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Gaza's health system days away from being overwhelmed by COVID-19, advisers say   -3%

A sharp rise in coronavirus infections in the Gaza Strip could overwhelm the Palestinian enclave's meagre medical system by next week, public health advisers said on Sunday.

Israeli nightlife venues, event halls collapsing under debt and coronavirus uncertainty   -2%

After the coronavirus cabinet announced places involving crowds are not expected to open in the next few months, a battered industry calls on the government for financial assistance and support

Africa: Guterres Pledges Support for Sustainable Industrial Development in Africa   50%

[UN News] The COVID-19 crisis was impacting Africa "well before the pandemic spread across the continent", the UN chief said on Friday, marking Africa Industrialization Day, arriving at a point when many economies were expanding and "poverty was in decline".

Africa: South Sudan, Chad Ranked the Worst Nations to Be a Girl in Africa  

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Coronavirus pandemic set to reverse fragile gains on gender equality in Africa

Africa: Tobacco Use Places Smokers At an Even Higher Risk of Severe Covid-19 Disease   2%

[IPS] Bangkok -- While the COVID-19 pandemic has elevated public health to a top priority in every country in the world, it has left many poorly resourced governments receptive to any and all aid that can provide immediate assistance to help their people.

A Filipino Kitchen Opened by Busy Nurses Who Wanted Breakfast  

Bilao was born in the pandemic, when three hospital workers joked about opening an Upper East Side place where they could eat after their shifts.

Covid: Infection rates levelling off in England and Scotland  

But the government data suggests coronavirus rates in school-age children are still rising.

Canceling Detroit's live Thanksgiving Day parade was the right thing to do | Opinion   12%

It's just not safe to have a parade during a pandemic.


How Close Is Humanity to the Edge?  

Toby Ord, a philosopher who studies our species’s “existential risk,” has been both frightened and encouraged by our response to the pandemic.

Daniel Levy warns of 'irrecoverable loss of income' at Spurs unless fans return   -15%

  • Tottenham post £63.9m loss for the year ending 30 June
  • Club estimates losses of £150 if stadium remains closed

The Tottenham chairman, Daniel Levy, has warned of an “irrecoverable loss of income” if grounds remain closed to fans after the club posted a £63.9m loss for the year ending 30 June.

The figures stand in stark contrast to the £68.6m profit for the preceding 12 months, and come amid a coronavirus pandemic which Levy conceded “could not have come at a worse time” for the club. Reduced Champions League receipts, shortfalls in matchday and media revenues related to the pandemic, and an increase in operational costs by more than £40m all contributed to the deficit.

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The Biden adviser focused on the pandemics stark racial disparities   10%

By tapping the Yale researcher, Biden makes clear his interest in addressing longstanding disparities that have exacerbated the pandemic.

Ticket, money, passport, COVID-19 passport: Your new travel list?  

Aviation industry developing mobile app for passengers to show COVID-19 jabs and coronavirus status before travel.

Pandemic Crowds Bring Rivergeddon to Montanas Rivers  

As urbanites flock to forests and rivers to escape coronavirus threats, trailheads are cramped with parked cars and fishing on the Madison River is like a Disneyland ride.

Guatemala suspends budget after protesters torch Congress building  

Guatemala’s parliament on Monday backed away from approving a business-friendly 2021 budget after demonstrators in the impoverished Central American nation torched the Congress building and demanded the resignation of President Alejandro Giammattei in weekend protests.Widespread indignation against Giammattei’s administration and Congress have been caused by a lack of resources for battling the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the new spending plan.“In order to maintain the governability of the…

A-League footballers leaving Australia for India   33%

An influx of footballers to India from Australia has highlighted changing fortunes as the Indian Super League flourishes and the A-League hits lean times during the coronavirus pandemic.

Netball team members keep players connected despite suspension  

League organizers have responded to coronavirus restrictions by putting together a program called Challenge the Coronavirus

In Italy, theater reopens in town devastated by COVID  

‘The pandemic has taught those who hadn’t understood before, the importance of culture, arts and beauty in the world’

What's At Stake Amid Expiring Pandemic Unemployment Benefits  

NPR's Leila Fadel discusses the looming cutoff of federal pandemic unemployment benefits with Kate McAfee and Mario Sandoval, who were both laid off, and researcher Elizabeth Pancotti.

US coronavirus: panicked shoppers empty store shelves again as cases surge   -3%

We’re out of toilet paper again.Households across the US are once again filling grocery carts brimful in a second round of panic buying as the coronavirus surges and states clamp down on economic activity.Defensive purchasing is affecting everything from paper towels to bacon. Even the world’s biggest retailer is reporting shortages of high-demand items, including cleaning supplies, breakfast foods – and the most important commodity in any bathroom.“It really does have everything to do with…

Coronavirus: Clinics in Naples, Italy, on the brink of collapse  

Campania, a region in southern Italy, is drowning in the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Public hospitals in Naples can no longer accept all patients. Delali Sakpa reports from Naples.

