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Sara Tendulkar is queen of cottagecore   25%

Sachin Tendulkar's 24-year-old daughter has taken up modelling and she was a part of a fashion brand's campaign. In a recent set of pictures shared by her, she can be seen wearing a striking floral dress and posing around the countryside chanelling the cottagecore aesthetic.

Taiwan to finance $900K Ballard contract with Guatemala   17%

The Northern Triangle country is one of only a few that maintains full diplomatic relations with Taiwan and recognizes it as China's legitimate government.

A single district attorney in Georgia has the best case against Trump  

No case is a slam dunk, but Fulton County's DA may well find a basis for prosecution.

Wordle: 'It's just so simple,' says Countdown's Susie Dent, on the daily word game   -20%

The online word game Wordle has attracted millions of daily users - including Countdown's Susie Dent.

In pictures: Snow falls in Algeria's Sahara Desert   50%

The ice crystals leave stunning patterns in the sands of the Sahara, the world's largest hot desert.

Plants can't adapt to climate change when seed-dispersing animals are lost   16%

Half of the world's plants need animals to spread their seeds. When those animals are gone, plants won't be able to migrate in order to survive in a changing climate.

Greek artist Alekos Fassianos dies at 86   22%

He was celebrated as one of Greece's most famous painters. Influenced by abstract art, Fassianos adopted a personal anthropocentric style and was given awards by the French and Russian governments.

According to this Israeli scholar, the Arab Spring was a revolt against the patriarchy   28%

Why the murder of women in Israel's society heralds a positive process and which Palestinian leaders are true partners for peace? Historian Ronit Marzan explains

What you need to know about the Tonga volcano and the Pacifics Ring of Fire  

The weekend's eruption and tsunami may have just been a warm-up, volcanologists say.

Op-Ed: Would Biden's nominee save rare wildlife from extinction?  

Martha Williams has been nominated to lead the Fish and Wildlife Service. But can she protect America's endangered species?

Israeli mixed judo team wins bronze, defeating Russia 4-1 at Tokyo Olympics   50%

Israeli judokas Timna Nelson-Levy, Ori Sasson, Li Kochman, Gili Sharir, Tohar Butbul, Peter Paltchik, Sagi Muki, and Raz Hershko gave an impressive performance and snatched Israel's 11th Olympic medal overall

The battle over Jan. 6 data ensues  

Tech companies say they're cooperating with the Jan. 6 committee's investigation, but the panel is subpoenaing more documents.

Texas synagogue: Brother urged Texas hostage-taker to surrender  

A recording of the gunman's last phone call to family made during the siege has emerged.

Namibia: BoN Brushes Off Governor's D+ Grade   16%

[New Era] The Bank of Namibia on Monday scoffed at the unflattering grade its governor, Johannes !Gawaxab received in the latest Global Finance Central Banker's Report.

Op-Ed: One huge cost of letting the expanded child tax credit die? Harm to developing brains   -10%

The expanded child tax credit helped reduce poverty's harmful effect on the development of young brains — yet it may become another Beltway failure.

The Hillary Clinton '24 talk   16%

The most telling thing about a potential Hillary Clinton run in 2024 isn't whether she'll actually do it -- it's in the reactions to the rumors, Michael D'Antonio writes.

Op-Ed: Here's how Biden can fix the Supreme Court's terrible mistake in the vax or mask case   12%

The court's majority opinion leaves open a surprisingly straightforward way for the administration to protect the health of American workers.

Joan Nathans new book ties biblical cooking to the world of today  

Haaretz's food columnist cooks lunch with the doyenne of Jewish cooking, and discusses food history and Jewish tradition

Russia-Led Military Alliance Completes Withdrawal From Kazakhstan   -2%

Troops of the Russia-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) have completed their withdrawal from Kazakhstan, where they were invited by the Central Asian nation's government in the wake of deadly protests in the country's largest city, Almaty, in early January.

'Hero' rabbi in Chabad of Poway shooting gets jail time for tax fraud  

Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, who signed off on millions of dollars in fraud schemes, took government funds to boost the Poway synagogue's security but never made changes before the 2019 attack occurred

Dutch museums open as salons to protest COVID rules   6%

Famed museums and Amsterdam's concert hall offered haircuts and manicures, as the cultural sector protested lockdown measures that allow shops, hairdressers and gyms to open — but not cultural venues.

