending on whether or not you are the sort of person who has to apologise for the mess every time you give someone a lift. What it isn’t is prime ministerly. Margaret Thatcher, a premier with a penchant for dusting, would be appalled.

“I’m in shock,” says Lynsey Crombie, the cleaning expert known online as the Queen of Clean. “A tidy car is a tidy mind.” Crombie only uses her car a couple of times a week, so she cleans it every month. “In a car that you use every day, you should try and spend 10 minutes on it every week. Prioritise getting the clutter and rubbish out. Take out the stuff that doesn’t need to be there – do you really need to have loads of books and a sports kit that’s not been washed?”

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Paul Scholes apologises after being fined 8,000 for breaking betting rules   13%

• ‘It was a genuine mistake,’ says former Manchester United player
• Scholes’s 140 bets included eight on United and one on Valencia

Paul Scholes has been fined and warned over his future conduct by the Football Association after placing bets worth £26,159 on football matches during his time as a director of Salford City.

The former Manchester United midfielder was found to have placed 140 bets over three and a half years, in contravention of the FA’s gambling rules. The FA said these included bets on the outcome of United matches – at a time when his former teammates and fellow Salford investors Ryan Giggs and Nicky Butt were working there – and one involving Valencia, when they were coached by Scholes’s friends and fellow Salford investors Gary and Phil Neville.

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Fashion Trends 2019: Go ethnic with these 5 handloom sarees this season   16%

Go ethnic with the classic saree this summer and stand out. If you like ethnic patterns, it’s time to experiment with the nine yards. Here’s a selection of sarees you can wear this season.

India set to raise tariffs on some US goods  

India has decided to raise tariffs on imports of 29 goods from the US after having deferred the move several times since announcing it last year, media reported Saturday. The government had said last

Photo: Moody HK Morning, by 57Andrew   40%

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Trump kicks off a new campaign reprising his old themes   8%

President Trump officially kicked off his reelection campaign Tuesday night with a rally that at times resembled a time warp, reprising the grievances, slogans and villains that brought him to victory the first time around, but offering no new proposals for a second term.

He extensively derided...

Israeli minister plans to join judo team at historic Abu Dhabi tourney   25%

Israeli athletes will be allowed to compete under their national flag for the first time in the history of the tournament

Israeli runner wins gold medal at European Athletics Championships   12%

Lona Chemtai Salpeter, 29, is the first woman from Israel to win a gold medal in the European competition, running the second-best time in the world

Hackers Demanding Ransoms Paralyze City Computer Systems In The U.S.   10%

NY Times cybersecurity correspondent Nicole Perlroth says hacking tools developed by the NSA were stolen, posted online and are now being used in cyberattacks, including one on the city of Baltimore.

Canada took in more refugees than any other country in 2018, UN says   3%

Canada resettled 28,100 refugees last year, overtaking the US for the first time since the 1980 Refugee Act, UN report found

Canada took in more refugees than any other country in the world in 2018, according to a United Nations report, knocking the US from its position as global leader in resettling people fleeing war, persecution and conflict.

Canada resettled 28,1000 refugees in 2018, overtaking the US for the first time since the 1980 Refugee Act, said the report from the UN high commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) on Wednesday.

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India must focus on rebuilding trust with Lanka   10%

But this will not happen overnight. There was a time when New Delhi thought it could be first friend of all interest groups in Sri Lanka. India should continue to strive for that goal but accept it will be a long and winding path

Mary Poppins brings spoonful of sugar back to Queensland tourism   60%

The woman who penned the one of the most beloved children's novels of all time was from Queensland.

Z Hotel Bath: review   25%

With rooms from £45 in the centre of a city with a reputation for expensive accommodation, this new budget hotel chain is a welcome arrival

Early evening at the Z Hotel Bath and the reception and lounge are full of clinking and chatter with people guzzling wine and munching cheese. It could be a special event – a conference maybe? Except, the crowd is an unusual mix: glamorous hen parties, American tourists and young couples.

Daily, between 5pm and 8pm, it’s cheese and wine time at the hotel – and they come free for guests. Far from dry slices with curled up corners, this sort-of aperitivo time features local producers (Somerset goat’s cheese and Paxton’s Cave-Aged cheddar, from Gloucestershire) and decent wine: a choice of two reds, two whites and a rosé. No wonder everyone’s filling their boots.

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Scotland knocked out of Women's World Cup after dramatic 3-3 draw with Argentina   -6%

Scotland are out of the Women's World Cup after a twice-taken penalty sees Argentina come from 3-0 down to secure a dramatic draw in added time.

PeeCee's adorable selfie with husband Nick   16%

While our desi girl was not present at the unveiling of the statue, she has been spending quality time with her hubby Nick Jonas in California. A few minutes earlier, PeeCee even shared an adorable selfie with him and captioned it as "That kinda day.. 😍❤️💋😊💏#husbandappreciation"

Avengers game assembles an ambitious mix of storytelling and online play   50%

Crystal Dynamics' studio head explains the new direction Marvel's Avengers takes with some of the most iconic superhero characters of all time.

New Worlds Strongest Man crowned on Anna Maria Island on final day of grueling competition   12%

There can only be one World’s Strongest Man. On Sunday 28-year-old Martins Licis won the title for the first time in his career after a grueling day of weightlifting trials … Click to Continue »

Photo: Untitled (Hong Kong, June 9, 2019), by doctorho   40%

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Pogba hints at move away from Manchester United   35%

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba suggested on Sunday that he could be open to a move away from the Premier League side, telling reporters in Tokyo that now “could be a good time to have a