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Switzerland approves same-sex marriage by a wide margin in referendum   5%

Nearly two-thirds of Swiss voters backed the introduction of same-sex marriage in a referendum held Sunday, with campaigners calling it a historic moment for gay rights in Switzerland.

How to eat sushi: Tips for ordering and eating like a Tokyo local   25%

In theory, sushi is a simple thing to be enjoyed in almost any way you like.

Former fire chief Greg Mullins faces the firestorm again  

Fire fighting and standing up to authorities runs in the family for former NSW fire chief, now author Greg Mullins.

Galia Oz's demagogic and narcissistic book proves she's her father's true literary heiress   30%

The book Amos Oz’s daughter wrote about his abuse of her as a child is causing shock waves, with many relating to it as the truth, not a literary work. It is a deceptive and unbalanced effort by an entitled person

Newsom signs bill taking aim at labor practices in Amazon warehouses   -3%

AB 701 is the first legislation in the U.S. regulating warehouse performance metrics. The new California law aims to crack down on harsh work standards in Amazon fulfillment centers.

A suggested Passover seder menu   100%

Can't decide what to serve your guests? Here are some delicious dishes for you to wow your friends and family with.

10 dead, 5 missing in China as overloaded river ferry carrying students capsizes in bad weather   9%

Ten people died and five were reported missing after an overloaded river ferry in China’s southern Guizhou province capsized in bad weather on Saturday afternoon.The ferry was the main mode of transport across the Zangke river for students from the town of the same name in Liuzhi district. Most of the passengers were thought to be students, state broadcaster CCTV reported.The ferry, operated by Xiling Shipping, was carrying at least 46 passengers when its maximum capacity was 40, according to…

Pandemic Changes the World of Horse Auctions   6%

Traditional speculators, known as pinhookers, are now vying with online buyers looking to invest in something new. The new bidders are driving up prices.

Go all-out with this luxurious Israeli breakfast at home  

These are all the recipes you need to transport yourself to a Middle Eastern summer day on the beach.

Zimbabwe: Ex-Champ's Late Entrance Spices Up Africa Cup Script   -30%

[The Herald] TRIATHLON Zimbabwe secretary-general Carol Pakenham says the late entrance of Kazakh star Ayan Beisenbayev has added excitement ahead of the 14th edition of the Bonaqua Africa Triathlon Cup.

What we learned this week in the trial of Elizabeth Holmes  

It was an eventful week in the closely-watched trial of Elizabeth Holmes, with witnesses who included scientists, medical professionals, a patient and even the former US Secretary of Defense laying out how the promise of Holmes' blood testing company Theranos fell apart.

Official says only 225 migrants remain in Texas border town after controversial deportation efforts   -7%

U.S. officials said about two-thirds of those at the camp are families and the rest are single adults.

Historic gathering with bland agenda unlikely to stem decay in the Catholic Church   10%

Many committed Catholics have already lost faith that hard questions will either be asked or answered.

In Israel, its not just rabbis who dont know math and science   -40%

Don’t make fun of Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef’s disparaging remarks about schooling until you’ve looked at how poorly Israel ranks on skills and education

Saving the Artwork of the South: Deep Investment, and a Drone   7%

From Birmingham to Gee’s Bend, the Souls Grown Deep Foundation is directly investing in Alabama communities where artists and quilters live, work — and struggle.

Alexandria-Cape Town highway is Egypts replacement for a redundant Suez Canal   24%

Alexandria is transitioning to become Egypt’s new economic hub. It’s a good move by Egypt’s policymakers because it’s vital that revenue generators are found to replace those currently in place from

Riskiest payments should be slowed to stop fraud, says Nationwide  

Nationwide Building Society sets up a fraud checking hotline, but says wider changes are need to halt fraud.

Africa: What the Objections to Covid-19 Control Measures Tell Us About Personal Freedom  

[The Conversation Africa] As the protracted global battle with SARS-CoV-2 continues to rage, objections to the measures being taken to combat the virus are increasing. Protests have been reported in countries such as the US, the UK, Australia, Thailand, South Africa, France, Italy, and Greece. In some instances, the protests have become violent resulting in injuries and arrests.

Professor warns growing mating inequity in US is dangerous   13%

NYU Professor Scott Galloway says the drop in men going to college is part of a growing mating crisis in the US and that the country runs the risk of producing "too many of the most dangerous cohort in the world" if the trend isn't reversed.

