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Lebanons main parties agree to reform package, scrapping controversial tax rises and privatisation amid mass protests   7%

Lebanon’s main parties have agreed to a reform package proposed by Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who had given his coalition partners until Monday to back it, a senior official said.The country’s top leaders replied on Sunday to Hariri’s ultimatum, agreeing to scrap new taxes and privatise major companies, among other measures, a cabinet official told AFP on condition of anonymity.On Friday, the second day of the country’s biggest wave of anti-government protests in years, Hariri addressed the…

Canada's Trudeau retains power in election but will have minority government  

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberals held onto power after a closely fought election on Monday but were reduced to a minority government that will need the support in Parliament of a smaller left-leaning party.

Canada's Trudeau clings to power, but loses some of his luster  

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held on to his job in Monday's election, securing his spot as one of the world's few high-profile progressive leaders, but tarnished by scandal and with his power diminished.

PM Modi to interact with BJP workers from Varanasi on October 24   -9%

Prime minister Modi won from Varanasi for the second time in this year’s parliamentary election and have held such interactions with BJP workers from his constituency and other parts of the country in the past as well.

After a grim campaign, Trudeau emerges damaged but victorious  

Faced with a Liberal shut-out in Alberta and Saskatchewan and rising tensions in the west, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to govern for all Canadians when his MPs return to Ottawa.

How Justin Trudeau managed to cling on to power in Canadas nasty, divisive election   50%

Justin Trudeau's appeal was diminished by a series of gaffes, but he still had the winning card compared to his uninspiring rival

Trudeau triumphs in Canadian election in pictures   13%

Justin Trudeau has won a second term as Canada’s prime minister, losing his majority but delivering unexpectedly strong results despite having been weakened by a series of scandals that tarnished his image as a liberal icon

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Long after Netanyahus gone, Likud and the right will suffer from Post-Cult Trauma Syndrome  

The Israeli prime minister didn’t invent the right’s disdain for democracy and rule of law – he only exploited it

With less than a week to go, Gantz rejects Netanyahu's outline for unity government  

The plan presented by the prime minister, whose mandate to form a coalition expires Wednesday, ignores Kahol Lavan's demand to break up the right-wing bloc, and makes no mention of a rotation of the premiership

Scott Morrison's surplus obsession is hurting the economy  

If the Prime Minister keeps playing politics while doing nothing to stop the economy sliding into recession, nothing will save him from voters' wrath.

Indian PM Modi is winning his biggest war, and its not against Pakistan   15%

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has engaged in his country's most significant war – the war against extreme poverty. Based on personal experience, he has transformed India on several parameters beyond belief.
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Another Brexit hiccup as House Speaker John Bercow denies Boris Johnson a vote Monday  

The prime minister insisted that Britain will still leave the E.U. at the end of the month.

Canada election: Trudeau's Liberals win but lose majority   21%

Despite a bumpy first term, Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party earns a second, narrow election win.

Barack Obama endorses Justin Trudeau but will it help the Canadian PM get re-elected?   40%

Barack Obama has urged Canadians to re-elect Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, an apparently unprecedented endorsement of a candidate in a Canadian election by a former American president.Obama tweeted Wednesday that he was proud to work with Trudeau and described him as a hard-working, effective leader who takes on big issues like climate change.“The world needs his progressive leadership now, and I hope our neighbours to the north support him for another term,” Obama wrote.Could Hong Kong…

Liberals take losses but win enough in Quebec and Ontario to form minority government   7%

After a tight campaign that saw the two leading parties struggle to break out of the pack, the Liberals under Justin Trudeau have held on to just enough seats in Atlantic Canada, Quebec and Ontario to secure a minority government.

Justin Trudeau Headed to Second Term as Canadas Prime Minister  

The Liberal Party is projected to lose its majority but keep enough seats to form a government.

Canadas Justin Trudeau to secure second term, but weakened with minority government   38%

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will remain in power after a nail-biter of a general election.Trudeau’s Liberal party was projected to win the most seats in the 338-seat Parliament, giving it the best chance to form the next government.However, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) said it would be a minority government, forced to rely on an opposition party to stay in power.Projections indicate that the Conservatives, led by Andrew Scheer, will be the second-largest party,…

Andrew Scheer Has Fans. Can They Make Him Canadas Prime Minister?  

Mr. Scheer, Canada’s conservative leader, is polling neck-and-neck with Mr. Trudeau. Can he translate that into victory in the Oct. 21 elections?

DP-PV Sindhu lead #BharatKiLaxmi campaign  

Indian shuttler PV Sindhu and Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone have come out in support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'Bharat Ki Laxmi' movement which aims at promoting women empowerment in the country.

