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Look at These Photos of Russians Being Sent to Fight in Ukraine   -60%

Vladimir Putin is desperate for more soldiers, but even Kremlin loyalists argue that Ukraine is no country for old men.

Russia-Ukraine updates: Zelenskyy requests 'accelerated' application to join NATO   50%

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that his country will apply to join NATO in an expedited manner. Meanwhile, Russia announced the annexation of four Ukrainian regions. DW has the latest.

Nord Stream Pipelines Have Stopped Leaking After Earlier Damage  

Both European and Russian leaders have said that ruptures discovered undersea were an act of sabotage.

When war came, it was time to go. Stories on the Kupiansk bridge.   -43%

For residents of one long-occupied area of eastern Ukraine, the dramatic shift in the war’s front lines meant it was time to flee their homes. A bombed-out bridge was their path to safety.

US gas suppliers have much to gain from Nord Stream pipeline damage, Russia tells UN  

Russia’s envoy to the United Nations said the US could ‘undoubtedly’ gain from the destruction of the pipelines under the Baltic Sea.

Drone attack hits Ukraine; U.S. vows consequences if nukes are used   25%

“If Russia crosses this line there will be catastrophic consequences for Russia. The United States will respond decisively.”

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Ukraine insists it can strike Russia despite US ban   12%

The US ban on striking Russian territory with American weapons only applies to HIMARS systems, Ukraine’s ambassador to Washington has said
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Iran comments on drones for Russia  

Iran has officially denied Ukraine’s claims about the sale of combat drones to Russia, insisting Tehran was neutral and committed to peace
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Those desiring regime change in Russia should be careful what they wish for | Rajan Menon and Daniel R DePetris   8%

Many western analysts are clearly hoping Putin’s disastrous Ukraine war brings his downfall. But the track record in these cases isn’t great

Vladimir Putin’s 21 September mobilization order, which aims to deploy 300,000 reservists to Ukraine, and possibly as many as 1.2 million, is an act of desperation aimed at saving a faltering war that he now owns. But his military call-up is also a huge gamble. For 22 years Putin has solidified his rule through an implicit pact with the Russian people: don’t make political waves and you will live comfortably. His mobilization order has broken that pact, and many Russians are taking to the streets or running to the border to flee the country.

It’s not hyperbole to suggest that Putin is facing his biggest challenge since becoming president in 2000. A leader who once seemed infallible and irreplaceable suddenly appears vulnerable, so much so that the media is now speculating about whether Putin might lose power.

Rajan Menon is the director of the Grand Strategy Program at Defense Priorities, a professor emeritus at the Powell School, City College, and a senior research fellow at the Saltzman Institute for War and Peace Studies, Columbia. He is the co-author of Conflict in Ukraine: The Unwinding of the Post-Cold War Order

Daniel R DePetris is a fellow at Defense Priorities and a foreign affairs columnist for the Chicago Tribune and Newsweek, among other publications

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With Russia Bogged Down In Ukraine, Armenia Is Worried It's Being Abandoned By The Kremlin   14%

Armenia and Azerbaijan recently traded fire across their shared border, with Azerbaijani shells hitting cities in southern Armenia. For many Armenians, that incursion has been a worrying wake-up call, with the country's political elite no longer certain the country can rely on Russia for support.

Russia claims win in Ukraine referendums, paving way for annexation  

Russian officials claim voters in four occupied Ukrainian regions overwhelmingly approved accession to the Russian Federation after holding referendums that are illegal under international law.

Joshua Yaffa on Whats Next for Ukraine   8%

In recent weeks, we’ve seen a sharp turn of events in Russia and Ukraine. But, even as Ukrainian troops make significant advances, Moscow is threatening nuclear war.

Headlines for September 26, 2022   50%

Death Toll in Iran Protests Climbs to 41, Giorgia Meloni Set to Become Italy’s Most Far-Right Leader Since Mussolini, Arizona Judge Reinstates 158-Year-Old Abortion Ban, “Catastrophic Consequences”: U.S. Warns Russia Against Using Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine, 730 Antiwar Protesters Arrested Across 32 Russian Cities, China Calls for Peace Talks to End Russia’s War on Ukraine, 13 Killed in Mass Shooting in Central Russia, 97 Refugees Drown as Boat Sinks Off Syria’s Coast, Typhoon Noru Slams Philippines, Killing 6 and Leaving Millions Without Power, Remnants of Hurricane Fiona Carve Path of Destruction in Eastern Canada, Puerto Rican Farmers Hit Hard by Hurricane Fiona at Harvest Time, Florida Governor Declares State of Emergency as Hurricane Ian Approaches, Vanuatu’s President Calls for Fossil Fuel Nonproliferation Treaty, “Fridays for Future” Protesters Demand Climate Action in 450 Locations Worldwide, Video Shows Train Hitting Colorado Police Car Holding Woman Handcuffed in Back Seat, ACLU Demands Closure of For-Profit ICE Jail After Asylum Seeker Dies by Suicide, Kushner-Owned Company Settles Lawsuit over Unfair Rental Practices and Rodent-Infested Apartments

Ukrainian Medics Say Theyre Being Deliberately Targeted by Russian Forces   12%

First responders tell VICE World News that Russia is using drones, artillery and booby traps to take them out, violating international humanitarian law.

Japan, South Korea, Taiwan buy Russias fuel but face less criticism than India as theyre against sanctions: analysts  

Some nations have supported Ukraine since the start of its invasion but, while mindful of need to diversify energy sources, have not said when they’d phase out Moscow’s imports, whereas New Delhi only recently criticised Putin’s war.

Lawmakers split on Ukraines new NATO bid  

When asked by POLITICO if she backed Ukraine’s NATO accession, Speaker Nancy Pelosi declined to explicitly endorse it, but said she supports a “security guarantee” for Kyiv.

