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Another huge data breach, another stony silence from Facebook | Carole Cadwalladr  

The social media giant is still a law unto itself. Can anybody hold it to account?

Half a billion Facebook users’ accounts stolen. Personal information compromised. Telephone numbers and birth dates drifting across the internet being used for God knows what. And for four days, from Facebook’s corporate headquarters, nothing but silence.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because it is. This week saw reports of a massive new Facebook breach and everything about it, from Facebook’s denials of the words “data” and “breach” to its repeated refusal to answer journalists’ questions, has been uncannily reminiscent of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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Hailstorm blankets Saudi Arabias Hail in white   -12%

Saudi Arabia’s Hail was blanketed in white on Saturday after it was hit with a hailstorm with bouts of heavy rain and thunderstorms.Videos circulating on social media showed thick dark clouds

Ugandans criticize oil pipeline deal with Tanzania and Total   1%

Ugandans are making disparaging comments on social media about the multibillion-dollar oil pipeline deal that the country has signed with Tanzania and Total. The secrecy surrounding it has raised fears of corruption.

Timber industry advocates forced to apologise to high-profile scientist   1%

David Lindenmayer, an ecologist who specialises in forest conservation, sued the men for defamation after they made personal attacks on him on social media.

Why are Twitter China state media labels only applied to Chinese employees?   -2%

Last August, Twitter, the social media giant, announced a new policy: “state-affiliated media” labels would be attached to the accounts of government-controlled news outlets and some of their senior employees in China, as well as in Russia and a handful of other countries. In the months since, Twitter has expanded the policy’s reach, increasing the number of countries affected and adding more individual accounts to the list, including those of reporters.But one group of users seems to have been…

South Korean footballer Son Heung-min racially abused online after Tottenham loses to Manchester United   10%

Tottenham Hotspur forward Son Heung-min on Sunday became the latest Premier League player to be targeted with racist abuse on social media following a match.The South Korea international was involved in an incident which saw a goal from Edinson Cavani ruled out in the first half as Tottenham lost 3-1 to Manchester United. Scott McTominay was adjudged to have fouled Son in the build-up to what would have been the opening goal of the game.Son, who scored Tottenham’s goal, was targeted with racist…

Israeli food makers break the rules in marketing to the young   19%

Social media have created new, potent opportunities to pitch soft drinks, snacks and desserts.

Irish data watchdog launches investigation into Facebook over leak affecting half a billion users   1%

Facebook may have breached data protection regulations after the personal information of 533 million of its users was leaked online, Ireland’s data authority has said, as it announced an investigation into the social media giant.
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Covid-19: Debunking the latest wave of medical misinformation   4%

A round-up of the latest false and misleading posts about Covid-19 going viral on social media

This audio-only social app has Twitter on alert   8%

For months, people have been clamoring to get access to Clubhouse, a buzzy invite-only social media app where members join virtual rooms to have live, unscripted discussions. Topics range from the "future of San Francisco," with the city's district attorney participating, and Kanye West to startup pitch events and various off color conversations. Unlike other social networks, the platform is audio-based — not text — making it feel like an interactive podcast (or a conference call).

Marvel shows off its deep bench of characters in 'Falcon' and 'WandaVision'   14%

Marvel Comics was built on titles with a 60-year history, like Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and the Hulk. But some of the characters recently getting attention and lighting up social media have names like Sharon Carter, Jimmy Woo and the Dora Milaje.

Exploring Amyra Dastur's laidback life   25%

One look at Amyra Dastur's social media and it's clear that the actress is a free soul - be it when she's indoors or outdoors. Take a look at few of her stunning looks & her laidback life.

Free biryani for poor people   38%

Along with the post, RJ Balaji wrote, "What a great gesture by this small roadside biryani shop in Puliakulam, Coimbatore! Humanity at its best." As soon as the tweet surfaced on social media, the users were touched by her generous act

7 reasons you need a digital subscription to the Detroit Free Press   31%

Through our website, app, e-edition, newsletters, news alerts, social media and more, the Detroit Free Press is here for you.


Asian-American Artists, Now Activists, Push Back Against Hate   8%

Newly spurred to action to combat bias, they generate subway posters, leverage social media, stage Zoom webinars. “Our community couldn’t take being invisible any longer,” one artist says.

The Most Popular J Vaccine Story On Facebook? A Conspiracy Theorist Posted It   18%

A vast network of professional vaccine skeptics on social media has been waiting for a development like the Johnson & Johnson pause. Now experts say they will milk it for all it's worth and more.