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Dutch take cycling to a new level, with world's biggest multistorey bike park   -21%

In the Netherlands, where there are more bikes than people, serious money is being spent encouraging even more people to get on their bikes

In a nation with more bikes than people, finding a space to park can be a problem. The Dutch city of Utrecht is unveiling an answer at its railway station on Monday morning: the world’s largest multistorey parking area for bicycles.

The concrete-and-glass structure holds three floors of gleaming double-decker racks with space for 12,500 bikes, from cargo bikes that hold a family to public transport bikes for rent.

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A robot videotapes vandalism suspect before its world turns upside down  

Hayward police are hoping images recorded by a Knightscope K5 robot, damaged after being knocked over, will lead to the capture of a suspect.

8-year-old killed, 3 others injured in St. Louis shooting   2%

Police say an 8-year-old girl has been killed and three others injured in a shooting near a high school in St. Louis. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports the shooting happened … Click to Continue »

More states are banning questions about salary history in job interviews. What to say if youre asked about it anyway.   -32%

Employment lawyers, salary negotiation experts and employee rights advocates say the question is probably still getting asked — whether by naive or rogue hiring managers — and that violations of salary history questions posed behind closed doors could prove difficult to police.

Florida cyberattacks highlight need for better security   50%

Three Florida cities have faced cyberattacks this month, two of which paid ransoms to recover their systems. While the FBI discourages paying off hackers, for many cities it's the easiest option. 

German wanted for drug trade arrested in North Macedonia   -3%

Police in North Macedonia say they have arrested a German national wanted by Interpol for allegedly procuring 700 kilograms of cocaine from an unnamed South American country and organizing its … Click to Continue »

Police officer attacks: Chiefs call urgent talks on frontline safety  

A senior police chief invites colleagues to an urgent summit after a spate of attacks on officers.

Al-Bashir Trial in Sudan Opens with Claim of $90 Million Payment From Saudis  

A senior police officer said that the country’s deposed leader had admitted to receiving the money.

Headlines for August 15, 2019  

Trump Administration Moves to Seize Iranian Tanker Held in Gibraltar, Chinese Paramilitaries Mass on Hong Kong Border as Pro-Democracy Protests Continue, Dow Jones Plunges 800 Points on Fears of Looming Recession, Study Finds CEO Pay Increased 1,000% Since 1978 While Wages Stagnated, Facebook Hired Hundreds to Listen In on Users' Audio Messages, Mexico City Police Officers Suspended over Rape of Two Teenagers, Italian Court Allows Rescued Migrants to Disembark as Hundreds More Remain Stranded at Sea, NBC News: ICE Now Jailing 8,000 Migrants in Mississippi, Louisiana, Federal Court Weighs Fate of Protected Status for 300,000 Immigrants, Philadelphia Mayor Blasts NRA After Gunman Shoots and Injures Six Police Officers, FBI Says Ohio Gunman Praised Mass Shootings, Plotted Planned Parenthood Attack, Iowa Rep. Steve King Says Rape and Incest Helped Populate the World, Planned Parenthood Says It's Being Forced to End Title X Family Planning Program, Newark Officials Suspend Bottled Water Distribution as Lead Crisis Grows, Scientists Warn Microplastic Pollution Has Gone Airborne, Threatening Human Health, Swedish Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Sets Sail for U.N. Conference

Florida League of Cities presidents first order of business? A childrens book   -5%

The Florida League of Cities has long aimed to unite municipality leaders and residents. With a new president, it will turn its focus to kids — in the form of … Click to Continue »

Mysteriously vanished Dutch WikiLeaks partner likely lost in kayaking accident Norway police   -5%

A WikiLeaks associate, who mysteriously vanished last year while on a visit to Norway, was probably the victim of a kayaking accident, Norwegian police say. The man’s body remains missing, however, leaving a mystery unsolved.
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Psychologist approved Jeffrey Epstein's removal from suicide watch   -15%

A psychologist at the federal detention center in New York City where financier Jeffrey Epstein was jailed on sex-trafficking charges had approved his removal from suicide watch before he killed himself, the U.S. Justice Department said on Friday.

'I feel like I'm in another country': Inside America's latest lead water crisis   -7%

Water problems in Newark, N.J. are drawing comparisons with the previous water crisis in Flint, Mich., after officials began distributing bottled water this week. The city says it's acting out of an abundance of caution, but activists say the problem has been ignored for too long.

Bittersweet life for Israeli-Arab food vendors during Ramadan   70%

A trip to Lod during the Muslim month of fasting to sample the delights of qatayef and despair at the neglect of this fascinating city.

'Sunnyside' and 'Bob Abishola' highlight immigrant experiences with humor and heart  

In the new NBC series "Sunnyside," Kal Penn plays a washed-up New York City politician who begins to tutor US immigrants on how to pass their citizenship test.

Eight-year-old girl shot dead near high school sports event in St Louis   -7%

The victim is the 12th child or teenager to die in gun violence in the Missouri city since April

8-year-old German boy takes mom's car on high-speed joyride again  

An 8-year-old boy has taken his mother's car on a joyride for the second time in a week. Police said the grade-schooler didn't appear to care about traffic laws.

