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Anger at Boris Johnson cools but Partygate is far from over  

The Met Police could yet shape Boris Johnson's future as more fines for Covid breaches are issued.

World Zionist Organization to end cooperation with extremists behind Kotel violence   5%

Following the controversy over the organization's involvement in harassing Women of the Wall, the WZO passed a resolution condemning that behavior and promising to avoid a similar occurrence in the future

Joanna Chiu wins $25K Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing for debut book China Unbound  

The nonfiction book exposes Beijing's high-tech surveillance and aggressive measures that result in human rights violations against those who challenge its power.

Naomi Campbell to make maiden visit to Israel next week   -3%

The supermodel will be the guest of former President Shimon Peres at an International Women's Day conference hosted by the Peres Center for Peace.

World Maths Day Global Challenge: Meet the UK's top Year 3 mathlete  

Michelle is the only girl to win gold in the UK's 10 categories of World Maths Day Global Challenge.

Fertility perks are key benefit companies can offer in tight labour market, advocates say   2%

Roughly one in six couples in Canada experience infertility, a number that the Public Health Agency of Canada says has doubled since the 1980s. Some of the country's largest corporations are starting to provide coverage for procedures like IVF, thanks to pressure from employees and a competitive labour market.

Nigeria: Airtel Launches Nigeria Payment Service Bank Unit Smartcash PSB   -10%

[Premium Times] SmartCash PSB joins 9PSB, the payments subsidiary of telecom firm Etisalat, as the second telco-run PSB to launch in Africa's largest economy.

Jerusalem police chief ordered Palestinian flags confiscated at Al Jazeera journalist's funeral while abroad   -23%

'You can’t fight dozens, if not hundreds, of flags at such a sensitive event, when any friction could lead to a more violent confrontation,' police source says after clashes mar Shireen Abu Akleh's funeral

Are European academics helping China's military?  

An investigation by DW and partners has found that European researchers have cooperated with China's National University of Defense Technology. The NUDT's purpose is to "Strengthen the Armed Forces and the Nation."

Mike Feuer drops out of L.A mayor's race, endorses Karen Bass   -16%

The move comes less than a week after fellow candidate Joe Buscaino dropped out and endorsed Rick Caruso in the Los Angeles mayor's race.

Alaa Abdel Fattah: UK urged to help jailed British-Egyptian activist   -6%

British citizen Alaa Abdel Fattah's prison conditions are "inhumane", the foreign secretary is told.

The Israeli startup that lets you eat meat - without eating the animal  

SuperMeat is run by a longtime vegan and animal rights activist and co-founder and co-CEO Koby Barak says his company's meat will be kosher and vegan-friendly.

Where members of Congress are pitted against each other in 2022 primaries   27%

It's rare for an incumbent member of Congress to lose a primary. It's even rarer for an incumbent member of Congress to lose a primary to a colleague of the same party.

Testimony from ex-FBI official bolsters Durham's case against Clinton campaign lawyer   17%

A former top FBI official testified Thursday that he is "100% confident" that Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann told him he wasn't providing a tip about Donald Trump's potential ties to Russia on behalf of the campaign or any client, critical testimony that bolsters special counsel John Durham's claims that Sussmann illegally hid his political ties.

Conference on diverse forms of global feminist protests   25%

Violence against women is a global problem but women are successfully fighting back. The Goethe Institute's "Frequencies. Sharing Feminisms" festival shows how they do this.

Time to translate Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' into Hebrew   16%

Like it or not Hitler's ‘Mein Kampf’ is considered one of the most influential books of the 20th century, even if, paradoxically, few have delved into it and fewer still have read all of it – only to discover, for example, that it contains no prior hints of the Holocaust

Joan Nathans new book ties biblical cooking to the world of today  

Haaretz's food columnist cooks lunch with the doyenne of Jewish cooking, and discusses food history and Jewish tradition

Why did Bru McCoy leave USC? Court filings offer some answers   13%

Domestic dispute records shed light on former Mater Dei receiver Bru McCoy's struggle to return to the USC football program.

