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International pressure will force Israel into Gaza cease-fire, officials believe   -16%

Israel's Gaza operation has received public support from the U.S. and Europe, but behind closed doors pressure to reach a cease-fire is growing

Israel-Gaza crisis: Joe Biden 'supports' cease-fire live updates   10%

The US president fell short of demanding an immediate end to violence. Meanwhile, Gaza officials say more than 200 Palestinians have been killed and Israel pledges to continue fighting. Follow DW for the latest.

Israeli billionaire Yitzhak Tshuva offloads stake in Tamar Petroleum to media mogul Eli Azur   10%

The combination of media and natural gas isn’t new in Israel; Tshuva owns about 20% of the company that operates Channel 12 television, while Azur controls The Jerusalem Post

Gaza flare-up: Heavy rocket barrage renews toward Tel Aviv, central Israel   -10%

Three rounds of sirens rock central Israel after two days of quiet, with Netanyahu pledging operation will continue 'as long as necessary' ■ At least 150 Gazans killed in Israeli strikes, as media tower downed ■ 10 dead in Israel

Biden Calls on Israel and Palestinian Leaders to Protect Civilians   9%

President Biden backed Israel’s right to defend itself while urging the nation to protect civilians after the Israeli military destroyed a building housing the offices of journalists.

Baseball Major Leaguers tapped for online training of Israeli players   60%

Coronavirus restrictions push the Israel Association of Baseball to move to virtual training to keep kids 'within some kind of baseball connection'

The unintended consequences of the Gaza war   -10%

Gaza will be destroyed and Israel will learn once more that there is no military solution to the conflict.

20 photographs of the week   36%

The escalating conflict in Gaza and Israel, young migrants on the border between Mexico and the US, protests against the government in Colombia and the enduring impact of Covid-19: the most striking images from around the world this week

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Sudans Burhan defends Israel normalization move amid violence with Palestine   28%

The head of Sudan’s civilian-military ruling council defended Monday his country’s move to normalize ties with Israel, saying it “has nothing to do with the Palestinians’ right to their own state.”The

The Nazi commandments for a pure Aryan society   -10%

Eugenics, euthanasia, forced sterilization – these and other 20th-century phenomena related to the theme of ‘racial purity’ are featured in an exhibition opening in Israel on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

'We can't breathe since 1948': Gaza attacks stoke pro-Palestinian protests across U.S., world   4%

Large crowds gathered for Nakba Day across United States and other countries as the exchanges between Israel and Gaza militants continue

U.S. official Hady Amr lands in Tel Aviv to meet with Israeli, Palestinian leaders amid Gaza escalation   -11%

Biden's point man is expected to meet with Israel's Defense and Foreign Ministries, and probably with Netanyahu as well, but source say de-escalation depends on Israel's on 'developments on the ground'

WATCH: Iron Dome intercepts massive missile salvos from Gaza as sirens blare in Tel Aviv   5%

Rocket sirens and heavy blasts sounded over Tel Aviv, as well as central and southern Israel, shortly after midnight, as Hamas militants launched several salvos from Gaza – with most missiles intercepted by the Iron Dome.
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In Israel, Arabs and Jews alike recoil from mob violence   10%

The mob violence in Israel is prompting horrified Arabs and Jews to ask: How much hard-won progress will be undone? Will it be possible to heal?

US funds make Israels bombardment of Gaza possible. When will they be halted? | Joshua Leifer   15%

US public opinion seems to be swinging in support of Palestinian rights, but it must go further to begin real change

The headlines speak mainly of “clashes”, “conflict”, and “casualties on both sides”. The politicians recite bromides about Israel’s “right to defend itself”– a right that Palestinians seemingly do not have. The US government calls for “all parties to deescalate”, with no acknowledgment that it is US funds – $3.8bn a year – that, in part, make Israel’s bombardment of Gaza possible. This is the familiar American routine when Israel goes to war.

Yet before Israeli airstrikes and Hamas rockets came to dominate the news, what happened over the last week in Jerusalem was perhaps the most substantial Palestinian mass uprising in the city since 2017 – when Palestinian demonstrations led Israeli police to abandon their attempt to install metal detectors at the entrance to the Al Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem. Then, as now, it was an uprising centered in Jerusalem but about much more. And though US public attention has been diverted, the Jerusalem uprising is still ongoing. That is important not to forget.

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Soccer association to hold conference to promote womens soccer without any women  

The Israel Football Association said they invited one woman speaker, who canceled

Jordans parliament calls for expulsion of Israel envoy   50%

Jordanian lawmakers on Monday unanimously carried a motion urging the government to expel Israel’s ambassador to Amman in protest against Israeli “crimes” against Palestinians.For the latest headlines

Itamar Ben Gvir, the ultra-nationalist accused of stirring up violence in Jerusalem   -30%

Israel's police chief has accused MP Itamar Ben Gvir of adding fuel to the fire in Jerusalem and of being partly responsible for the violent demonstrations that have reignited the fuse of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. FRANCE 24 takes a look at the rise of this ultranationalist whose election to the Knesset in March seems to have boosted the confidence of the Israeli far right.

Live Updates: Biden Voices Support for Cease-Fire in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict   -7%

Battles were waged in the skies above Israel and the ground below Gaza City, as Israel bombarded the network of Hamas tunnels and tried to shoot down Hamas rockets.