Manitoba's 'amazing' new pandemic restrictions will take time to show effect: Dr. Theresa Tam   24%

Restrictions like the sweeping new set of pandemic control measures that took effect in Manitoba on Friday are a step in the right direction, says Canada’s chief public health officer, but it will take some time before it’s clear how effective they’ve been.

Tyson Foods Tapped Latino Civil Rights Group for Pandemic PR  

Tyson, facing lawsuits over its handling of the Covid-19 outbreak, tapped LULAC for a publicity push over its safety record.

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As the world battles COVID-19, Middle East wins war on its virus predecessor: MERS   12%

While the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Middle East is winning the war on the previous deadly outbreak to threaten the world - MERS.Read the latest updates in our

Indian milk farmers say they miss out on record dairy industry profits   5%

India's biggest dairy co-operative has managed to turn a profit during the coronavirus pandemic by bolstering its supply chain. However, farmers producing the milk say their wages barely cover operating costs.

Serbia: Mourners ignore COVID precautions at patriarch's coronavirus funeral   10%

Mourners at the funeral of Serbian Orthodox Church Patriarch Irinej have ignored coronavirus precautions, with many not wearing masks. The religious leader died after testing positive for COVID-19 earlier this month.

Sino Group pushes for innovative ideas in building management to fight Covid-19, support well-being in Greater Bay Area   10%

The coronavirus pandemic will add a new twist to innovations in building management as developers embed more advanced technology to meet demand for health and safety and the well-being of occupants, according to Sino Group.As employees return to offices after months of working from home, technologies such as robotic air-quality sensors and touch-free and voice-activated systems are among proptech [property technology] innovations being deployed with urgency, said Andrew Young, associate…

Africa: How a UK Aid Budget Cut Will Hollow Out a World Reeling From Covid-19   -50%

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] The pandemic has caused the worst development disaster in our lifetimes. Here's why Britain should increase - not slash - foreign aid and relieve debt crippling poor countries

'It's not easy': Covid-19 crisis threatens refugees' integration in Berlin   1%

As well as claiming lives, the coronavirus pandemic is taking a toll on livelihoods, educational paths and mental health – all the more so for new members of a society working to gain a foothold. In Germany, hundreds of thousands of refugees who came into the country five years ago are now finding it harder to fully integrate in their new country because of Covid-19 restrictions.

Coronavirus: Forgoing Christmas gatherings is the safest bet for some, says WHO  

The “safest bet” for some families will be not to have family gatherings this Christmas in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus, Maria Van Kerkhove, the World Health Organization’s technical

Facebook's Instagram 'failed self-harm responsibilities'  

The NSPCC says a fall in removals of graphic content during the pandemic put children at more risk.

Should You Still Travel For Thanksgiving? 5 Things We Know   7%

During the current pandemic surge, how risky is it to travel during what is normally one of the busiest seasons? And how is the industry making it safer? Here’s what you need to know.

Minneapolis Group Is Growing Food To Protect Members From Effects Of Racism, Disease   30%

Access to fresh food in North Minneapolis has been a struggle for decades. Members of one group are growing food to protect themselves from the health effects of both racism and the pandemic.

How Team Biden uses workarounds to prep for COVID-19 fight   17%

Analysts point to risks a delayed presidential transition could pose to national security. The same, they say, is true of the pandemic.

Daily California coronavirus cases triple as pandemic dramatically worsens   -6%

The coronavirus is infecting more Californians daily than at any other point in the COVID-19 pandemic, raising concerns about a peak in deaths by Christmas.

A restaurant with a coronavirus scare stayed open because of the generosity of a neighboring barbershop   35%

A New Jersey restaurant was able to continue operating during the pandemic thanks to the generosity of a nearby barbershop.

I have seen many bad things: migrant workers of world get chance to share their stories at online festival that began in Singapore   -5%

Chinese demolition labourer Chen Nianxi started writing poetry some three decades ago because he felt his life was “tough and monotonous” and he needed an outlet to express himself.Chen, now 50, later progressed to non-fiction stories and prose as they more accurately depicted the complex experiences that millions of working-class people like him face in and around China’s bustling cities.Earlier this year, the coronavirus pandemic sweeping across mainland China and beyond quickly became the…

Roy Hodgson: Crystal Palace can score without Wilfried Zaha   -3%

Roy Hodgson dismissed suggestions Crystal Palace are too reliant on Wilfried Zaha as the talismanic forward was forced to miss the 1-0 defeat at Burnley after testing positive for coronavirus.

Bruce Gordon enjoys longer Australian stay thanks to COVID exemption   13%

Heavyweight media owner, Bruce Gordon, was given an exemption by the ATO to live in Sydney during the pandemic without incurring an additional tax bill.

Nursing home residents put at risk by staff who were sent to work while sick  

Employees infected with coronavirus sent to work because manpower shortage left no choice, Health Ministry admits