Justin Trudeau wins tight Canadian election, but he'll need a coalition to govern   -17%

Preliminary vote returns in a tight election indicated that neither Trudeau's Liberals nor his Conservative rivals will capture a majority in Parliament, though the incumbent prime minister was declared the winner because he has the whip hand in efforts soon to be underway to cobble together a governing coalition.

Lebanon announces sweeping economic reforms after days of protests  

Lebanon's government has approved sweeping reforms that it hopes will appease hundreds of thousands of people who have been protesting for days, calling on Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri's government to resign.

'As mark of solidarity': Indian group asks members to avoid buying Malaysian palm...  

Ever since Malaysian prime minister Mahatir Mohamad’s statement in the UN over Kashmir , Indian buyers of palm oil have been turning to Indonesia for supplies because of concerns that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will curb purchases of the vegetable oil from Malaysia.

Once the golden boy of progressives, Trudeaus star power is waning   2%

Once Canada’s poster-boy for progressive values, Justin Trudeau swept to power in 2015 on the promise of change and a new way of doing politics. But now he’s battling for political survival as Canadians prepare to vote in a general election on Monday.

Trudeaus Liberal Party set to cling to power after tight general elections  

The party of the embattled Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is projected to edge out the Conservatives in a vote on Monday, but is falling short of a majority, leaving the scandal-ridden PM with a task to form a minority government.
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Ian McEwan offers ugly look at U.K. politics as Brexit looms  

In his new book “The Cockroach,” Ian McEwan imagines the British prime minister as an insect turned human. The Star spoke to McEwan about the book and his thoughts about whether art can make a difference in the world.

North Macedonia's NATO Accession Process 'Well On Track,' Stoltenberg Tells PM   -25%

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says he has assured North Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev that the country's accession process is "well on track," days after the European Union failed to initiate membership talks with Skopje.

Canada votes as Trudeau, clouded by scandals, tries to hold power   35%

Canadians were voting on Monday to determine whether Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who swept into office four years ago as a charismatic figure promising “sunny ways,” will remain in

Israel PM Netanyahu fails to form government ahead of deadline   16%

The prime minister concedes he cannot form a coalition, handing an opportunity to his main rival.

Israel's Netanyahu gives up attempt to form new government   -14%

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Monday that he had failed to form a majority government in parliament, marking a major setback for the embattled Israeli leader that plunges the country into a new period of political uncertainty.

Referendum on Trudeau: Liberals and Conservatives neck and neck as voters go to the polls in Canadian election  

Canadians heading to the polls are faced with the choice of whether to grant a second term to scandal-plagued PM Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party — or to hand the reins of power to Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives.
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Trudeau's party projected to win general elections   -3%

Incumbent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party is projected to win Canada's general elections, returning to power as a minority government, which would be a partnership with one or more other parties, according to CBC News and CTV News.

Losing majority with hysterical dignity? Trudeaus victory speech turns into scandal, as he jumps on stage interrupting rival   16%

The series of campaigning cycle scandals in Canada spilled over into election night when Justin Trudeau took to the stage to deliver his victory speech while his main rival Andrew Scheer was still addressing his supporters.
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AP News in Brief at 11:04 p.m. EDT  

Liberal icon Trudeau appears set to hold onto government TORONTO (AP) — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared set to win a second term in Canada's parliamentary elections Monday, seemingly fending … Click to Continue »

First Flag: Kosovo's Would-Be PM Takes Serbian Heat For Favoring Albanian Banner  

Serbia's president took a jab at Kosovar's likely new prime minister after a photo surfaced showing Albin Kurti at an official meeting with an Albanian flag in the background.

Israel PMBenjamin Netanyahu says cannot form new govt, will allow opponent Benny...   2%

The decision has been an important defeat for Netanyahu as he seeks to continue his tenure as Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, however it does not mean the end of those efforts since he may still have various cards to play.

Israel's Netanyahu fails to form new coalition government, gives up mandate   40%

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave up his effort to form a new government Monday after failing to secure a majority coalition, creating an opportunity for centrist rival Benny Gantz to replace Israel's longest-serving prime minister.

Justin Trudeau wins second term but loses majority   5%

Election results show Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party will return to power, but as a minority government after October's general election, according to CBC News and CTV News.

RBC says Trudeau minority not good for oil pipeline businesses  

Canada's biggest bank, RBC, forecast more pressure for domestic oil storage and pipeline businesses on Tuesday after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberals retained power but were stripped to a minority government that will need the support of a smaller left-leaning party to govern.

Benjamin Netanyahu fails to form government, plunging Israel into political uncertainty   -14%

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Monday that he had failed to form a majority government in parliament, marking a major setback for the embattled Israeli leader that plunges the country into a new period of political uncertainty.In a statement, Netanyahu said that he had worked “tirelessly” to establish a unity government with his chief rival, former military chief Benny Gantz, but that he had been repeatedly rebuffed. Facing a Wednesday deadline, Netanyahu said he was returning…