Netanyahu wants to spend big to rescue Israel's COVID-hit economy, while others aim to spend smart   16%

Concerned about the labor market amid as unemployment remains at a high 12%, the Bank of Israel looks askance at the prime minister’s grants program

Iran Military Commander Backs Hamas In Call With Militant Group's Leader  

A top Iranian commander has expressed support for the Palestinian Hamas movement in fighting that erupted this week in Gaza against Israel.

The Underground Railroad is essential viewing but not during another senseless war  

Barry Jenkins’ powerful and moving slavery drama deserves your full attention, which is impossible when the streets are burning and the missiles are flying as Israel and Hamas offer their own version of ‘Groundhog Day’

Joe Biden: Career Defender of Israels Crimes and Impunity   -5%

Joe Biden has long facilitated Israel’s impunity. Now, as Gaza burns, he is doing it as president.

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Racism, hate and violence are Jewish values, too   -80%

Judaism rejects the racism, hate and violence we’ve witnessed on Israel’s streets. And it also endorses them

How these U.S. Jews changed America's view of Zionism   12%

A new book explores the innovative work of the Jewish Americans who went against public opinion before World War I and laid the groundwork for future close ties between the United States and Israel

Violence in Israel Shakes Trump's Boast of 'New Middle East'   5%

Trump officials said the Abraham Accords between Israel and four Arab states would transform the region, but new Israeli-Palestinian clashes lay bare the limits of that change.

Blinken says yet to see evidence on strike on Gaza tower housing AP, Al Jazeera  

US secretary of state: Washington awaiting info on demolished tower Israel says contained Hamas intel, weapons development assets; AP urges independent probe

On Iran and America, Israel must now make fateful strategic choices   10%

Israel's relationship with the U.S. has rarely been in such danger, write three former heads of its national security and intelligence agencies. With an Iran nuclear deal imminent, will the government engage fully with the Biden administration – or undermine and fight it?

Israel-Hamas conflict hurtles into its second week as cease-fire talks struggle  

Israel launched its heaviest string of airstrikes to date overnight on nine targets throughout Gaza.

The U.S. conversation on Israel is changing, no matter Bidens stance  

Bipartisan support for Israel still endures, but analysts say the ground is perceptibly shifting in Washington.

Israeli airstrike levels Gaza tower housing AP, Al Jazeera & other international media (VIDEO)  

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have destroyed a building where offices of international media outlets, including Associated Press and Al Jazeera, were located. People were given a one hour warning before the missile attack.
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Israel had no strategy or endgame for Gaza, and now it's paying the price   -35%

It is impossible to know Israel’s ‘endgame’ with Hamas because there was never a ‘start game,’ just circumstances, miscalculations, political miscalculations and forceful retaliations

Intel to build $200 million 'mega-campus' in Israel, hire 1,000 new employees  

Intel's two subsidiaries in Israel – the auto-tech company Mobileye and the AI company Habana Labs – will also be doing their own hiring ■ Intel CEO to visit Israel next week

Holocaust survivor and former Yad Vashem chairman Yitzhak Arad dies at 94   13%

Arad fought with the partisans against the Nazis during World War II, before immigrating to Israel and becoming a historian, brigadier general and longtime chairman of Israel’s Holocaust remembrance center

Israel yet to show proof of Hamas in Gaza media tower: US  

Secretary of State Antony Blinken says the US asked Israel for justification for the strike that levelled the tower.

Are Israel and Palestine on the brink of another war?   -46%

Oliver Holmes, the Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent, discusses what has prompted the worst unrest in Israel and Palestine since 2014

Oliver Holmes, the Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent, talks to Rachel Humphreys about the violence that has broken out between Israel and Palestine. In recent weeks there has been a sharp escalation in anger over Israel’s half-century occupation, its ever-deepening military grip over Palestinian life and a wave of evictions and demolitions. In Jerusalem, hundreds of Palestinians have been wounded in near-nightly protests that escalated over the weekend and spread to other areas of Israel and the occupied West Bank. Following weeks of intense violence in Jerusalem, Hamas, the Islamist group that holds power inside Gaza, fired a barrage of rockets towards Jerusalem on Monday evening. Since then, it has launched hundreds more at Israeli towns nearby, and Israel has conducted dozens of airstrikes, including hits on residential buildings. More than 80 people, including at least 17 children, have been killed in Gaza, according to the health ministry. In Israel, seven people, including two children, have been killed.

Israel’s political leaders have said violent street clashes between Jews and Arabs inside the country pose a bigger threat than the escalating military conflict with Gaza. Despite international calls for calm, there are fears that Israel and Palestine are on the verge of another war.

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UN chief deeply disturbed by civilian casualties & IDF bombing of Gaza media building, dubbed TERROR TOWER by Netanyahu  

UN head Antonio Guterres expressed dismay over growing civilian casualties in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and criticized the destruction of media offices in Gaza. The IDF claims the tower housed Hamas operatives.
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With Uniform Condemnations, Arab League Divisions Over Israel Put on Backburner  

Even nations that have drawn closer to Israel in recent years issued robust criticisms of its recent attacks on Palestinians.

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