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'A bare-chested horseback ride': Johnson and Trudeau mock Putin at G7 summit video   -16%

The UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, has urged other world leaders to hold firm in their long-term support for Ukraine at G7 talks, amid increasing concern that some countries could become swayed by calls for Kyiv to cede territory to Russia in exchange for peace.

Johnson and the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, even began their talks with a mocking reference to the Russian president Vladimir Putin’s penchant for ultra-macho, topless official photographs. A suggestion they remove their jackets amid the heat prompted Trudeau to jokingly suggest 'a bare-chested horseback ride', while Johnson said they could 'show our pecs'

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Prince Charless charities are no stranger to controversy   12%

Analysis: Reports that prince accepted €3m from a former Qatari prime minister again throws spotlight on donations

Charles given €3m by Qatari politician, according to report

Claims by the Sunday Times of alleged cash donations given to the Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund by a former Qatari prime minister are the latest to throw a spotlight on fundraising for the heir to the throne’s charities.

The billionaire Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber al-Thani, who was Qatar’s prime minister and foreign minister between 2007 and 2013, is a contentious figure.

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Ben Wallace wants defence budget lifted to 2.5% of GDP by 2028   -1%

Defence secretary’s leaked letter to the PM warns of future shortfalls in military personnel and long range rocket artillery

Ben Wallace has reportedly written to the prime minister to call for the defence budget to be lifted to 2.5% of GDP by 2028, as newly released figures from Nato show the proportion spent by the UK has fallen for a second year running.

The defence secretary also called for increases in personnel numbers, despite recent cuts to the army, and warned of future shortfalls in naval and air force crews, as well as in long range rocket artillery.

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Sri Lanka plans donor conference with China, India and Japan as economic crisis bites   3%

Sri Lanka will call China, India and Japan to a donor conference to drum up more foreign assistance to find a way out of its worsening economic crisis, the prime minister said on Wednesday, amid

From the Archives, 1992: Hawke, Whitlam and Fraser Face The Press   8%

Thirty years ago, three titans of Australian politics - former prime ministers Gough Whitlam, Bob Hawke and Malcolm Fraser - came together for the first (televised) time to appear on the 100th episode of SBS’ “Face The Press”.

Prince Charles US$3 million bags-of-cash claim, denies any wrongdoing   20%

British royal’s office said the money, from a former prime minister of Qatar, was for the Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund – it was handed over in a suitcase and in shopping bags from London’s Fortnum & Mason store.

Britain braces for biggest rail strike in decades   -75%

Britain is on course for the worst disruption to mass transit since Margaret Thatcher was prime minister after efforts to avert a planned rail workers’ strike failed.

European country warns of general energy collapse   5%

Montenegro prime minister has warned of “a general energy collapse” in Europe this winter
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Your Tuesday Briefing: G7 Leaders Meet in Germany   -30%

Also, Russia defaults on its debt and New Zealand’s prime minister loses support at home.

Israeli Government Collapse Gives Netanyahu Another Chance at Power   -40%

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, lost power last year. But his base hasn’t abandoned him, and he could return to office after a snap election this fall.

How has the case for Scottish independence evolved since 2014?   15%

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will set out a "route map" on Tuesday to a second independence referendum. In a 2014 referendum, 55 percent of voters in Scotland chose to stay in the UK – and much to the chagrin of Unionists, the Scottish government plans to hold another next October. But from Brexit to a scandal-plagued prime minister occupying Downing Street, a lot has changed since the last vote.

Tunisian police arrest ex-PM Jebali on suspicion of money laundering  

Tunisian police on Thursday arrested former prime minister Hamadi Jebali, who is also a former senior member in the Ennahda party, on suspicion of money laundering, his lawyer told Reuters.