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Israeli president: 'Lavrov is spreading antisemitic lies. I expect him to apologize'   5%

President Isaac Herzog on the 'terrible lies' spread by Lavrov, his insistence on maintaining political neutrality, Israel's budding relationship with Turkey, and his hopes for the country on the eve of its 74th Independence Day

Israel shelved 2017 plan to fight violence in hospitals   -16%

Health care workers in Israel face various forms of violence on a daily basis, yet the state has failed to implement recommendations made to combat this

Baseball Major Leaguers tapped for online training of Israeli players   60%

Coronavirus restrictions push the Israel Association of Baseball to move to virtual training to keep kids 'within some kind of baseball connection'

Israeli mixed judo team wins bronze, defeating Russia 4-1 at Tokyo Olympics   50%

Israeli judokas Timna Nelson-Levy, Ori Sasson, Li Kochman, Gili Sharir, Tohar Butbul, Peter Paltchik, Sagi Muki, and Raz Hershko gave an impressive performance and snatched Israel's 11th Olympic medal overall

Israel's Defense Minister Gantz accuses PM Bennett of taking credit for cabinet's work  

Israel's prime minster tells defense minister to find praise of him and others on Facebook during a cabinet meeting, and urges ministers to close ranks to pass next budget

Op-Ed: When will Israel recognize Palestinian nationalism?  

Right-wing Israeli leaders refuse to meet with Palestinians. But there will be no solution unless Israel recognizes Palestinians' national rights.

Israeli swimmers win two more gold medals in Tokyo Paralympics  

Iyad Shalabi and Ami Dadaon added to Israel’s record haul on Thursday, taking the total gold medals to six and the total medals to nine

My desperate journey to buy an apartment in Israel  

Could I afford to stay in my Tel Aviv neighborhood? Should I buy something – anything – as an investment? Do I need a mortgage broker? A guide to trying to beat the ever-increasing real-estate prices in Israel

The year Israel defied all the economists' expectations   -7%

Twelve months ago, Israel’s economists predicted political instability and a sluggish COVID recovery. They were wrong. Despite its slim Knesset majority, Israel's new government put economic policy back into motion

Bad blood, forged signatures star in legal battle over 'lost tribes' aliyah  

Israeli court finds that Shavei Israel head Michael Freund forged his ex-wife's signature to create the impression she was involved in its operations bringing members of the Bnei Menashe community to Israel

Decorated judoka Alice Schlesinger who competed for Israel, then Britain, retires  

32-year-old Schlesinger, who represented Israel until a dispute with the national judo association, ends her career with one World Championship and four European championship medals

How these U.S. Jews changed America's view of Zionism   12%

A new book explores the innovative work of the Jewish Americans who went against public opinion before World War I and laid the groundwork for future close ties between the United States and Israel

Post-Zionist historian Shlomo Sand: 'The global left is dying, and with it the myth of equality'   -7%

In his new book, historian Shlomo Sand, author of the provocative ‘The Invention of the Jewish People,’ asserts that social democracy has failed (it never stood a chance in Israel), that capitalism actually heightens equality and that the left in Israel and elsewhere faces a gloomy future

Ukrainian Holocaust survivors flee for their lives a second time   -15%

Well into their 80s, the refugees finding themselves in Israel say this time around, the experience is more palpable, and some experts estimate there may be thousands more Holocaust survivors who have been forced to flee Ukraine

Dolgopyat's Olympic gold is Israel's greatest sporting achievement of all time   25%

On its way to a gold medal in gymnastics, Israel defeated some of the world's sporting powerhouses, but will it be able to take this to the next level?

Israels sovereign wealth fund grapples with a burning problem   3%

Funded with profits from natural gas, its launch comes as Israel is having second thoughts about further development of fossil fuels. Some argue that the money should be used to finance the transition to renewables

Compromise on UAE pipeline puts Israel's commitment to the environment to the test  

Although the pipeline agreement is likely to go ahead, the government decided to let the Environmental Protection Ministry limit the quantity of oil it lets Israel's pipeline company transport

Israeli army tries to intercept its own drone, causing panic  

'Due to an error in identification, the IDF Aerial Defense Array launched interceptors which caused the alarms heard in northern Israel,' the army said in a statement

Rome's Jews fume after Israeli Rabbinate bans staple dish   -6%

A ban on imports of carciofi alla giudia into Israel has angered many Jewish Romans. But Milan's Jewish community would rather play by the rules