Israel will get its Iron Dome funds. It should be worried about a larger problem  

Israel’s approach to progressive Democrats is a case study in dilettantism, laziness and convenient denial of trends in U.S. politics and society. The vote this week on Iron Dome funding is only a symptom

At least three killed in Amtrak train derailment in Montana   -10%

The cause of the accident was not immediately clear and federal safety authorities will investigate

At least three people were killed on Saturday afternoon when an Amtrak train that runs between Seattle and Chicago derailed in north-central Montana, toppling several cars onto their sides, authorities said.

The westbound Empire Builder train derailed at about 4pm near Joplin, a town of about 200, Amtrak spokesman Jason Abrams said. The accident scene is about 150 miles north-east of Helena and about 30 miles from the border with Canada.

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Tom Felton fans react to Harry Potter stars health update after scary collapse  

Actor was taken to a local hospital after the incident

Column: Consumers are receiving billions of car-warranty calls. Ignore them  

You've probably received calls that your car warranty is expiring or has expired. They're almost never from dealers or manufacturers.

Why some of our finest are so excited to work with 20-year-old Minnie   30%

This young arranger/composer has already achieved more than many artists twice her age.

France accuses Australia and US of lying, breach of trust in escalating crisis   20%

France on Saturday accused Australia and the United States of lying over a ruptured Australian contract to buy French submarines, saying a crisis was under way between the allies.French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday recalled the ambassadors to Canberra and Washington in an unprecedented move to signal his fury over Australia’s decision to break a deal for the French submarines in favour of American nuclear-powered vessels.The row has, for now, ended hopes of a post-Donald Trump…

Dear Evan Hansen | Anatomy of a Scene  

The director Stephen Chbosky narrates a sequence from his film, featuring Ben Platt.

Sinners or trendsetters? A forgotten trio of 19th-century Jewish feminists   25%

Three women who were way ahead of their time, educated and famous for their Berlin soirees – but ignored for centuries by Jewish historians because they converted to Christianity

Covid-19: New allergic reactions to hair dye reported  

Scientists at Imperial College London are now researching a link between Covid-19 and new allergies.

The Tragedy of Macbeth review McDormand and Washington deliver noirish nightmare   -5%

Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand hit top form in Joel Coen’s austere reimagining of Shakespeare’s Scottish bloodbath

What’s the point of another Macbeth movie? It wasn’t that long ago we had Justin Kurzel’s big realist version, with Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard. Well, there’s always a point if the film is as compelling and visually brilliant as this. Director Joel Coen, working for once without brother Ethan, has delivered a stark monochrome nightmare, refrigerated to an icy coldness.

With Shakespeare’s text cut right back, it’s a version that brings us back to the language by framing the drama in theatrical, stylised ways: an agoraphobic ordeal in which bodies and faces loom up with tin-tack sharpness out of the creamy-white fog.

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Two minutes with Danny Katz: couples tips for pillow fighting  

My pillow is the only one I can fall asleep on, yet my wife often takes it. Given the sliding-from-under-her-head trick never ends well, what can I do?

Cadence Weapon reflects the dystopian present on his Polaris-nominated album Parallel World   -4%

With songs about subjects like how facial recognition technology affects Black people and racial profiling, the rapper also known as Rollie Pemberton says he’s not holding anything back on “Parallel World.”

High court challenge to Victorias electric vehicle tax   30%

Two electric vehicle drivers have launched a High Court legal challenge to Victoria’s controversial road user tax.

Elliott: Simone Biles to fans: 'We can come out on top of this and we're going to be OK'   8%

Olympic star Simone Biles' life has been marked by profound challenges. She wants to pass on positive mental health lessons during the Gold Over America Tour coming to Southern California.

Sally Rooneys Riposte, Ralph Naders Candidacy and Other Letters to the Editor  

Readers respond to recent issues of the Sunday Book Review.

Stream an Operatic Rarity by a Black Composer (While You Can)   40%

William Grant Still’s “Highway 1, U.S.A.,” staged by Opera Theater of St. Louis, is available online until Sept. 30.

Israelis are shopping like mad, but many retailers worry it wont last   -100%

The post-corornavirus consumer surge has defied the worst expectations, but what will happen when people can start shopping overseas again?

A Flooded Stadium Went Viral, but the Somerset Patriots Didn't Quit  

The Somerset Patriots lost cars and equipment to Hurricane Ida’s aftermath — and had fish swimming in the on-deck circle — but the Yankees affiliate returned home a week later.

Who's buying Israel's expensive new apartments? Downsizing pensioners   24%

What do couples do once the kids leave the nest? Move back to the city, trade a garden for a seaview and live in a home with no stairs are a few of the more popular options

As it happened: ASX closes 1% higher as energy continues rise   5%

The Australian sharemarket closed 1% higher, up 73.3 points to 7370.2 buoyed by gains on Wall Street and the energy sector’s continued rise.