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Review: Kate Winslet Returns to HBO, Now as a Small-Town Cop   -3%

In “Mare of Easttown,” the “Mildred Pierce” star plays a damaged detective trying to stay afloat while investigating missing and murdered young women.

Hideki Matsuyama Charges Into the Lead at the Masters   5%

After a 78-minute rain delay, the golf course was far more forgiving with significantly slower greens, and Matsuyama will head into Sunday’s final round with a four-stroke lead.

This new book by a former Jimmy Kimmel writer will make you at least 3% Jewish   2%

Bess Kalb’s touching and funny Jewish memoir ‘Nobody Will Tell You This But Me’ is a matrilineal love story about a bubbe like no other. We sat down with her for a chat about turning her ‘personal grief exercise’ into a bestseller and upcoming film

Sunday Reading: The Asian-American Experience  

From the magazine’s archive: pieces about being Asian-American and the ongoing wave of anti-Asian violence.

Modern-day cavemen mark Israels birthday at paleo market   34%

At the meat-heavy Paleo Market at Latrun, the first course is wild boar, followed by a post-Stone Age dessert of ice cream pop and a good espresso.

East Belfast GAA club is proving there is no difference between Catholics and Protestants  

How do you tell the difference between a Protestant and a Catholic? A Protestant’s eyes are closer together. We used to believe that when we were children because that’s what everybody said.

Garden City man who loved motorcycles, gun ranges died from COVID-19 complications   25%

Larry Johnson was an Army veteran and Boy Scout leader who enjoyed camping and shooting at gun ranges.


House Of Yes Performers At Home: How Artists Persevere   -3%

The House of Yes performance venue in Brooklyn is closed for now, but the artists that were active in it are busier than ever, finding themselves and making art that speaks to the times we live in.

The week in wildlife in pictures   45%

The best of the week’s wildlife pictures, including a bald eagle livestream, polar bear research and seized tortoises

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From Jewish immigrant to U.S. matza tycoon: Streit's story comes to silver screen   16%

'Streit’s: Matzo and the American Dream' is far more than a Jewish Horatio Alger story; it’s an inspirational story of a family that didn’t just want to take the money and run.

My grade school teacher was a Nazi mass murderer with a secret identity  

SS officer Artur Wilke returned to his village after the war and became a grade school teacher. How could an entire community shut its eyes, and what happens when one boy, now 67, decides to talk?

Galia Oz's demagogic and narcissistic book proves she's her father's true literary heiress   30%

The book Amos Oz’s daughter wrote about his abuse of her as a child is causing shock waves, with many relating to it as the truth, not a literary work. It is a deceptive and unbalanced effort by an entitled person

A year after the Portapique massacre, these questions about Canadas worst mass killing loom large   -21%

Ahead of a highly anticipated public inquiry, there is grief that will not go away for Nova Scotians and answers to questions about reports the RCMP has so far kept under wraps

Three days of pain: how I built a gaming PC   32%

For an enthusiastic computer nerd, it should have been a fun, fulfilling, money-saving distraction during lockdown. Then the error messages started

It’s just like building Lego, they said. Enjoy the process, they said. You’ll have such a feeling of accomplishment when it’s finished. This is what friends and colleagues told me when I set out to build a PC. It did not quite go that way.

It seems more and more people are choosing to construct their own gaming machines rather than buying them already made. It’s cheaper (in theory), you get to choose the exact specifications, and it’s something to do while you’re stuck at home in lockdown. Even Superman actor Henry Cavill has been getting in on the act, making a video of himself constructing his new machine while wearing a really tight vest. I thought it would be a fun thing to do with my 13-year-old son as a sort of Easter holiday treat. We’re both nerds – what could go wrong?

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Attack of the drones: the mystery of disappearing swarms in the US midwest   -50%

When groups of sinister drones began hovering over homes in America’s Midwest, the FBI, US Air Force and 16 police forces set up a task force. But the drones vanished. Did they even exist?

At twilight on New Year’s Eve, 2020, Placido Montoya, 35, a plumber from Fort Morgan, Colorado, was driving to work. Ahead of him he noticed blinking lights in the sky. He’d heard rumours of mysterious drones, whispers in his local community, but now he was seeing them with his own eyes. In the early morning gloom, it was hard to make out how big the lights were and how many were hovering above him. But one thing was clear to Montoya: he needed to give chase.

As he approached the drones in his car, they “took off very fast” and Montoya tried to follow. He confesses hitting 120mph before losing track of them. “They were creepy, really creepy,” he says. “I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s almost as if they were watching us.”

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Brighton's Aileen Whelan: 'Ill concentrate on child psychology after retiring' | Louise Taylor   -6%

The forward, who divides her time between football and working as a play therapist, says Brighton can be a force in the WSL

Aileen Whelan has a double life. The Brighton forward holds a masters degree in child psychology and spends time away from football as a part-time play therapist, which is keeping her extremely busy.

Covid-19 lockdowns may have been a necessary evil but Whelan sees the collateral damage first-hand. “I run my own business, AW Play Therapy, and we’ve had a big influx of referrals during the pandemic,” says the 29-year-old. “It shows how detrimental things like the lockdowns have been to children’s lives.”

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Bats: 4 good reasons to save them   6%

While some bats indeed suck blood and others carry viruses like COVID-19, we couldn't live without them. Pollinating hundreds of plant species and dispersing their seeds, bats are central cogs in diverse ecosystems.

I went to a stretch therapist. I hardly recognised my body afterwards   13%

The most obvious benefit of assisted stretching is its impact on flexibility and mobility; but it also helps your nervous system, blood pressure and mental wellbeing.