The doctor who treated Hitler's hysterical blindness  

Hitler’s affliction after World War I and the doctor who treated him star in a 1939 novel by Ernst Weiss, a Jewish physician and writer whose works – praised by the likes of Kafka – only recently got their due in Israel

This Hungarian skier just gave Israel its best showing at the winter Olympics  

Jewish-Hungarian skiers and siblings Barnabas and Noa Szollos represent Israel at the Winter Olympics. The icing on the cake: On Thursday, Barnabas tied Israel’s best-ever showing at a Winter Olympics

Israeli athletes feeling the pressure as coronavirus threatens Tokyo Olympic Games   -33%

Israel's Olympic committee called on athletes to think seriously about any trip to a training camp or competition

Israel's new stock exchange building restores confidence in old-style capitalism   50%

With its appropriate design and location, it is one of the best buildings constructed in Israel in recent years

New sex crimes allegations against former Chelsea manager Avram Grant  

Israel's Channel 12 airs accusations by three more women against Grant, the former manager of Roman Abramovich's Chelsea FC

Israels baseball team heads to Olympics as an underdog dreaming of glory  

Ranked 24th in the world, Team Israel will face two of the sport’s top teams in Tokyo at the end of July. Bring it on, say the coaches and players

From Iraq to Yemen: Israel's Eurovision entry draws unexpected support from the Arab World   5%

Israel's Foreign Ministry shared a video of Netta Barzilai performing 'Toy' on its Arabic-language Facebook page, and got surprisingly positive responses

Recent Western Wall clashes expose a schism in world Zionist politics   31%

Attempts by ultra-Orthodox Jews to disrupt the Women of the Wall's monthly prayer at the Kotel are nothing new. But the tacit involvement of a leading Zionist organization raised many eyebrows in Israel and abroad

New museum tells of Israeli setback on a 1948 battleground  

A month later, Israel won the day at a total cost of 28 elite Palmach soldiers over three days of fighting.

Minister stonewalls Israel joining international gender violence treaty   -12%

In a letter to Israel's justice minister, Ayelet Shaked objected to joining the treaty, arguing it would require Israel to grant residency status to foreign women who have suffered from violence

Roger Waters urges Chemical Brothers to cancel show in Tel Aviv 'hipster bubble'   5%

Former Pink Floyd bassist signs an open letter telling the electronic duo to not be fooled by Tel Aviv's cool vibe while a different petition accuses artists who perform in Israel of whitewashing apartheid.

Refugees in private jets: Russian oligarchs could reshape Israel's economy  

Among the oligarchs who were sanctioned over ties with Vladimir Putin following the war in Ukraine are a few billionaires who hold Israeli citizenship – or are eligible for it ■ If they now decide to make their home in Israel, they could change the balance of forces in the local economy

U.K.'s Ken Loach calls for boycott of Israel-backed culture, sport, academia   25%

Filmmaker renews criticism of U.S. and U.K. for supporting Israel.

Bauhaus turns 100: The architectural style that put Tel Aviv on the map  

In the early 20th century, Israel became a center of the 'International Style,' but contrary to urban legend, the local obsession was not exclusive to Tel Aviv

The cocktails at this Tel Aviv bar come with a disclaimer   35%

To understand the varied array of bitter flavors, take a tour with Oron Lerner, one of Israel's most talented mixologists Meet Popi, Tel Aviv's grill man with the golden hands.

Menu for an Israeli shabbat dinner   5%

The Jewish day of rest is customarily marked with a festive meal on Friday night. These recipes bring an Israeli touch with an emphasis on Israel’s seasonal winter vegetables.

Who's responsible for Israel's raging housing prices?   8%

Five people contributed directly to a 13-percent surge in Israel's housing prices in the past year. If prices had dropped rather than shot up you can be sure the central bank would have intervened

Conservatives descend on Hungary for hawkish US groups first European summit  

Addressing CPAC, Orban urges coordination of right-wing 'troops' to take back Washington from progressive liberals; conferences in Israel and elsewhere planned for future

Medical staff told to watch out for monkeypox as outbreak in Europe grows  

Health Ministry says no cases in Israel, but with the disease spreading in Europe, urges precautions, recommends those from abroad who develop fever and lesions seek treatment

Israeli judoka Peter Paltchik wins gold in European championship finals   1%

Missing Sagi Maki out on injury, Peter Paltchik and Tal Flicker score a resounding win for Israel in first European meet after the coronavirus hiatus