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US election polls tracker: who is leading in the swing states?   50%

As America chooses between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the Guardian is tracking the latest polling in eight states that could decide the election

Joe Biden is leading ​Donald Trump in the national polls for the presidential election.

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Trump nominates Amy Coney Barrett to US supreme court video   10%

Donald Trump has nominated appeals court judge Amy Coney Barrett to take the place of Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the US supreme court, saying he expected the appointment to be confirmed before the 3 November presidential election. Barrett is a devout pro-life Catholic and would tip the supreme court 6-3 in favour of conservatives.

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Lebanon awaits the US presidential elections, but will collapse faster while it waits  

Hezbollah and its sponsors in Tehran realized that they do not have to make concessions in Lebanon – or anywhere else for that matter – before the US presidential elections on November 3. They would

NJ Homeland Security Assessment Warns Violent Unrest Could Follow 2020 Election   -40%

A new threat assessment by the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness warns that extremists from both sides of the political spectrum could engage in violence and civil unrest well into 2021 as a result of the upcoming presidential election.

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Just ask Clinton; US presidential election can flip on the October surprise   25%

As voters in the United States prepare for the presidential election in November, the South China Morning Post explores the potential ramifications for China. In the latest instalment in our US election series, Eduardo Baptista examines the history of the ‘October surprise’ and asks what the campaigns may have up their sleeves.When then-FBI director James Comey notified Congress on October 28, 2016, that an investigation into Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was being…

US-China tech war: battle over semiconductors, Taiwan stokes trade feud  

As voters in the United States prepare for the presidential election on November 3, the South China Morning Post is exploring the potential ramifications for China. The 12th part in the series looks at the importance of semiconductors in the deteriorating US-China relationship. Read the entire series here.A spiralling tech war between the United States and China has reinvigorated Beijing’s ambitions for semiconductor independence in recent months and turbocharged efforts in Washington to thwart…

Hong Kong stocks end month in red amid US-China tensions despite signs of China economic recovery   25%

Hong Kong markets gained on Wednesday but reported its first monthly decline since May, as deteriorating US-China relations ahead of the US presidential elections roiled the markets despite signs of economy recovery from China.The Hang Seng Index ended trading on Wednesday with a 0.8 per cent gain to 23,459.05, paring an earlier 2.2 per cent rally in early trading. The benchmark completed the month with a 6.8 per cent drop, bringing the loss this year to 17.2 per cent.Heightened US-China…

Chinese Citizens Are Already Receiving a Coronavirus Vaccine  

Peter Hessler writes on Chinese pharmaceutical companies’ efforts to produce and distribute a coronavirus vaccine before a U.S. vaccine, which Donald Trump has intimated could arrive before the U.S. Presidential election, in November.

No Comment: The Debate Is a Reminder That, Right Now, Words Dont Mean Much  

Bill McKibben writes about the coming Presidential election, the threats posed by Donald Trump, and the activism of the rock climber Sasha DiGiulian.

Falls here. So is a rise in coronavirus cases.   -31%

Temperatures are dropping, and that could mean a spike in coronavirus cases. How a Supreme Court vacancy — or replacement — could have an impact on the presidential election. And, pandemic-inspired music you can dance to.

Why mobilizing Black voters in Michigan is key for the election   -8%

Michigan will be crucial in deciding who will win the presidential election in November. Both the Trump and Biden campaigns face an uphill battle to engage Black voters in the state as the pandemic brings to the forefront the effects of systemic racism.

A Criminal Tax Cheat? Bombshell NYT Report Shows Trump Paid No Federal Income Tax for 10 of 15 Years  

In a bombshell report a month before November's presidential election, The New York Times reveals Donald Trump paid no federal income taxes in 10 of the last 15 years, and just $750 in federal income taxes in both 2016 and 2017. "We don't have to just take his word for the fact that he paid lots of taxes. We can see in the documents that he didn't," says Elie Mystal, justice correspondent for The Nation who has written about the legal fight over Trump's tax returns. "If those documents are wrong, Donald Trump can release his taxes and show us what he claims is the real truth."

Door-knocking in the COVID era: When 'get out the vote' becomes 'get people help'  

Door-knockers are finding a landscape changed by COVID-19. In Arizona they are lifelines for communities that could decide the presidential election.

Today's Electoral College not like Founders' vision   5%

Every four years Americans are reminded of an institution that is controversial, poorly understood, and yet responsible for selecting the country's only nationally elected officials -- the Electoral College. Controversy over the body has only grown as two of the last five US presidential elections have resulted in outcomes where the person receiving the most votes across the country did not capture the presidency -- and it's possible that Donald Trump could still win in 2020 even if he loses the popular vote by five million.

2020 is the Year Trump Was Worried About   44%

If presidential elections really turn on how the country is doing, there's a good reason for the incumbent to sweat.

African court requests ex-Ivorian president Gbagbos voting rights be restored  

Ivory Coast should allow former president Laurent Gbagbo, who has been barred from running in next month's key presidential election, to vote in the poll, the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights said Friday.

Who are the four candidates standing in Ivory Coast's presidential election?  

Ivory Coast’s Constitutional Court ruled last week that only four out of 44 presidential hopefuls would be allowed to run in the country’s presidential election.

Ivory Coast's Ouattara launches verbal attack on banned presidential rivals   -33%

Ivory Coast's head of state, Alassane Ouattara, has blasted attempts by two rivals to contest next month's presidential elections as "provocation" and says one of them belongs behind bars.

Week in Review: Lebanon's deadlock, a Supreme Court battle and Covid-19 clampdowns in France   2%

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death just weeks ahead of the US presidential election has triggered a fierce battle at the Capitol and exposed the frailties of the country's justice system. Also this week, Covid-19 caused the UN to hold its first virtual General Assembly and France to impose deeply unpopular restrictions in hard-hit areas. In other news, we look at the continuing political deadlock in Lebanon, the trial of suspected accomplices in the January 2015 Paris attacks, the latest scandal roiling the financial world, and the death of iconic French singer Juliette Gréco.

US imposes sanctions on Cuba's Raul Castro's son-in-law  

The Trump administration is targeting the son-in-law of retired Cuban leader Raul Castro with sanctions as it steps up its campaign against the communist island’s government ahead of the US presidential election in November.

Pope denies audience with Pompeo; Vatican warns against playing politics over China   -5%

The Vatican said Wednesday it had denied a request from Mike Pompeo for an audience with Pope Francis, and accused the Secretary of State of trying to drag the Catholic Church into the US presidential election by denouncing its relations with China.

Elephant or donkey, and the Serail   8%

The easiest and most common answer that politicians and observers give nowadays as to why Lebanon, despite the severe economic crisis, cannot end the current political gridlock and form a new Cabinet is that officials are waiting for the outcome of the US presidential election this November.

Facebook, Twitter Remove More Russian-Backed Fake Accounts Ahead Of Election   1%

The social media companies said the accounts and pages were linked to Russian actors that had launched "hack-and-leak" operations to hurt Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.