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Iraq Seeking To Help Calm Iran-U.S. Tensions   -5%

Iraq will send delegations to Washington and Tehran to help "end tension" amid concerns of a possible military conflict between the United States and Iran, the Iraqi prime minister has said.

Timeline: Theresa May - three tumultuous Downing Street years   -70%

Theresa May took over as prime minister when David Cameron bowed out, defeated in the Brexit referendum of June 2016. Since then May's time in Downing Street has been defined by her attempts - frustrated time and again - to get Britain out of the EU.

Israel plans to name settlement on occupied land after Trump  

Move in Golan Heights follows naming of Jerusalem roundabout in US president’s honour last year

Israel plans to name a new settlement after Donald Trump on land it captured from Syria, as a token of gratitude to the US president for recognising its contested claim to the occupied territory.

Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has said he would press his next government, which he is still in the process of forming, to approve the naming of the new community in Golan Heights.

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Japan to the English-speaking world: call him Abe Shinzo, not Shinzo Abe   19%

Ahead of a series of important international events in Japan, including a visit from US President Donald Trump this weekend, Japan’s foreign minister has issued a request to the English-speaking world: call our prime minister Abe Shinzo, not Shinzo Abe.“The new Reiwa era was ushered in and we are hosting the Group of 20 summit. As many news organisations write ‘Chinese President Xi Jinping’ and ‘South Korean President Moon Jae-in’, it is desirable for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s name to be…

New Zealand, France lead the West in censoring online extremism while US sits out   10%

New Zealand and France on Wednesday unveiled plans aimed at curbing the dissemination of online extremism as Western governments grapple with who should be responsible for censoring the online dissemination of extremist content.The non-binding “Christchurch Call” plan, led by New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern and French president Emmanuel Macron, outlines a series of measures including implementing transparency around how violent and extremist content is detected and removed, as well as…

Is Thailands Thaksin Shinawatra about to buy Crystal Palace?  

After news emerged that former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra had opened negotiations to buy English Premier League football club Crystal Palace for £150 million (US$194 million), the club has denied they are in takeover talks, according to further reports.The Evening Standard on Tuesday reported Crystal Palace had denied being in contact with Thaksin, who previously owned Manchester City.Steve Parish, the club’s co-owner and chairman, was open to new outside investment though, the…

Kyriakos Mitsotakis: The Strong Favorite toBecome Greece's Next Leader   2%

In Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the scion of a political dynasty, is a big name. He's campaigning with the conservative party to become the country's next prime minister. This weekend's European election offers him a chance to test his prospects.

How Modi won reelection as Indias Hindu nationalist messiah   -3%

Modi campaigned less as prime minister, and more as leader of India’s largest cult, his popularity barely dented by his obvious failures. He is selling illusions of grandeur – and Indians are still eager customers

Netanyahu's Eurovision gamble paid off, and now he reaps the benefits   8%

The prime minister refused to fund the Eurovision Song Contest, knowing well that a bank loan would threaten the public broadcaster's financial independence - and that's exactly what happened

Amending immunity law wont be part of coalition deal, Netanyahu's party says  

The amendment could help not only the prime minister, but also additional coalition members who face possible prosecution on corruption charges

Netanyahu owned shares in more than one of his cousin's companies   -50%

Source says the prime minister held shares in more firms than just steel company Seadrift. One of Milikowsky's companies, C/G Electrodes, reportedly illegally traded with Libya

Rain brings relief to Iraq, though climate challenges persist   -1%

In a country more familiar with droughts than downpours, Iraq is witnessing the wettest winter in a generation. As extreme weather events become more common, the Iraqi prime minister has vowed to revamp infrastructure and water policies.

Baghdad to send diplomatic teams to help halt US-Iran tensions PM   -5%

Iraq will send diplomatic delegations to both Tehran and Washington, its prime minister has said, after weeks of military posturing and insult trading has prompted fears of open conflict between the two rivals.
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Canada hopeful for Ukraines actor-turned-president  

Canadian officials say Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s rise to power is more like Newfoundland satirist Rick Mercer getting elected prime minister.

Indias lower-caste Dalits, who helped elect Modi, now threaten to oust him   10%

In 2014, Mukesh Kumar, like much of India’s underclass, had pinned his hopes on Narendra Modi, who became prime minister after his party won elections in a landslide.

Today, Kumar regrets voting for him.

“In five years there should have been so much progress, but nothing has changed,” said Kumar,...

Israel roiled over allegation Netanyahu wants a law to diminish Supreme Court's power   -5%

With less than two weeks to form a government, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is confronting an open rebellion from one of his party’s top vote-getters, former Education Minister Gideon Saar.

Saar on Thursday accused the prime minister of damaging Israel and their Likud Party by pushing...

May Faces Calls to Quit Amid Fresh Brexit Revolt and a Resignation   25%

Britain’s prime minister is confronting a ferocious backlash over her latest proposals for leaving the European Union, including the resignation of a key cabinet member.

For Sri Lankas Bickering Leaders, Election Hopes Dim After Terrorist Attack   -7%

The president and prime minister are being called on to step down even by supporters. Waiting in the wings is the family of the former strongman president, Mahinda Rajapaksa.

What Justin Trudeau Doesnt Regret in the SNC-Lavalin Affair  

This week’s Canada Letter features excerpts from The Times’s recent interview with Canada’s prime minister, whose political fortunes have fallen.

DR Congo's Tshisekedi names new prime minister   5%

DR Congo President Felix Tshisekedi on Monday named the head of the country's railways, Sylvestre Ilunga Ilunkamba, as the next prime minister, a move that came nearly four months after his inauguration.