173 ways to thrive in 2022   23%

It's hard to know where this new year will take us, but here's one thing we can control: Let's resolve to thrive this year, and start enjoying life again — safely, of course.

Iran Deploys Drones To Target Internal Threats, Protect External Interests  

A reported drone attack targeting suspected militants inside Iran has highlighted the country's drone capabilities, which Tehran is increasingly deploying beyond its borders.

The U.S. declared Chinas treatment of the Uyghurs a genocide. A Golden State Warriors co-owner said nobody cares.   30%

Chamath Palihapitiya, a venture capitalist and part owner of the Golden State Warriors, is facing criticism after claiming 'nobody cares' about China's repression of the Uyghur ethnic minority.

Several protesters killed in rallies in Sudan   -5%

In tonight's edition: Sudanese pro-democracy protesters suffer one of the deadliest days since thousands started taking to the streets in October to denounce the military takeover. Also, sanctions on Mali's military junta continue to bite. The UN's mission in the country has also suspended all but medical evacuation flights. And hosts Cameroon finish top of Group A at the Africa Cup of Nations with a 1-1 draw against Cape Verde.

Israeli swimmer wins second gold in Abu Dhabi world championship  

Anastasia Gorbenko's 100-meter win comes days after setting a new Israeli record in the Abu Dhabi competition

Letters to the Editor: I was there the night RFK was murdered. Sirhan Sirhan should never be released  

Readers praised Gov. Gavin Newsom for overturning the state parole board's recommendation to let Sirhan Sirhan out of prison.

Covid infections falling across the UK, says ONS   43%

It's the most significant drop since the Omicron wave hit the country in December, the figures suggest.

Man fatally stabbed in Koreatown while trying to break up a fight, police said   6%

Two others beat the victim's companion, who was taken to a hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. All three attackers are at large.

Recipes for three delicious Passover menus   80%

There are great Passover recipes everywhere. Here's how to pull them together into a seder menu that will please all.

'Yoni Netanyahus mistake nearly led to disaster': U.K. historian sets the record straight on Operation Entebbe  

The PM's slain brother was not a central figure in the operation, Saul David, on whose book the film '7 Days in Entebbe' was based, tells Haaretz

Jerusalem holds off evicting gallery that hosted anti-occupation NGO   -7%

A compromise has been reached that will keep the Barbur Gallery open for at least the next three months, after it earlier sparked city's ire for hosting event by Breaking the Silence

Jewish groups slam Trump for 'radioactive antisemitic tropes' after saying U.S. Jews 'don't like Israel'   -50%

Trump's remarks to an Israeli journalist are 'overtly antisemitic and disgusting,' says Democratic senator, as ADL blasts 'classic antisemitic stereotypes about Israeli and Jewish control of Congress and the press'

Monahan nets pair as Flames dominate league-leading Panthers to snap 4-game skid   -7%

Sean Monahan's first two-goal game of the season helped the slumping Calgary Flames to a surprise 5-1 victory over the NHL-leading Florida Panthers on Tuesday.

Synagogue hostage standoff reveals interfaith progress as well as entrenched hate   5%

Congregation Beth Israel's rabbi was active in interfaith efforts. During the crisis, a room full of Muslim, Jewish and Christian clergy close to him prayed, talked and waited. Now they worry about what's ahead.

Canada's snowboarders are eyeing Olympic medals but first, the X Games  

CBC Sports' daily newsletter looks at the Canadian snowboarders who will be competing in the Olympics as well as this week's X Games.

Twelve Syrian police wounded in bus blast: State media   13%

Twelve members of Syria's internal security forces were lightly wounded Wednesday in a bomb blast on a police bus in the southern province of Daraa, state news agency SANA reported.The device exploded

Demand for a safe room spiked during the latest Israel-Gaza war. But how much does it cost?   50%

May's Gaza fighting brought home the fact that more than two million Israelis lack a safe room. Experts offer tips on building one and how to make use of it year-round

Health Canada approves Pfizer's COVID-19 antiviral treatment   8%

Health Canada has approved Pfizer's COVID-19 antiviral treatment for use in adults 18 and older, paving the way for the distribution of a potentially lifesaving drug at a time when the country's hospitals are overwhelmed.