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What To Know About The High-Stakes Congressional Standoff   -32%

The U.S. government is facing the possibility of having to shut down on Thursday evening. On Capitol Hill, talks to avoid that are getting increasingly complicated.

Woman charged with killing boyfriend by throwing phone at him   25%

A woman has been charged with killing her boyfriend after she threw her mobile phone at him during a fight, Argentinian daily La Nación reported.For the latest headlines, follow our Google News

Coronavirus Hong Kong: Macau model raised at Shenzhen talks on border reopening; city confirms 8 new cases   12%

Experts and officials from Hong Kong and mainland China on Sunday wrapped up their first meeting exploring a “orderly” reopening of the border, with the option of emulating Macau’s earlier gradual resumption of quarantine-free travel being considered, the Post has learned.Chief Secretary John Lee Ka-chiu led a delegation that included Health Secretary Sophia Chan Siu-chee, Secretary for Innovation and Technology Alfred Sit Wing-hang and government pandemic adviser David Hui Shu-cheong to the…

Russian man dies after viper snake bites tongue during stunt trick  

A man in Russia’s city of Astrakhan has died following an allergic reaction to a snake bite during a stunt performance to entertain fellow watermelon pickers.According to a tabloid reports by The

Evergrande worries global investors 'sheerly because of its size'   -5%

The impending collapse of Chinese property giant Evergrande is worrying investors around the globe "sheerly because of its size", according to Oanda's Chief Market Analyst Craig Erlam. If the firm does default on its $300 billion debt load, the ramifications could spread beyond the region. Erlam says that the Chinese government has a delicate balance to tread as it decides whether to offer a rescue package.

Chinas Covid-19 cases lowest since latest outbreak, but National Day holiday a big worry   16%

China reported nine locally transmitted Covid-19 cases on Saturday, the lowest number since the latest outbreak started about two weeks ago, as the country stepped up disease control measures ahead of the week-long National Day holiday.Five of the local cases were in Xiamen, in southeastern Fujian province, with the rest reported in the northeastern Heilongjiang province – three of those in Harbin and one in Suihua, according to data released by the National Health Commission on Sunday.In…

Britain opens up visa rules as it wrestles with critical truck driver shortage   40%

In a post-Brexit reversal, the government said the emergency work visas would be available for more than 10,000 foreigners.

Israeli expert panel says COVID still spreading, government policy 'not reasonable'   -20%

The advisory panel demanded the government adopt a new policy and impose more restrictions, arguing COVID infection is 'exacting a heavy price on people’s lives'

Week In Politics: Booster Shots, Haitian Migrants, Jan. 6 Investigation Committee  

The pandemic, migration crisis, and Congressional gridlock continue to create stumbling blocks for the Biden administration.

Review: With Balanchine and Confetti, City Ballet Is Back   25%

New York City Ballet opened its fall season on Tuesday with its first full-scale performance since the pandemic began. It felt like a rainbow.

Cameroon: Fecafoot - Controversy Rides On   25%

[Cameroon Tribune] The football governing body contested a GA convened by the 2009 Executive Committee and petitioned the Yaounde-Ekounou Court of First Instance which ruled in its favour.

NSW sought to beat Basin Plan water limits  

The NSW government has sought to increase the amount of water permitted to be extracted from the Murray-Darling Basin, emails reveal.

Arbitrary metrics: Government and developers face off over green space   -20%

Green space has emerged as a key battleground between the NSW government and property developers over reforms to boost the design standards of apartment blocks.

Bittersweet life for Israeli-Arab food vendors during Ramadan   70%

A trip to Lod during the Muslim month of fasting to sample the delights of qatayef and despair at the neglect of this fascinating city.

Pandemic took bite out of US economy. Yet millions escaped poverty.   20%

More than 17 million Americans avoided poverty in 2020 thanks to pandemic relief programs, according to a new Census report.

Many unvaccinated people are not opposed to getting a shot. The challenge is trying to get it to them.   -3%

The unvaccinated but willing account for approximately 10 percent of the American population, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. Immunizing this group could be critical to attaining herd immunity and protecting those disproportionately affected by the pandemic.

