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Liverpool reverses plan to furlough staff after backlash  

Apologizing to its own fans, Liverpool on Monday reversed a decision to apply its furloughed non-playing staff for the British government's job retention scheme during the coronavirus pandemic. Under the … Click to Continue »

Early on, Cheney and Cotton warned about the coronavirus. They still face pushback in the GOP.   -10%

The two conservatives make no apologies for calling it the “China virus” and are careful not to rebuke Trump. But they call the clamor to reopen businesses while the nation is in the grip of the pandemic misguided.

2020 Games postponement signals growing power shift  

Tweeting from her Toronto couch two weeks ago, six-time Olympian Hayley Wickenheiser had two words for the International Olympic Committee, which had yet to postpone the Tokyo Summer Games amid the coronavirus pandemic: "Insensitive and irresponsible.

JK Rowling condemns life coaches pressuring people to be productive during lockdown   -10%

Author posted series of tweets about mental health amid the coronavirus pandemic

My Money: 'People have started leaving their houses again'  

As part of a BBC blog series, Jen Smith talks us through one week as pandemic restrictions ease in Shenzhen.

When examining maps, understand their strengths and limitations  

With the coronavirus pandemic, maps conveying information are everywhere. Inspect them critically.

Coronavirus pandemic: Can Lebanon afford a shutdown?   5%

Lebanon is facing an unprecedented financial crisis, amid months of widespread public discontent. It's now confronted with the COVID-19 outbreak and its potential economic repercussions. Earlier in March, Lebanon failed to repay $1.2 billion in outstanding bonds. The country is also struggling to cope with dwindling foreign currency reserves and double-digit inflation. We speak to Dan Azzi, a former chairman of Standard Chartered Bank. He explains that the restrictions imposed around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic are, ironically, somewhat positive news for Lebanon.

Bodies of Covid-19 victims pile up in streets of Ecuador as residents beg authorities for help   70%

As the coronavirus pandemic rips through Ecuador, some cities are struggling to cope with a deluge of fatalities, pushing residents to make harrowing pleas for help as the bodies of loved ones accumulate in the streets.
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NCAA approves big changes for spring sports upended by coronavirus  

Mammoth textbook merger under a microscope — Cornell University cuts back amid pandemic

How to pause your BT Sport subscription with sport suspended around the world due to coronavirus  

Sky Sports have offered customers the chance to pause their subscription until the pandemic eases

Google to release your location data to help fight coronavirus pandemic  

Google (GOOGL) is publicly releasing the data it's already collecting about people's movements during the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus: UAE central bank increases economic stimulus to $69 billion   10%

The UAE central bank has its economic stimulus package will now reach 256 billion dirhams ($69 billion) to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a statement.The bank reduced

Coronavirus: Dementia patients experiencing increased levels of confusion during pandemic  

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland is calling for extra support during the pandemic

Phelps urges athletes to take care of mental health after Games delay   13%

Olympic great Michael Phelps has voiced his concerns over the negative impact on athletes' mental health of the Tokyo Games postponement prompted by the new coronavirus pandemic.

Jamie Dimon Expects a Bad Recession   25%

The pandemic “is only one example of the bad planning and management that have hurt our country,” the JPMorgan C.E.O. wrote in his latest shareholder letter.

Coronavirus, and Saudi Arabia, force Moscow to freeze its plans for Middle East domination  

The coronavirus pandemic and the Kremlin’s battle with Saudi Arabia over oil prices are exposing both the vagueness and fragility of Putin’s ambitions in the Mideast, from Damascus to Tehran to Riyadh

These 55k South Floridians were struggling to pay rent. Then COVID-19 took their jobs  

Herbert Polite hasn’t worked up the nerve to call his landlord yet. The COVID-19 pandemic savaging South Florida’s tourism-driven economy has cost Polite, a 32-year old massage therapist, both his … Click to Continue »

Wisconsin set to hold in-person voting in presidential primary   20%

Wisconsin is set to hold in-person voting next week after the state's legislature on Saturday declined to take up an effort delaying the presidential primary due to the coronavirus pandemic.

UN climate summit postponed until 2021 because of COVID-19  

This year's United Nations global climate summit is being postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic, host country Britain said Wednesday,

'Zoom-bombing' attacks on video conferencing platform leave victims shaken   15%

Zoom has emerged as an indispensable video conferencing tool for remote work and study during the COVID-19 pandemic, but a growing number of so-called Zoom-bombing incidents is prompting warnings from the FBI and from the victims themselves.

