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In climate change fight, advocates like Bloombergs money but not his plans   25%

As mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg turned the city’s iconic yellow taxicabs into hybrids, expanded bike lanes and raised floodwalls against worsening storms. As a presidential candidate, he has … Click to Continue »

On the trail: Buttigieg heckled, Bloomberg and Sanders tussle on vandalism, guns  

Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg on Monday clashed with front-runner Bernie Sanders over vandalism at Bloomberg's Chicago office and their gun control stances, while centrist rival Pete Buttigieg was heckled at a labor march.

How Bloomberg is wooing black voters despite his stop-and-frisk policy   13%

Will African Americans overlook Bloomberg’s controversial history as New York mayor if they think he can beat Trump?

The former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has made a huge push in recent weeks to attract black voters to his ground-breaking campaign to win the Democratic nomination for president.

As he has poured more than half a billion dollars so far into creating the richest nomination campaign in US history, he has ploughed huge efforts into trying to win over one of the most vital parts of the Democratic electorate: black voters.

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A 'brokered convention' designed to block Bernie Sanders would be a poison pill | Nathan Robinson   27%

If the Democratic party doesn’t allow the person with most delegates to become the nominee, it will be a disaster

Something deeply troubling happened during last week’s Democratic presidential debate, though it was overshadowed by Michael Bloomberg’s spectacular implosion. Towards the end, the candidates were asked whether they believed that the person who receives the most votes should be given the Democratic nomination. The only candidate who said “yes” was Bernie Sanders. All of the others said they wanted the “process” to “play out”.

It’s not surprising that the non-Sanders candidates don’t want “winning the primaries” to determine who the nominee is, because by that measure, it’s very unlikely to be any of them. Sanders has lately taken a commanding lead in the polls and is now the favorite to win in the vast majority of states. He received more votes than any other candidate in both Iowa and New Hampshire, which political scientists treat as a strong sign that a candidate will ultimately win. There are growing concerns in the party that Sanders’ lead may be becoming “insurmountable”.

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Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood backs Bloomberg instead of Trump   -3%

Clint Eastwood, the iconic actor and director who infamously delivered a speech to an empty chair at the 2012 Republican convention, says he is endorsing Michael Bloomberg for president and not Donald

White House hopeful Bloomberg to release three women from confidentiality agreements   18%

US Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg said on Friday he would free three women from confidentiality agreements that bar them from speaking publicly about sexual harassment or discrimination suits filed against him over the last three decades.The billionaire former mayor of New York also said his company, Bloomberg LP, will no longer use such agreements “to resolve claims of sexual harassment or misconduct going forward”.His remarks come after days of intense scrutiny over the…

Biden comes in second in Nevada: 'Were going to take this back'   16%

Biden is counting on a strong showing in South Carolina, which has a large bloc of black voters, while the Super Tuesday states will bring former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg onto the ballot

Ahead of the South Carolina Primary, Donald Trumps Debate Tips for Democrats  

Amy Davidson Sorkin writes about Donald Trump’s rally in Las Vegas, his debating advice for Michael Bloomberg, and his comments about Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and Amy Klobuchar.

A Very Bad Night for Michael Bloomberg in a Chaotic Democratic Debate  

Amy Davidson Sorkin writes about the Democratic President Debate in Las Vegas featuring Michael Bloomberg, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, and Amy Klobuchar.

Bloomberg makes Democratic debate stage for first time   -6%

Michael Bloomberg has qualified for the Nevada Democratic debate. His heavy TV ad campaign has earned him 19% of national support, placing him second among candidates, according to a recent poll. But critics are accusing the billionaire of trying to "buy the election."

Bloomberg's campaign prompts Facebook to reverse its ad policy   1%

Michael Bloomberg found loopholes around Facebook's political ad bans to promote his presidential campaign on social media. In response, Facebook has redefined its political ad policy. But what's the difference between an ad and "branded content"?

How Bloomberg-Funded Center for American Progress Censored a Report on NYPD Surveillance of Muslims   -6%

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg's self-funded campaign has flooded the airwaves with political advertisements, with the billionaire former New York City mayor having already spent more than $400 million on TV, radio and other ads — far outpacing other campaigns. But it's not just Bloomberg's unprecedented campaign spending that has raised eyebrows. As The New York Times reports, Bloomberg has also kept potential critics quiet by making major donations to progressive causes and advocacy groups around the country over the years. This may have played a part in obscuring Bloomberg's checkered record as mayor of New York. In 2015, researchers at the liberal Center for American Progress published a major report on anti-Muslim bias in the United States, and though the draft included a chapter of more than 4,000 words about New York City police surveillance of Muslim communities under Bloomberg, that chapter was excised from the final report — as was any mention of Bloomberg's name. We speak with Yasmine Taeb, one of the people behind the report, who says the authors were told to make major changes to the chapter or remove it. Other officials told the Times they revised the report to make it focused on right-wing groups targeting Muslims. When the report came out, Bloomberg had already given the Center for American Progress three grants worth nearly $1.5 million, and he contributed $400,000 more in 2017. Yasmine Taeb is now a member of the Democratic National Committee.