3 Good Things: Good dogs, a once-a-millennium thrift-store find and new life in Death Valley   35%

Good news about nurture over nature, an intact moral compass and the unsinkable Devil's Hole pupfish.

New Zealand, Japan and Samoa set to reopen to visitors   72%

This week in travel news: the world's best hotels, greatest sandwiches and most spectacular railway journeys. Also, pilot emergencies in Florida and London and the latest countries to relax their entry restrictions.

Flames outlast Oilers in explosive series opener as rivals combine for 15 goals  

Matthew Tkachuk scored a hat trick for the Calgary Flames in Wednesday's 9-6 win over the visiting Edmonton Oilers to open their playoff series.

Amber Heard's sister speaks in trial   12%

Amber Heard's sister has become the first witness to claim she, personally, saw Johnny Depp hit his then-wife.

Assam: The wild mushrooms killing India tea garden workers   10%

Workers in Assam's famed tea gardens are dying from eating wild mushrooms.

'Absurd scenarios': Doctor reacts after Republican lawmaker's abortion questions  

Dr. Yashica Robinson tells CNN's Laura Coates about an "absurd" exchange with Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) while she testified during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on abortion care access.

'The Netanyahus,' a fictional book by Joshua Cohen, wins Pulitzer Prize  

Joshua Cohen's widely praised book portrays Netanyahu as a young boy in New York in the 50s as his father, Benzion, is seeking a job in academia

Why are there millions of 'Jews' on Indian matchmaking websites?   -15%

Jews represent less than 0.0004 percent of India's population. So how can its dating sites claim to have millions of Jewish profiles? What does it mean to call yourself 'Jewish' in India today – or to call yourself 'Hitler'?

Woman suspects date is cheating after finding feminine products in bathroom  

A woman from the US has filmed herself inside her date's bathroom after realising he may have a girlfriend based on the feminine products she found.

'Somebody should have slapped him': Texas A coach slams Nick Saban  

Alabama football coach Nick Saban caused waves after accusing his SEC rival, Texas A&M, of paying their recruits. Hear coach Jimbo Fisher's fiery response.

CNN goes aboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln   -10%

As China and North Korea flex their military muscles in the region, CNN's Blake Essig shows how the US is trying to draw a line against Beijing and Pyongyang.

New poll on election eve shows the Coalition is closing the gap on Labor   40%

A survey out today shows Labor's primary vote has fallen to 36 per cent, while the Coalition has risen to 35 per cent

Albert Einstein museum with personal archives to open in Jerusalem   50%

The $5 million winning proposal for the building's design was 'modest, not grandiose, and it spoke to us,' says Hebrew University CEO

'Yoni Netanyahus mistake nearly led to disaster': U.K. historian sets the record straight on Operation Entebbe  

The PM's slain brother was not a central figure in the operation, Saul David, on whose book the film '7 Days in Entebbe' was based, tells Haaretz

Oklahoma lawmakers pass one of nation's strictest abortion bills banning procedure 'from fertilization'   16%

Oklahoma's legislature on Thursday passed a bill that would ban abortions from the stage of "fertilization" and allow private citizens to sue abortion providers who "knowingly" perform or induce an abortion "on a pregnant woman."

Republicans took away Disney's special status in Florida. Now they're gunning for Mickey himself   50%

Disney's copyright protection for the 1928 version of Mickey Mouse will expire in 2024, and Republicans want to make sure of it. Does it matter?

Coke's new bottle cap doesn't come off   -30%

Coke knows that its soda caps often end up as litter. So it's trying to solve the problem by tethering them to the bottle, at least in the United Kingdom.

Jerusalem holds off evicting gallery that hosted anti-occupation NGO   -7%

A compromise has been reached that will keep the Barbur Gallery open for at least the next three months, after it earlier sparked city's ire for hosting event by Breaking the Silence

Letters to the Editor: This is how easy and cheap attending a UC school once was   10%

Readers recall paying little tuition and having few problems attending California's public universities, which many now consider unaffordable.

Bobbi Brown responds to TikTok influencer's negative review  

After Meredith Duxbury's review of a tinted moisturiser from brand Jones Road went viral, founder Bobbi Brown shot back.