Malaysian firm GSV makes US$2.5 billion bid for ailing state carrier Malaysia Airlines   10%

Privately held Golden Skies Ventures (GSV) has made a US$2.5 billion offer to fully take over the holding company of ailing state carrier Malaysia Airlines, with financing from a European bank, its executives confirmed on Monday.Malaysian firm GSV made the proposal a month ago, as airlines around the world were hammered by travel restrictions following the coronavirus pandemic.“[We have secured] in excess of US$2.5 billion from the bank. We will take about three to four months to get the long…

Agencies move at warp speed on coronavirus, drawing praise and scrutiny   20%

Trump wants states to bear more responsibility in pandemic response — Federal judges lift abortion restrictions linked to crisis

Coronavirus: New supermarket workers share their stories   35%

New workers hired by supermarkets amid the Covid-19 pandemic share their surprising back stories.

Grand Canyon National Park closes on advice of local health officials  

The park had been criticized for allowing visitors to access roads and South Rim view points during the coronavirus pandemic.

Trinity Health to furlough, reduce health care workers to part time in coronavirus crisis  

Trinity Health says it will furlough workers and cut their hours to blunt the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic.


Will we ever bounce back from social distancing?   -2%

Long before the coronavirus, South Koreans had begun reducing human contact in their lives. The pandemic might make that disassociation permanent.

Louisiana church holds services, defying coronavirus stay-at-home order   10%

The pastor of the Life Tabernacle Church near Baton Rouge held services on Sunday in defiance of a stay-at-home order issued by Louisiana because of the coronavirus pandemic, telling worshippers they had "nothing to fear but fear itself."

Conversation Starters That Have Nothing to Do With the Coronavirus   45%

It’s important to stay informed on the latest pandemic news, but you may find yourself wanting to have a chat or four about non-coronavirus things.

Sahel food insecurity: WFP warns coronavirus disrupting supplies   -7%

In this edition, we look at how the coronavirus pandemic is impacting food distribution in Africa and putting countries in the Sahel region in danger of supply shortages. But first, our correspondents in Benin report on how the country is affected by the virus. Also, Nigeria has been fighting fake news on social media that spreads misinformation about Covid-19. Finally, ahead of the 60th anniversary of Senegalese independence, we bring you a report on those who helped the country break away from France.

When You Work In Construction, Social Distancing Isn't Always Possible   21%

Shelter-in-place orders exempt workers in essential trades, including the driver of a concrete mixer in Salt Lake County, Utah. He explains how he's trying to stay safe during the pandemic.

Metro Detroit churches bring God to your car during coronavirus pandemic   35%

Two metro Detroit churches have found a way to still serve members during the coronavirus pandemic, preaching the good news outside, drive-in style.


Letters to the Editor: Large unoccupied buildings dot L.A. House homeless people in them now   21%

Large buildings like the old IKEA in Burbank sit unoccupied. They should be repurposed to house homeless people amid the coronavirus pandemic.

We need to stay home but what if you dont have one?   25%

‘As we move from fighting the pandemic to building a better future, let us continue to work collectively to achieve permanent and affordable housing for all.’

Pointing fingers wont beat coronavirus, former UN head Ban Ki-moon tells RT  

Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has criticized leaders in Washington and London for “pointing fingers” at China during the coronavirus pandemic. “Not a single country” has the capacity to fight the virus alone, he told RT.
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Coronavirus has forced Albertans online but rural communities are feeling left behind   3%

While many are logging on to stay connected online, many Albertans are being left behind in the course of the coronavirus pandemic.

Africa: Kagame, AU Leaders Discuss Africa's COVID-19 Response   -6%

[New Times] President Paul Kagame revealed Friday that he held a productive conference with other African Union (AU) leaders, which discussed the need for a robust response to the coronavirus pandemic and addressing its impact.

Analysis: How coronavirus is deepening American inequality   30%

In March, Madonna posted (and then deleted) a video of herself in a milk bath dusted with rose petals calling the global coronavirus pandemic the "great equalizer."

Lean on Me, Lovely Day singer Bill Withers dies at 81   -25%

His death comes as the public has drawn inspiration from his music during the coronavirus pandemic, with healthcare workers, choirs, artists and more posting their own renditions on Lean on Me to help get through the difficult times

Wisconsin Braces for an Election Day Amid the Coronavirus Crisis  

Eric Lach writes about Wisconsin’s attempts to prepare for Election Day amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Premier League rights holders DAZN seek to halt payments due to coronavirus  

The coronavirus pandemic has seen the league suspended since 19 March