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Balloon Review: Flight Club   -14%

Two families flee communism in a handmade hot-air balloon in this cozily conventional thriller.

Look out Alexa, Southfield-based IT firm bets future on 'Sophie'   -40%

Sophie is an artificial intelligence tool used by a growing Brazilian IT services and outsourcing firm that has offices in Southfield.


Mayor, HPD, announce new measures to fight violent crime spike   -31%

Mayor Sylvester Turner announced new efforts Tuesday to crack down on an uptick in violent crime, including an overtime allocation of $1.5 million to get more officers on the street and an effort to enlist private money toward an $8.5 million investment in new technology, including cameras and analytics equipment.

The mayor said he expects the combination of those two initiatives to help quell the increase, which Chief Art Acevedo said mirrors a nationwide trend. Acevedo said he’d like to specifically address gang violence and car burglaries.

Crime data provided by Houston police to the FBI show that while overall crime has followed a decades-long downturn, violent crime has increased six percent over the last four years, driven by higher instances of aggravated assaults and rapes.

“We don’t want to wait until we get to a situation where it becomes really a crisis so to speak, we want to check things where they are,” Turner said. “Quite frankly, we need those technology enhancements and we need them right now.”

The mayor said the city is still about 600 officers short of what the department needs, despite personnel increases over the last four years. He called on the private sector to help the cash-strapped city pay for the $8.5 million technology effort when it is ready. The mayor said he has already reached out to some folks about the plan and hopes to be able to announce funding partnerships soon.

The overtime payments are effective immediately and will get more officers on patrol over the next six months.



Authentic Brands taps former H executive to helm Forever 21   25%

Forever 21's new co-owner Authentic Brands Group said on Tuesday it had appointed former H&M executive Daniel Kulle as the new chief executive officer of the bankrupt apparel retailer.

HTPicks:The most interesting books of the week  

This week’s reading list includes a book on finding beauty in imperfection, another on pioneering Indian historians, and the memoir of a top cop

Irans Stacked Election Is Expected to Produce a Hard-Line Parliament   12%

Iran’s leaders disqualified more than 7,000 candidates, including most moderates and centrists, paving the way for tougher domestic and foreign policies.

Hydro Flask started out at farmers markets. Here's how it got so huge   -30%

How Hydro Flask water bottles became a hot fashion accessory is a story mixing environmentalism, self-care and the simple desire to keep drinks cold.

D.C.-area forecast: Morning rain, then continued cloudy skies followed by more showers tomorrow   -20%

A showery morning will be followed by a cloudy but drier afternoon.

Liverpool transfer news: Leipzigs Timo Werner proud to be linked with best team in the world   17%

Jurgen Klopp recently described the German international as a 'very good player' and Werner admits that he is flattered by the attention

Yaa Gyasi on the long shadow of slavery in America   -33%

Ghanaian-American writer Yaa Gyasi talks to Haaretz about what inspired her acclaimed debut novel, 'Homecoming,' in which two different worlds - 18th century Ghana and present day America – are linked by devastating exploitation

Sanders needs to explain his voting record on immigration  

He has been on the same side as immigration restrictionists far too often.

WH Auden birth anniversary: Interesting facts and quotes by English-American po...   10%

In 1930, a 23-year-old poet published his first book Poems, which catapulted him to fame. However, it was the long poem The Age of Anxiety, written in 1947, that earned Wystan Hugh Auden the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry and cemented his name in the annals of history.

G20 sounds alarm over climate emergency despite US objections   18%

Group’s first ever reference to global heating signals growing economic concerns over climate change

The G20 group of the world’s wealthiest nations have agreed for the first time to collectively sound the alarm over the threat to the financial system posed by the climate emergency.

Overcoming objections from Donald Trump’s US administration, G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting in Saudi Arabia over the weekend agreed to issue their first ever communique with references to climate change, according to reports from Reuters.

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Hottest fossil fuel market catches a chill as gas prices drop   -5%

(Bloomberg) -- A plunge in prices is shaking some of the more marginal players out of the liquefied natural gas market, chilling what until recently was the hottest part of the energy industry.

Major utilities from Orsted A/S in Denmark to Iberdrola SA in Spain are exiting the business. Naturgy Energy Group SA has made no secret it isn’t comfortable with the volatility of LNG and was reported as considering an exit, and Vattenfall AB of Sweden won’t even think about entering.

The moves drain momentum from a push by companies in almost every corner of the energy industry to start trading LNG. Over the past decade, commodity trading houses and oil majors have joined other utilities such as RWE AG in building their trading desks and investing in new facilities to handle the fuel.

“Now it is a pretty painful moment for the LNG market with such low prices,” Frank van Doorn, Vattenfall’s head of trading, said in an interview. “Vattenfall doesn’t necessarily need to be active in the LNG market. It is not an obvious business case for us at the moment.”

Optimism about the industry’s prospects has crashed into economics. New export projects from Australia to the U.S. have flooded the market with new supplies at the moment that warmer weather and the coronavirus in China curbed demand. The result is brimming storage tanks in Europe and prices for the commodity testing record lows.

READ: Asian Spot LNG Price Plunges Below $3 on China Demand Fears

Lower prices are putting some LNG exporters in a complicated situation where they must decide whether to shut in production or accept losses in delivering cargoes at prices that won’t cover their own costs, according to Domenico De Luca, head trading & sales at Axpo.

“In this environment we do see some...