How Billionaire Michael Bloomberg's Deep Pockets Have Let Him Win Friends and Buy Influence   22%

With the Nevada caucuses less than a week away, many Democratic candidates are courting voters in state and increasingly targeting their attacks on a new challenger — billionaire Michael Bloomberg — whom they are accusing of buying his way into the election. In the lead-up to Super Tuesday on March 3, when voters in 14 states go to the polls, Bloomberg has spent an unprecedented $417 million of his own $60 billion fortune on advertising. He's also paid meme influencers to share sponsored content on Instagram, and hired thousands of on-the-ground political operatives to work in more than 125 offices around the country. The Washington Post reports several lawsuits have been filed over the years alleging that women were discriminated against at Bloomberg's business-information company, including one case filed by a former employee who blamed Bloomberg for creating a culture of sexual harassment and degradation. But a major investigation in Sunday's New York Times, headlined "In Bloomberg, Liberals See a Wallet Too Big to Offend," lays out how Bloomberg established a foundation for potential critics to stay silent during his presidential bid by making major donations to progressive causes and advocacy groups in dozens of states and cities. The Times estimates Bloomberg has spent at least $10 billion on his charitable and political pursuits related to his political ambitions. We speak with Blake Zeff, a journalist and documentary filmmaker who has covered New York politics and Michael Bloomberg's terms as mayor.

Twitter is suspending 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts, citing 'platform manipulation'   25%

Twitter said it would suspend 70 accounts posting content supporting the Michael Bloomberg campaign in a pattern that violates company rules.

Opinion: Michael Bloomberg is finally having his moment with readers. Is that a blessing or a curse?  

His campaign announcement last November drew almost no reaction from readers. Now, Michael Bloomberg is finally the focus of our letter writer's attention.

Column: Michael Bloomberg's candidacy is doing one thing: making his Democratic rivals look good   -16%

Michael Bloomberg's hefty political baggage was exposed in Wednesday's debate, leaving the billionaire former New York City mayor vulnerable.

Letters to the Editor: If Bloomberg wanted to beat Trump, why isn't he running as a Republican?   30%

Michael R. Bloomberg running in the Republican primary against Trump would have given GOP voters a real option.

Opinion: Welcome to the debate stage, Michael Bloomberg. Got some questions for you   -4%

In his first debate appearance, Michael Bloomberg will face tough questions on his record as former mayor of New York City and as a media company owner.

Op-Ed: Bloomberg is not the candidate to take on Trump. Here's why   1%

It's hard to imagine a candidate less able to win working-class votes than Michael Bloomberg

Bloomberg's partner on allegations of sexist remarks and NDAs: 'Get over it'  

Michael Bloomberg's longtime partner Diana Taylor has this message for anyone bothered by allegations of sexist comments leveled against the former New York City mayor and the non-disclosure agreements his company has used: "It was 30 years ago. Get over it."

Warren targets Bloomberg in new campaign ad airing in Super Tuesday states   4%

Sen. Elizabeth Warren released a new campaign ad Tuesday, hitting Michael Bloomberg in the states that vote on Super Tuesday and attacking the billionaire for his campaign spending and past support of a Republican incumbent whom Warren ousted for her Senate seat.

On Politics: Last Debate Before Super Tuesday  

Tonight’s debate could also be a critical test for Michael Bloomberg. This is your morning tip sheet.

Democrats Set a TV Ratings Record at Their Las Vegas Debate   20%

With the addition of Michael Bloomberg, the forum on NBC and MSNBC drew nearly 20 million viewers, beating the Golden Globes and Grammys.

Warren shines, Sanders stays steadfast and Bloomberg takes a beating in Democratic debate   9%

The six Democratic candidates spent most of their time on stage in Las Vegas, Nevada ripping each other apart with one candidate, debate debutant Michael Bloomberg, bearing the brunt of the attacks.

A Preview Of South Carolina's Democratic Primary Debate   45%

At the Democratic primary debate in Nevada, most of the attacks were pointed at Michael Bloomberg — the new guy on stage. Tuesday in South Carolina, frontrunner Bernie Sanders may take more heat.

Michael Bloomberg's Advertising Spend Helps Keep Him In Public Eye After Debate   21%

Michael Bloomberg's first debate performance didn't go well, but he continues to pour millions into television ads in Super Tuesday states — an advantage other Democrats are not taking lightly.