A Sea of Flags: Commemorating More Than 675,000 Americans Lost to COVID-19   2%

Brynn Anderson / AP

The number of deaths in the United States due to COVID-19 has now passed 675,000—more than the number of Americans who died during the 1918 influenza pandemic. In Washington, D.C., a new temporary art installation named “In America: Remember,” commemorates the many Americans who have died of COVID-19 over the past year and a half. Hundreds of thousands of small white flags were planted on 20 acres of the National Mall, based on a concept by the artist Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg. Each flag is meant to represent a life lost, and many carry messages written to loved ones.

CDC struggles to expand pandemic response team as morale plummets   -10%

Staff described a summer marked by demands to digest complex data in record time as the government raced to update policies in the face of Delta.

Partners in Business and Adventure  

Caroline Matthews and Connor McCarthy met during graduate school at Stanford, while both were on a Buddhist meditation retreat in the Himalayas.

Netball team members keep players connected despite suspension  

League organizers have responded to coronavirus restrictions by putting together a program called Challenge the Coronavirus

Matildas to bring international sport back to Sydney with Brazil series confirmed for October  

NSW government has accepted a quarantine plan to allow the Matildas to play Brazil in a two-game series in Sydney next month.

Michigan reports 6,080 new COVID-19 cases and 82 deaths in 2 days  

The Michigan health department reported on Friday 6,080 new COVID-19 cases and 82 deaths over a two-day period, averaging 3,040 new cases a day.


Israel's government can solve the Arab crime epidemic or become one of its victims  

For decades, Israeli governments ignored 'Arab-on-Arab' violence and allowed it to grow. The current government will have to deal with the problem seriously, if only to save itself from collapsing

Taliban ask airlines to resume international flights to Afghanistan   18%

The Taliban government in Afghanistan appealed on Sunday for international flights to be resumed, promising full cooperation with airlines and saying that problems at Kabul airport had been

L.A. County escapes post-Labor Day COVID surge, but more vaccinations are needed  

County health officials hail an ongoing reduction in weekly coronavirus cases, which have fallen to their lowest level since mid-July.

Nao: And Then Life Was Beautiful review joy and hope amid the pandemic   17%

(Little Tokyo Recordings/Sony Music)
Plenty of new albums are considering life with Covid, but few of them are as sensual and gorgeous as this

No sooner had lockdown begun than the musical responses came. Over the last 18 months, we’ve had everything from heartstring-tugging fundraising tributes to essential workers, to Eminem dutifully comparing himself to coronavirus, to the miserable sound of Van Morrison metaphorically marching through London with a homemade placard lambasting Chris Whitty. It’s a phenomenon that shows no signs of abating, and why would it? A huge proportion of the new albums released in 2021 will have been made during the pandemic, and it would take a pretty superhuman effort to avoid the circumstances of their creation seeping into their contents.

So it is with the third album by Neo Joshua, or Nao as she prefers to be known. The first words that come out of her mouth on this album are: “Change came like a hurricane, 2020 hit us differently.” But And Then Life Was Beautiful’s opening title track offers an interesting take on recent events. Its sound isn’t sad or claustrophobic or wistful but airy and dreamlike, almost euphoric: high keyboards arcing around a misty guitar figure and sumptuous backing vocals. Amid the lyrics about hope coming someday and the desire to “smoke it out until it fades away”, Nao suggests lockdown may have had another side to it: a pause that enabled people to “know what matters to you … a moment just to think about all that is you”.

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Britain scrambles for truck drivers as queues form at petrol stations amid shortage   11%

Britain on Friday vowed to do whatever it takes to resolve a trucker shortage that has closed petrol stations and strained supermarket supply chains to breaking point but the haulage industry cautioned that there were no quick fixes.Just as the world’s fifth largest economy emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, a spike in European natural gas prices and a post-Brexit shortage of truck drivers has left Britain grappling with soaring energy prices and a potential food supply crunch.BP temporarily…

Universal credit: Tory peer wants to force Commons vote on cut  

The government is scrapping the £20-a-week benefit rise, introduced during the coronavirus pandemic.

