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American to furlough 19,000 as clock runs out on airlines   -10%

American Airlines will begin furloughing 19,000 employees on Thursday after lawmakers and the White House failed to agree on a broad pandemic-relief package that includes more federal aid for airlines.

Did the White House Stop the EPA From Regulating PFAS?   20%

A proposal to designate PFOA and PFOS as hazardous substances has been sitting at the White House for more than a year.

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Trump claims Joe Biden is on 'performance-enhancing drugs' video   -13%

After the New York Times' revelations about his tax returns, Donald Trump hit back with a series of baseless allegations, including that his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, had used 'performance-enhancing drugs' during appearances. In an unfocused White House briefing, the US president also accused Biden's son, Hunter, of corruption and speculated about non-existent Democrat policies of unattended open borders

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California to ban sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035   10%

As wildfires rage, California's governor has issued an executive order banning the sale of new cars powered by fossil fuels within 15 years. But the White House wants to stop the move before a trend is set.

US targets only 1 per cent of Chinese students over security: Donald Trump adviser   -2%

US authorities are targeting only about 1 per cent of the 400,000 Chinese students in the United States over China’s bid to gather American technology and other information, a top White House official said on Wednesday.Matt Pottinger, the deputy White House national security adviser who has been a leading figure in the development of President Donald Trump’s China policy, said the vast majority of Chinese students were welcome.“It’s a surgical approach,” Pottinger said during an online event…

US election: why a Joe Biden win is likely to be bad news for Russia   -7%

In Moscow, analysts for the Kremlin and its security council are working overtime to war-game scenarios for a Joe Biden presidency.Increasingly alarmed at the prospect of a White House without Donald Trump, Russia is trying to determine what that’ll mean for sensitive issues from nuclear arms to relations with China, energy exports, sanctions and far-flung global conflicts, according to people familiar with the efforts.Though few see much prospect for improved ties if Trump is re-elected, Biden…

The Private Trump Angst of the Republican Icon James Baker  

In an excerpt from their forthcoming book, Susan B. Glasser and Peter Baker write about James A. Baker III, the former Secretary of State, Treasury Secretary, and White House chief of staff, who has professed disillusionment with President Donald Trump but who believes he cannot vote against Trump without abandoning the Republican Party.

Trump plans big Wisconsin rallies despite White House task force calls for maximal social distancing in the state  

A White House Coronavirus Task Force report warns of “exponential” growth in infections in the state the president will visit this weekend.

Kayleigh McEnany Watch: Down with Playboy!  

Journalistic snobbery from the White House briefing room lectern: What form of hypocrisy haven't we glimpsed?

Trump pledges to send $200 drug discount cards to Medicare recipients weeks before election; funding source unclear   5%

The White House says the nearly $7 billion initiative could be funded with savings from a program yet to receive regulatory approval.

5 takeaways from NY Times report on Trump's tax returns   29%

A New York Times report that President Donald Trump paid just $750 in federal income tax the year he entered the White House — and, thanks to colossal losses, no income tax at all in 11 of the 18 years that the Times reviewed — served to raise questions about Trump’s self-image as a smart and successful businessman

New York Times: Trump paid $750 in U.S. income taxes in 2016, 2017   -25%

Speaking at a news conference at the White House, Trump dismissed the report as “fake news” and said he has paid taxes, though he gave no specifics.

Government distributes COVID tests in bid to reopen US schools   11%

The White House has asked that states use the millions of tests being sent to them to help reopen in-person education, though ultimately governors have the discretion to decide on their use. The tests deliver quick but less accurate results.

Headlines for September 29, 2020  

As COVID-19 Claims Over 1 Million Lives, Reports of Rift Among White House Advisers, Another Immigrant Prisoner Dies from COVID-19; Nurses Union Says U.S. Failed to Protect Medical Workers, Kentucky AG to Release Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Tapes as Juror Calls for Information to Be Made Public, Family of Black Man Shot Dead by Police While Handcuffed in Car Reaches $20 Million Settlement, Trump and Biden to Face Off in 1st Debate as NYT Drops Second Report on Trump's Taxes, Channel 4 Report Says Trump Campaign Sought to Deter Black Voters in 2016, Artist Ai Weiwei Holds Protest in Support of Julian Assange, Press Freedom, Uber Wins Legal Fight to Keep Operating in London, Five Iraqi Civilians Killed in Rocket Attack as U.S. Threatens to Close Embassy in Baghdad, Trump Admin Working to Broker Normalization Deal Between Sudan and Israel, China Defends Policies Targeting Muslims as NYT Reports More Abuses in Xinjiang, Trump Admin Says Census Collection Will End Next Week, Defying Court Ruling, 3 People Killed as Firefighters Continue to Battle Record-Breaking California Wildfires, MT Court Hands Victory to Native American Voters; PA Warns 100,000 Ballots Could Be Rejected, Trump's Former Campaign Manager Arrested and Hospitalized for Mental Health Evaluation, NY Grants Release of Black Panther Jalil Muntaqim, Who Spent Nearly 50 Years Behind Bars

Bullying behavior: China accuses Trump administration of abusing power by trying to ban TikTok   -6%

Beijing has accused the White House of abusing its “national power” by trying to squeeze TikTok, and demanded that the US provide a non-discriminatory business environment for foreign companies working in the country.
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Rouhani calls Pompeo minister of crimes, dubs renewed US sanctions savagery against Iranians amid Covid-19 pandemic   -10%

A raft of new US sanctions has predictably provoked ire in Tehran, with President Hassan Rouhani saying the “terrorist operation” hinders Iran’s anti-pandemic effort and telling compatriots to “send curses” to the White House.
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Four of the best new horror books to scare you through October  

A new Bird Box book from Josh Malerman; eco-horror from Quebec writer Christiane Vadnais; Stephen Graham Jones writes adolescent isolation; and Andrew Pyper’s haunted White House

Column: Ginsburg's death makes a new court-packing scheme much more urgent  

If Democrats take the Senate and the White House, repacking the Supreme Court is imperative.

How Trump is undermining his own vaccine race   33%

Operation Warp Speed is the administration’s best attempt at fighting coronavirus, experts say, but White House meddling has caused public confidence to plummet.

Steven Mnuchins Deal Staved Off Catastrophe. Can He Make Another One?   25%

Even many Trump critics credit his Treasury secretary with rescuing the economy from the pandemic. Will the White House and Congress keep him from doing it again?

Supreme Court Could Give Trump Second Chance at Environmental Rollbacks  

Court losses are piling up for President Trump's environmental deregulation agenda. But a second term in the White House could help them stick.

Five key takeaways from the NY Times report on Trumps tax returns   31%

A New York Times report that President Donald Trump paid just $750 in federal income tax the year he entered the White House — and, thanks to colossal losses, no income tax at all in 11 of the 18 years that the Times reviewed — served to raise doubts about Trump’s self-image as a shrewd and successful businessman.