Couple reunited after years of being separated in long-term care   20%

A Saskatchewan couple that was separated in long-term care has been reunited thanks to their daughter.

The best UV protection on the high street | Sali Hughes   53%

Here comes the sun – and with it, dream sunscreens, old and new, for all skin types

One of my most popular recommendations, if your emails and messages are representative, is Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50. This feather-light sunscreen, ideal for oily and congested skins, is loved by many of you; but as it’s imported from Asia, it’s frequently out of stock.

You need go no further than Boots or Superdrug to find a replacement. La Roche-Posay’s new Hyalu B5 Aqua Gel SPF30 (£34, 50ml, available from Boots, Superdrug, Look Fantastic, Feel Unique, Escentual and independent pharmacists) came to me via an unlabelled lab sample last year and I’ve been waiting impatiently to tell you how terrific it is. The transparent gel (great for anyone with a darker skin tone, as well as beardy men) plumps and hydrates skin within moments. All you grease-haters will love the silky finish, which provides enough moisture and slip for oily (even acne-prone), combination and balanced skins to proceed directly to makeup, skipping the day cream altogether. The SPF30 is adequate for extended periods outdoors; remember, the difference between 30 and 50 is pretty tiny. Low-maintenance and comfortable, it will be, for many, the dream sunscreen.

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We are better as friends: Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez call off engagement  

The couple announced the break-up just months after denying their four-year relationship was on the rocks.

2GBs Ben Fordham has first big ratings drop   52%

The breakfast host maintains his lead in the morning slot, but experienced his first big hit since taking over from Alan Jones.

Micro shorts for men: how short is too short?   4%

With lockdown easing, will you be following Paul Mescal and Harry Styles and baring more leg than usual this summer?

As the weather gets hotter, public spaces open up and people in England prepare to make the most of the Covid lockdown easing, it is the fashion question that has sparked debate online – just how short should shorts be?

Last week, the This is Us actor Milo Ventimiglia was photographed leaving the gym wearing a pair of tiny shorts and it reignited a debate about how much leg was appropriate to reveal.

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Asparagus Season!  

Stir-fried, tossed with pasta or baked: Put this sign of spring to work.

PMs problems could have been avoided   5%

Each time the Morrison government has been warned about impending trouble – real problems, accompanied by real suffering – it has chosen to do just enough to make the issue go away for a while.

It made me live with more purpose: The turning point in Kate Ellis life  

Plus the author and former politician discusses her upbringing, career and the men who have influenced her.

ICYMI: Underwater tango and happy penguins  

Here are a few of the stories you may have missed this week.

Snow Lantern and Chindit offer Richard Hannon contenders for Guineas   26%

  • Snow Lantern cut in betting after Newbury win
  • Chindit stayed on well to win Greenham Stakes

Few trainers’ dreams of Classic success survive the early-season trials largely unscathed, but Richard Hannon came closer than most here on Sunday as wins for Snow Lantern and Chindit left him with credible contenders for both the 1,000 and 2,000 Guineas at Newmarket next month.

Snow Lantern’s success came in a maiden at the top of the card, but she won it so readily that she was cut to around 8-1 to emulate her mother, Sky Lantern, who won the Classic for Hannon’s father, also Richard, in 2013.

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Why Kafka wanted to be forgotten by having his manuscripts burned   -6%

Kafka’s protagonists in 'The Trial' and other works were persecuted because of forgetfulness, but sometimes forgetting actually enables redemption

Mater Dei beats St. John Bosco to win Trinity League, and how much more?   100%

Mater Dei beat St. John Bosco 34-17 on the strength of 3 touchdown passes from freshman quarterback Elijah Brown to lay claim as the best in the state.

Home of Syrian family attacked in Newry hate crime   -35%

An attack on the Newry home of Syrian family in the early hours of Sunday is being treated as a hate crime.

The Telling of DMXs Life Story   10%

A conversation about the intense potency of the rapper’s music and religious fervor, and what it was like to interview him.

While She Sleeps: Sleeps Society review | Ben Beaumont-Thomas's album of the week   6%

(Search & Destroy/Spinefarm Records)
The noisy Sheffield band fully realise their pop potential on their fifth album, as they vent thrillingly about society’s manifold ills

The UK album chart is weighted heavily in favour of musicians whose fans actually buy their albums – rightly so, you could argue, given how hard it is for artists to make money these days. One sale of an LP, CD or download is equivalent to 1,000 streams, meaning that if an artist gets their ducks in a row – pre-order campaign, enticing vinyl editions, merchandise bundles – they can gatecrash the Top 5 off the back of fan purchases, as the cult likes of Dry Cleaning, Thunder and RJ Thompson have found in recent weeks.

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Pupils begin full time return in Scotland   -2%

Secondary pupils in six councils are among those returning for full-time, in-class lessons for the first time in months.

Did you hear the one about... our reviewers pick MICFs best jokes   25%

As Melbourne International Comedy Festival enters its last weekend, our reviewers pick their favourite shows, best jokes, and that ‘one last show’ to catch.

After Nuclear Site Blackout, Thunder From Iran, and Silence From U.S.   12%

The Americans and Israelis have worked together in the past to impede Iran’s nuclear ambitions, but the U.S. denies that was the case in the latest sabotage.

Beehive deliveries keep New Yorkers buzzing on rooftops, backyards   30%

Bees are thriving in New York hives. The city offers them a welcome variety of flowers and fewer pesticides than on rural farms.