Malaysias justice chief faces calls to resign over handling of terror case   -1%

Malaysian Attorney General Tommy Thomas faced calls to resign after he dropped terrorism charges against 12 people who were alleged to have links to Sri Lanka’s Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.Islamist opposition party PAS, which controls two Malaysian states, threatened a “massive public rally” if the government did not heed its demands to fire Thomas, reinstate the charges and curb the powers of the attorney general.Thai junta ‘helped Malaysia cover up 1MDB scandal’: oppositionThomas on…

Go all-out with this luxurious Israeli breakfast at home  

These are all the recipes you need to transport yourself to a Middle Eastern summer day on the beach.

Coronavirus: Man receives $3,500 medical bill for test after returning to US from China  

Osmel Martinez Azcue only has the flu, but he now owes his insurance $1,400

New mural at Ninfa's Uptown features Houston notables from J.J. Watt to Beyonc  

Included in the mural, called "Houston Brings A Lot to the Table," are Ninfa Laurenzo, the restaurateur who founded the Tex-Mex concept in 1973, Beyoncé, J.J. Watt, James Harden and Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale.

Daisy May and Charlie Cooper: We had nothing before This Country. It was humiliating... we couldnt even afford McDonalds  

The creators and stars of the BBC mockumentary talk to Ellie Harrison about their inspiration for Kerry and Kurtan, rural poverty, the trauma of Rada and losing their friend Michael Sleggs

Facebook removes fake accounts aiming to suppress Arab voters in Israeli election   50%

Nonprofit identified 32 suspicious accounts, many targeting official Facebook page of Ayman Odeh, leader of Arab-majority party

At Florida prison in grip of Legionnaires outbreak, new unease over 33-year-olds death   -11%

Weeks after the women’s camp at a Florida federal prison began coping with an unexplained worsening outbreak of Legionnaires disease, men in another section of the same sprawling prison complex … Click to Continue »

Study: Medications significantly reduce mortality rates for people struggling with opioid addiction in year after detox   -5%

The new study from Boston Medical Center researchers focused on the 12 months after individuals were discharged from inpatient treatment for opioid use disorder.

Chelsea vs Tottenham LIVE: Result and reaction from Premier League fixture today  

The two rivals for Champions League qualification met at Stamford Bridge

Phil Moss survives the sack to burnish golden generation of Australian coaches | Jonathan Howcroft   16%

The former Mariners boss knew he would one day get the chop, but he’s turned it into a day that could have a lasting, positive effect on football in Australia

Phil Moss was prepared for the sack before he was ever appointed a head coach. “I’ll never forget the first day of my A Licence,” he recalls. “The instructor wrote on the whiteboard: ‘There’s only one sure thing about professional coaching, and that is you will get sacked’.”

That sure thing happened to Moss in February 2015, just over a year after taking charge of Central Coast Mariners. Based purely on results – three wins in 19 games during Moss’s second season at the helm - it was an uncontroversial dismissal. “At the end of the day it’s on my head. I’m the head coach, I’m responsible for that,” he accepts. “But people need to understand there is a backstory to the performance of every team, and it’s not just the coach.”

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'It's not the norm': Tesla to face fresh autopilot scrutiny  

Safety officials are still waiting to hear back from Tesla on their recommendations in 2017 to make driver-assist systems more resilient to misuse by inattentive drivers.

SETI scans of interstellar comet Borisov found NO SIGNS of alien tech, but the search goes on   10%

The comet 2I/Borisov captured the public imagination as only the second known interstellar object to pass through our solar system, sparking hopes of some form of contact with advanced extraterrestrial life. But there’s bad news.
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Mad Mike Hughes, who wanted to prove the flat-Earth theory, dies in homemade-rocket disaster   25%

Hughes was perhaps the most visible advocate of the theory that Earth isn’t a sapphire-and-emerald globe revolving around a massive star.

The end of insouciance: Do the French still shrug at sex scandals in politics?  

France has traditionally taken pride in being somewhat of an exception when it comes to caring, or not caring, about the private lives of its politicians. This lax attitude has been called into question recently by the so-called Griveaux scandal. Benjamin Griveaux, a close ally of President Emmanuel Macron, pulled out of the Paris mayoral race following the release of a sex tape. So are we witnessing the "Americanisation" of French politics? Is the atmosphere becoming more puritanical and moralising? And what role does social media play in all this?

How to protect your information online  

Do you have a different password for every account? You should.

The Matrix fans are convinced Keanu Reeves is playing John Wick in new film   15%

Exciting theory resurfaces following set video of new sequel

This bag can be a carry-on or a 24- or 28-inch piece your choice  

Luggage that grows, a battery pack that can charge you mobile devices and your car battery, a vacuum that powers through, and "finger lights."

Who will be Labour's next leader?  

A look at the candidates for leader and deputy leader - and how the winner will be chosen.

Helicopter Went Down, Flames Seen: Kobe Bryants Last Flight  

Eight passengers and a pilot were on the S-76B helicopter that crashed on a foggy hillside in the Santa Monica Mountains. This is the story of what happened.

Jos Buttler on why blocking out the noise is key to recapturing his form   -5%

'In the past I've confused the goal of always trying to improve and listening to too many people'

Kobe Bryant named as Basketball Hall of Fame finalist three weeks after death  

Public memorial to be held in Los Angeles this month

Amazon is primed to change the fashion industry with 'Making the Cut'   12%

Amazon is launching its first global series that combines unscripted programming with its retail store.

Alien, introvert, supervillain: Where should we stand on Grimes?  

A former indie hero whose fanbase has been disenchanted by her romance with Elon Musk, the Canadian goth-geek musician has been shape-shifting for a decade, writes Helen Brown