Is Chinese support for Pacific nations shaping their stance on Indonesias West Papua?   50%

Indonesia’s restive province of West Papua was gripped by violence this week as protesters clashed with police, leading Jakarta to cut internet access and send almost 1,000 additional officers to quell the unrest.The latest demonstrations were against racist abuse suffered by West Papuan students, but a separatist movement in the region has also been simmering since 1969.In recent years, Jakarta’s Pacific Island neighbours have become bolder in their disapproval of the government’s handling of…

Saskatchewan abandons commitment to improve northern airport after crash, chief says   12%

Louie Mercredi of the Fond du Lac Denesuline First Nation says the province’s decision not to help improve the airport runway in his community while doing so in a city outside Regina shows racism.

Red flag laws offer tool for preventing some gun violence   9%

After a white supremacist discussed plans on Facebook for a mass shooting at a synagogue, police in Washington used a new law to quickly seize his 12 firearms, long before … Click to Continue »

Police chiefs to hold emergency summit amid fears over attacks on officers  

Police chiefs are to gather for an urgent summit to see what can be done to protect officers, it has been announced.

'Go old man, go!' Mobility scooter fugitive evades police in low-speed chase   -12%

The speeding double amputee in New Zealand says he didn’t have time to stop because he needed to get his tea ready

New Zealand police embarked on what may be the world’s slowest chase while attempting to stop a man fleeing them on a mobility scooter.

The slow-motion pursuit took place on Wednesday in the small town of Timaru on the east coast of the South Island.

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French Waiter Shot Dead Over Slow Sandwich Service, Witnesses Say   -10%

The police were searching for a man who pulled out a 9-millimeter handgun and killed a waiter at a pizza restaurant outside Paris.

This city wanted to be welcoming. Then a candidate vowed to keep Marysville a white community.   -10%

A Michigan city's candidate forum went awry when a moderator asked if the Marysville should work harder to attract foreign-born citizens.

Should all frontline police officers use Tasers?  

There are calls for all officers in England and Wales to be issued with Tasers after attacks on police.

French waiter shot dead for making sandwich too slowly, witnesses say   -7%

A customer shot a waiter dead at an eatery on the outskirts of Paris, apparently enraged at being made to wait for a sandwich, a source close to the investigation said on Saturday.The waiter’s colleagues called police after he was shot in the shoulder with a handgun in the Noisy-le-Grand suburb east of Paris on Friday night, the source said.Attempts to revive the 28-year-old failed and he died at the scene. The gunman, who a witness said lost his temper “as his sandwich wasn’t prepared quickly…

Disqualified driver found barefoot near Fivemiletown crash scene, court hears   -1%

Police who attended the scene of a single vehicle road accident discovered a car on its side and, a short time later, located a barefoot male around a mile from the scene, described in court as "a danger to the public".

Head of The Cushman School Arvi Balseiro explains the need to for Active Shooter Symposium   -13%

Faculty and staff of The Cushman School gather at an Active Shooter Preparedness Symposium hosted by the Miami Police Shield Detail at the Miami Police College auditorium in Miami, Florida, on Friday, August 23, 2019. … Click to Continue »

Training: Miami police stress the value of time in dealing with an active shooter  

Sometimes even teachers need a lesson. Roles were reversed Friday morning as South Florida police repeatedly emphasized the importance of time to Cushman School teachers seated in the Miami Police … Click to Continue »

#BlackLivesMatter: NYPD sacks officer over 2014 death of Eric Garner   -16%

A US police offer was sacked Monday for putting a black man in a banned chokehold just before his death five years ago in a case that fueled nationwide protests.

A New Mexico farmer is dumping 12,000 gallons of milk a day. Here's why   -8%

In towns and cities across the United States, Americans' tap water is contaminated with so-called forever chemicals -- and some are forced to live off bottled water.

California police say K9 died in hot patrol car  

Police in Long Beach, California, are mourning a K9 officer that died apparently of heat-related causes in a department vehicle.

Man Arrested in Madrid Upskirt Case Involving 555 Women   -25%

The police say a suspect used his daily commute to film women, then posted illegal videos to a pornography site.

'Our dad is dead': the families left behind after police shootings   -10%

This week, a police officer involved in the death of Eric Garner was fired. For most families of African American men killed by police, even partial closure proves terribly elusive

In America, there is a common conversation between black parents and their children, long known as “the talk”. It is about what to do when approached by a police officer.

How to talk. How to act. How, simply, to survive.

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Arab sci-fi novel 'Frankenstein in Baghdad' embodies all that's evil in modern-day Iraq   50%

Featuring a creature made of terror victims' body parts, the novel is a ground-breaker in Arab literature that paints an authentic picture of a bleeding city

Afropunk and 8 Other Outdoor Concerts to Put on the Calendar  

A guide to some of the late-summer shows coming up in New York City, including the Charlie Parker Jazz Festival this weekend.

Huddersfield: Six arrested on weapons charges after siege  

A bag thrown from a window of the house was found to contain a firearm, police say.

Former police officer charged with murder for botched Houston raid   -10%

Prosecutors charged a former Houston police officer on Friday with two counts of murder and another ex-officer with evidence tampering, in connection with a deadly drug raid that was based on bogus information, officials said.

Police fatally shot a black teen three times in the back. His family wants an independent probe.  

Colorado Springs police released body-camera footage showing officers fatally shooting 19-year-old De'Von Bailey. Police say he was armed.

Brazil bus hijacker shot dead by police sniper, hostages released   -20%

A man who hijacked a bus on a bridge in Brazil has been shot dead by police after holding the passengers hostage for hours.
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