Explosions registered near undersea Nord Stream gas leaks, seismologists say   1%

Explosions registered as European countries raced to investigate unexplained leaks in two Russian gas pipelines running under the Baltic Sea near Sweden and Denmark.

U.S. Supreme Court Declines To Hear Case Over Dispute Between Ukraine, Russian Oil Company  

The U.S. Supreme Court has sided with the Russian oil company Tatneft in a dispute with Ukraine over the payment of a multimillion-dollar judgment awarded years ago by an arbitration panel.

Global condemnation for Russia's illegal annexation of Ukrainian territory  

NATO countries and other allies of Ukraine have been quick to slam Russia's illegal annexation of parts of the country, and some have already hit back with fresh punitive measures.

Critical cybersecurity infrastructure: How can countries protect themselves against cyberattacks?   6%

Hacking attacks on power grids, telecom networks, or governments can paralyze entire societies. That makes them a powerful military weapon, as the war in Ukraine demonstrates. How can countries protect themselves?

EU split on Russian oil price cap escalates Politico  

The EU will not pass its eighth anti-Russian sanctions package unless it includes a price cap on Russian oil, Politico reported
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US pressuring EU to do more for Ukraine Bloomberg   6%

The US wants to support Ukraine financially on a monthly basis and urges the EU to do the same, Bloomberg has reported
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'I've given up on all my dreams': Dread in Germany deepens over war in Ukraine  

Surging inflation and fears about an energy crisis from Russia's ongoing war in Ukraine are taking a toll on the finances — and psyches — of Germans.

Russia: Putin announces illegal annexation of four Ukrainian regions   -50%

President Vladimir Putin has officially announced the illegal annexation of four regions of Ukraine, seven months after Moscow invaded the neighboring country.

Frustration with war in Ukraine spills out on Russian state TV: we need to pull it together   -33%

Russia’s retreat from a key Ukrainian city over the weekend elicited outcry from an unlikely crowd – state-run media outlets that typically cast Moscow’s war in glowing terms.

They are still firing: Ukrainian forces defend eastern gains from counterattacks   1%

Ukraine’s armed forces face a challenge in the country’s east: to defend their recent gains while continuing their counteroffensive. In the suburbs of the town of Kupyansk, an area where they only just regained control, Ukrainian forces are now moving their guns to new positions. Locals barely flinch anymore when they fire. But many are leaving – homes are in ruins and the town is far from safe. FRANCE 24’s Gwendoline Debono filed this report, which was translated by Gulliver Cragg.

Is war in Ukraine costing Russia control of its own backyard?   35%

Russia was able to impose a certain peace among the post-Soviet states for three decades through diplomacy and intimidation. But its invasion of Ukraine may have shattered that stability.

Russias Annexation Claim Is News to Residents of Lyman, Ukraine   -25%

Without access to electricity, radios or the internet, residents of Lyman said they were unaware of President Vladimir V. Putin’s grandiose celebration of an illegal land grab.

Buddhist Leader Becomes First Religious Head In Russia To Openly Condemn War In Ukraine   8%

The Supreme Lama of Russia's Republic of Kalmykia has become the first religious leader in the Russian Federation to condemn Russia's ongoing unprovoked invasion in Ukraine.

Calls grow for China and India to talk sense into Putin   -70%

“They could let Mr. Putin know what a disastrously bad idea any use of nuclear weapons would be,” one U.S. official said.

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters cancels Poland concerts after Ukraine war remarks   -9%

Waters wrote an open letter to Ukrainian first lady Olena Zelenska early this month in which he blamed “extreme nationalists” in Ukraine for having “set your country on the path to this disastrous war.

What impact will Nord Stream gas pipe sabotage have on China compared with Europe?   -9%

Chinese observers say the country is less likely to be affected than Europe, which was heavily dependent on Russia before the invasion of Ukraine.

War in Ukraine: Kyiv makes battlefield gains as thousands of mobilised Russians sent home   15%

Half of the newly mobilised personnel in Russia’s Khabarovsk region were sent home as they did not meet the draft criteria, in the latest setback to Vladimir Putin’s chaotic conscription of 300,000 servicemen.

Russia-Ukraine updates: Russia accused of 'kidnapping' nuclear plant head   25%

The head of Europe's largest nuclear power plant was kidnapped, Ukraine's nuclear power company said. Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces surrounded some 5,000 Russian soldiers in the key city of Lyman. Follow DW for the latest.

Director Of Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant Released After Detention That Raised 'Grave Concern' At UN Atomic Agency  

The head of the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant in Ukraine has been released, UN nuclear watchdog chief Rafael Grossi said on October 3.

It is going to be very, very difficult: Liberated Kharkiv braces for winter of war   -25%

Ukrainian forces are exultant at beating back Russians, but civilians still face difficult months ahead

Ukraine: footage shows remains of Russian convoy fleeing Lyman video   -1%

Ukraine's military has released footage which it says shows the remains of a Russian military convoy that fled Lyman for Kreminna. The video shows burned-out vehicles, personal belongings and dead soldiers strewn along a forest road. It is unclear how many Russians were killed during the chaotic retreat. Earlier on Saturday, Ukraine forces encircled Russian forces in the eastern town where Russia’s forces totalled around 5,500 soldiers

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Germany presents new 200 billion relief plan in response to soaring energy prices  

Germany's ruling coalition has come up with a plan to reduce the impact of spiraling energy costs on consumers. The measures include a cap on gas prices, which have soared amid fallout from Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The Science of Style  

Nuclear fusion at Chloé and alchemy at Rick Owens. Plus the next era at Off-White.