Pakistan enlists Afghan Taliban to rein in group accused of bombing Chinese dam workers   50%

Afghanistan’s Taliban regime is playing a pivotal role in backchannel talks between Pakistan’s government and Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan insurgents (TTP), top officials indicated, after Islamabad offered a conditional amnesty for surrendering militants. While the prospects of a peace deal remain remote, officials said Pakistan hopes the Taliban’s involvement will help it to contain the resurgent threat posed by the TTP’s estimated 5,000 fighters based in neighbouring Afghanistan. Since May,…

A once-in-a-decade chance to overhaul health care gets personal for Democrats and advocates   -60%

Lawmakers are desperately trying to balance dozens of health priorities, from fighting obesity to pandemic preparedness, in their upcoming $3.5 trillion tax-and-spending package.

Is Russia stirring memories of Japanese war crimes to get close to China?   -16%

A two-day international conference convened by the Russian government in the city of Khabarovsk in early September to re-examine the war crime trials that took place in the city in December 1949 has angered Japan’s conservatives who have accused Moscow of magnifying the imperial army’s atrocities to seek geopolitical gains. Back then, 12 men from Japan’s notorious biowarfare research base known as Unit 731 – based in northeastern China during the Sino-Japanese war – were found guilty of…

Only vaccinated shoppers should be allowed in malls, says Solly Lew  

The retail billionaire, whose company owns chains like Peter Alexander, JayJays and Smiggle, has called on both shopping centre owners and the government to ban unvaccinated shoppers from malls.

Liberia: Liberian Government Breaks Ground for U.S.$1.4m Judicial Complex in River Cess   -16%

[FrontPageAfrica] Rivercess -- The government of Liberia through the judiciary has broken ground for the construction of what is known as a modern judicial complex in River Cess.

WATCH passenger jet spew flames as it strikes a flock of EAGLES on takeoff in Cuba   -10%

Chilling footage filmed in Cuba by a passenger of a Moscow-bound flight shows its right engine spewing flames as the plane strikes a group of eagles during the takeoff.
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Editorial: California's rejection of the recall validated Newsom and his pandemic protections  

Newsom faced a recall because of the pandemic. He survived the recall because of his pandemic response.

Trump may be gone, but Covid has not seen off populism   16%

It is liberal fantasy to imagine that poor handling of the pandemic has lessened the allure of Modi and Bolsonaro. They are learning fast how to subvert voting

When the pandemic struck, newspaper opinion pages were full of pieces predicting the end of authoritarian populism. Surely Donald Trump, Narendra Modi and Jair Bolsonaro couldn’t survive their mishandling of Covid-19? Finally, people were waking up to the reality of what these leaders represented.

Trump may not have lasted, but the expectation that the pandemic might see off populism is mistaken. Liberal observers have long assumed that populists are by definition incompetent demagogues. But populism is not all about promising simplistic solutions in a complex world and, contrary to a complacent liberal narrative, populist leaders are not incapable of correcting failed policies. The threat of authoritarian populism is compounded by the fact that these leaders are learning from each other – though what they are copying are not more effective strategies to combat the pandemic, but techniques for disabling democracy.

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Hate crime charges filed in antisemitic attack at West L.A. restaurant  

Two men are charged in incident outside a Beverly Grove restaurant in May during what was also the height of Israeli-Palestinian tensions abroad.

A bit of a mystery: why hospital admissions for Covid in England are going down   21%

Analysis: Experts say it is first time since start of pandemic that sustained decline is recorded out of lockdown

In early September, outbreak modelling for the government’s Sage advisers showed Covid hospitalisations had the potential to soar. If people rushed back to work and resumed all the socialising they had put on hold, the number of daily admissions in England could peak at 7,000 within six weeks. It was, in effect, a worst-case scenario, barring a dramatic waning of immunity or a troublesome new variant.

The optimistic scenario looked very different. Assuming a more gradual return to normality, the modelling had daily Covid hospitalisations rising slowly and slightly, topping out at nearly 2,000, before falling again in November. Now, even that looks overly gloomy. Over the past fortnight, hospitalisations have fallen in England, even as schools and offices reopened.

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Lebanon resumes forensic central bank audit amid obstructionism   20%

The Lebanese government has resumed a long-awaited forensic audit meant to shed light on why the nation is on life support. But the political establishment is trying to hamper the scrutiny.