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Search for missing Chaldean couple continues in rnak  

Security forces have stepped up a search operation for a couple belonging to the Chaldean Catholic minority group in Turkey’s southeastern Şırnak province.

Meet the South Dakota couple who keep thousands of bedbugs in their home   -33%

"Not understanding things about the bugs can be super terrifying."


Letters to the Editor: Will SB 50 result in more affordable housing in California, or just more housing?   10%

There is plenty of new construction, but much of it is for high-priced condos and apartments. Simply allowing more of that will not fix homelessness.

Patna now has a unique air ambulance kiosk   7%

Patna airport — among the tiniest in the country and often in controversy for its dangerously short runway — now has a unique feature that even its larger counterparts can’t boast of. Jay Prakash Narayan International Airport is running a regular air ambulance service from a dedicated round-the-clock counter.

'We are genuinely scared': New York Jews say Hanukkah attack shows 'words have consequences'   5%

'I think there is much hatred on social media: It used to be people who post anonymously, now people don’t even hide their hateful rhetoric on social media – it has to be denounced,' says local Jewish community leader after five stabbed in attack

Eczema, acne and skin-picking: 'More mental health help needed'  

More importance needs to be placed on the psychological effects of skin conditions, a charity says.

Column: Can California's new gig worker and privacy laws survive against the power of Silicon Valley?  

Patt Morrison talks with Scott Galloway, bestselling author and professor of marketing at the New York University Stern School of Business.

Thanksgiving recipe: Brussels sprouts and chestnuts in coconut milk   50%

This recipe is best prepared last minute or up to an hour before serving.

Jaime Botin: Billionaire found guilty of trying to smuggle Picasso from Spain to London  

Jaime Botin was denied permit to remove artwork from Spain in 2012

Megyn Kelly calls Margot Robbie scene in Bombshell bulls**t  

Despite criticism over its 'factual inaccuracy', Kelly said she would not want to cut the scene because it represented a moment of regret in her career

My 'butterfly skin' could kill me but I want to raise awareness for others   30%

Epidermolysis bullosa is a rare genetic condition where skin can tear at the slightest touch.

Go all-out with this luxurious Israeli breakfast at home  

These are all the recipes you need to transport yourself to a Middle Eastern summer day on the beach.

The tortoise whose rampant sex drive helped save his species is finally retiring  

Diego is believed to have fathered about 40 percent of the population.

Basketball superstars in Turkey to meet in showdown   33%

The 24 best athletes of the ING Basketball Süper Lig are set to enjoy the ING All-Star game festivities in Istanbul that kick off on Jan. 19.

An NBA player went pescatarian and became one of the leagues best shooters   -20%

“I’m quicker, faster than everybody else in my position,” Wizards sharpshooter Davis Bertans said. “I’ve heard defenders complain to me in the game, ‘Can you stop for a second?’ ”

So many impeachment bombshells and only one way to get the truth  

Bring them all in to testify under oath.

Weathering With You Review: Letting the Sun Shine In   25%

In the latest from the director of the hit anime “Your Name,” two teenagers find mysterious rays of hope amid catastrophe.

Tulsi Gabbard got into a push-up contest in New Hampshire   -20%

The guy collapsed, appearing somewhat exhausted, while Gabbard crawled back onto her feet and counted at him like a boxing ref in the ring.

Conor McGregor v Donald Cerrone: 'Conor is a legend' - Fans take over Las Vegas   80%

BBC Sport speaks to fans at the UFC 246 weigh-ins to find out who they would like to see win, Conor McGregor or Donald Cerrone.

Pastor threatens to shoot up congregation at his old church, California cops say   -10%

A part-time pastor at a Northern California church was arrested Thursday after police said he made alarming shooting threats against another church, where he used to be a member. Paul … Click to Continue »

Watch this soldier surprise his mom after two years apart   16%

L.J. Williamson, a high school police officer in Atlanta, was being honored during a pep rally when she got a big surprise from her son, US Army Spc. Shakir Aquill.

Anthony Cirelli's hat trick leads Lightning's grounding of Jets   25%

Anthony Cirelli scored his first career hat trick and Nikita Kucherov added a pair of goals as the Tampa Bay Lightning routed the Winnipeg Jets 7-1 on Friday.

Friday NBA preview: Washington Wizards at Toronto Raptors   -20%

All-star game hopeful Bradley Beal and the Wizards have lost two in a row and are just 4-6 in their last 10 games.

Want Your Personal Data? Hand Over More Please   14%

A new California privacy law gives consumers the right to see and delete their data. But getting access often requires giving up more personal details.

LAPD could take action against officers in gang-framing case within days, chief says  

Several officers across the city are suspected of falsifying field interview cards from traffic stops and entering incorrect information about those questioned in an effort to boost stop statistics.

New York's AG lays out her plan to solve the state's anti-Semitism crisis   -5%

New York Attorney General Letitia James tells Haaretz how she plans to enact a combination of tougher legal action, educational work and a crack down on online hate speech

Aggressive Russian naval ship nearly collided with US destroyer in Middle East, Pentagon says   -3%

The Pentagon accused the Russian navy on Friday of “aggressive” actions in the Arabian Sea after one of their ships very nearly collided with a US Navy destroyer.The Russian ship ignored collision warning blasts from the USS Farragut and came extremely close before turning away, narrowly averting a crash, said the US Navy 5th Fleet, which released video footage of the incident.“While the Russian ship took action, the initial delay in complying with international rules while it was making an…

'Alarming' one in five deaths due to sepsis   18%

The most detailed study of sepsis shows it is a much bigger problem than previously thought.

Want a good life as you age? Book says finding purpose, maintaining social inclusion are some of the keys.   -2%

“Aging Well” argues that such global practices will reduce health-care costs and cut the physical and mental toll of loneliness.

Writing About the Border Crisis, Hoping to Break Down Walls   14%

Jeanine Cummins depicts a mother and son’s gut-wrenching journey in “American Dirt,” even as she acknowledges “I don’t know if I’m the right person to tell this story.”

Theres an Iran strategy somewhere here   37%

President Ronald Reagan liked to tell a joke about a hopeful little boy pawing through a big pile of horse dung under his Christmas tree, saying cheerily: With all this manure, there must be a pony in here somewhere.

Letting your kids be bored is helping them learn   10%

Education academics say the so-called iPad generation needs to experience boredom, because it is vital to development.

Duke of Sussex: The party prince who carved his own path   45%

From grieving his mother to becoming a father, the Duke of Sussex is used to attention from the media.

FC Goa beat NorthEast United FC2-0 to reclaim ISLtop spot  

A Mislav Komorski (68th) own-goal finally gave FC Goa the lead before Jose Leudo conceded a penalty to allow Ferran Corominas (82th) score his 49th goal in the ISL.

Galaxy closing in on deal with Mexican star 'Chicharito' Hernandez  

The Galaxy and Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez continued talks Tuesday, and a deal had not been finalized. However, a person with knowledge of the situation said an agreement "seems likely" and the club was starting to make preliminary arrangements for an announcement.

China coronavirus: at least three suspected cases found in Shenzhen, Shanghai, sources say   -2%

At least three suspected cases of the newly discovered coronavirus have been reported in Chinese cities outside Wuhan – the epicentre of the outbreak – according to sources with knowledge of the matter, raising concerns about the continued spread of the disease.Two Chinese visitors to Thailand and a Chinese man working in Japan have already been confirmed as having been infected, while authorities in Singapore, Vietnam, Nepal, Hong Kong and Taiwan have said they are monitoring a number of…