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Supreme Court Says Trump Can Roll Back Access to Birth Control Under the Affordable Care Act   15%

While the administration wins for now, the court’s opinions signal more litigation to come on the question of the ACA’s birth control mandate.

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Judge allows Roy Moore to proceed with $95m defamation case over Sacha Baron Cohen paedophile prank  

Former chief justice in the Supreme Court of Alabama called comedian's interview 'offensive and defamatory'

The supreme court just delivered a huge blow to Trump's belief that he's above the law | Lloyd Green   3%

The court said that Trump can’t conceal his finances from the American people - another hole in his shaky re-election bid

Donald Trump’s future may rest with the nation’s voters and a New York grand jury, although not necessarily in that order. On Thursday, the US supreme court upheld a subpoena issued by Manhattan’s district attorney, Cyrus Vance, which demands eight years of Trump’s tax returns. Once again, Trump’s secrets are no longer his own.

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The supreme court endangered access to contraception. There's a way to fight back | Ilse Hogue   21%

Brett Kavanaugh is exactly the foe to reproductive rights we said he’d be. This election will be a crucible

Exactly two years ago today, Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to be a justice to the supreme court. What followed was one of the most bitter confirmation battles in the history of the court. Advocates and citizens lined up to lobby their senators to vote no on the confirmation, deeply concerned about the judge’s record on civil rights, reproductive rights and executive authority. Kavanaugh was the least popular nominee to face confirmation and that was all before Dr Christine Blasey Ford came forward with her allegation of sexual assault.

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UQ rejects student activist Drew Pavlou's appeal, upholds suspension until 2021  

The elected UQ Senate student representative vows to take his fight to the Supreme Court.

Under the Jokowi government, corruption still haunts Indonesia   -11%

One is an Indonesian businesswoman and corruption suspect who fled the country 17 years ago while being investigated for allegedly embezzling more than US$200 million in export loans from a state-owned bank.The other is an Indonesian businessman who fled the country in 2009, one day before the country’s Supreme Court convicted him for his role in embezzling tens of millions of dollars in state bailout funds for banks – but who somehow came back into the country unhindered earlier this year.The…

Trumps financial records must be released to prosecutor, US Supreme Court rules   -10%

The US Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that a New York prosecutor can obtain President Donald Trump’s financial records but prevented – at least for now – the Democratic-led House of Representatives from obtaining similar documents.Both 7-2 rulings were wrote by conservative Chief Justice John Roberts. One ruling means that the subpoena issued to Trump’s long-term accounting firm, Mazars LLP, for various financial records to be turned over to a grand jury as part of a criminal investigation can…

Texas Supreme Court denies Texas GOP's appeal to hold Houston convention in person   -6%

The Texas Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal by the Republican Party of Texas seeking to host its in-person convention this week in Houston. Justices also denied a similar petition spearheaded by other party officials and Houston activist Steve Hotze.

Africa: SAN, S'africa's Ex-Supreme Court Judge Unveil New Book   5%

[This Day] The Chairman of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) and former Judge of South Africa's Supreme Court, Prof. Mervyn King; and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Prof. Fabian Ajogwu, are set to launch their new book, "Outcomes Based Governance: A Modern Approach to Corporate Governance", which seeks to rebuild corporate Africa.

Religious libertys big week at the Supreme Court  

Supreme Court ruled in favor of religious liberty in three cases, prioritizing the rights of Christians over the rights of women and LGBTQ citizens.

Half of Oklahoma ruled reservation land by Supreme Court   -10%

Half of Oklahoma is Native American reservation land, the Supreme Court decided in a ruling Thursday. Tribe members living in the territory will be subject to federal – instead of state – criminal law, and will be exempt from certain state obligations.

Supreme Court: Trump tax records open for DA, not Congress yet  

Rejecting arguments that the president is immune from investigation, the U.S. Supreme Court granted the Manhattan district attorney access to President Trump's tax returns, but blocked Congress from accessing his financial records.

"Most Important Indian Law Case in Half a Century": Supreme Court Upholds Tribal Sovereignty in OK   -4%

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court has ruled that much of eastern Oklahoma, constituting nearly half the state, is Native American land, recognizing a 19th century U.S. treaty with the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. Justice Neil Gorsuch, a Trump nominee, joined the court's liberal wing in a narrow 5-4 ruling that found state authorities cannot criminally prosecute Indigenous peoples under state or local laws. The court's bombshell decision — which also impacts the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw and Seminole Nations — is a major victory for Indigenous sovereignty and treaty rights. "It's a landmark case, and probably the most important Indian law case in the last half a century to come down from the court," says lawyer Sarah Deer, a citizen of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation of Oklahoma and a professor at the University of Kansas. "The language of the decision itself goes far beyond Oklahoma."

Supreme Court Rules Trump Is Not Above the Law, But Public Unlikely to See Tax Returns by Election   6%

In a pair of 7-2 rulings, the Supreme Court rejected President Trump's claim of absolute immunity under the law. The court ruled a Manhattan grand jury could have access to the president's tax returns, but it remains unlikely any of Trump's tax records will be seen before the election. "Legally, Trump had a big loss," says investigative reporter David Cay Johnston, founder and editor of "Politically, he got a big win out of this court."

Headlines for July 10, 2020   15%

Supreme Court Rejects Trump's Claim of Absolute Immunity, Court Says Much of Oklahoma Remains Indian Country in Landmark Indigenous Sovereignty Case, Hospitals Face Surge as U.S. Reports Record 65,000 New Coronavirus Cases, Surge in Cases Directly Tied to Early Reopenings in Florida, Arizona, Texas, Bolivia's Interim President Tests Positive; India, S. Africa & Mexico Report New Record Highs, 1.3 Million More File for Unemployment as GOP Rejects Extending Jobless Aid, Biden Unveils $700 Billion "Buy American" Economic Recovery Plan, St. Louis Police Break Up City Hall Protest Encampment, With Veto-Proof Majority, Seattle City Council Pledges to Defund Police by 50%, Protests Erupt in Salt Lake City After Police Cleared in Fatal Shooting, Report: Dataminr Firm Used Twitter Data to Help Police Monitor BLM Protests, NYC Paints "Black Lives Matter" Outside Trump Tower, Hate Groups Receive Federal Loans Under COVID-19 Stimulus Program, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Breaks with Trump on Renaming Bases with Confederate Names, Pentagon: Reports of Russia Paying Bounties to Kill U.S. Troops Is Not Corroborated, Mayor of Seoul Dies in Apparent Suicide, Immigration Rights Groups Raise Alarm over ICE Plan to Host "Citizens Academy", Trump Immigration Filing Could Lead to More Children Being Separated from Parents, Robert Fuller's Death Ruled Suicide in California

Viagra? Yes. Birth Control? No. SCOTUS Sides with Trump & Limits Free Contraception Under Obamacare   16%

The Supreme Court dealt a major blow to reproductive rights when it sided with the Trump administration in letting employers deny people access to free birth control based on religious or moral grounds, hollowing out a mandate under the Affordable Care Act that requires most private health insurance plans to provide cost-free birth control. "It's a really deeply disappointing ruling," says Fatima Goss Graves, president and CEO of the National Women's Law Center. "These individuals are effectively on their own to find and pay for their contraception."

Chief Justice Roberts, in full control, steers the Supreme Court to a surprising term  

Chief Justice Roberts sends a message that the Supreme Court is independent and not an ally of one party.

Letters to the Editor: Don't celebrate the Supreme Court ruling that Trump isn't a king  

The Supreme Court could have ruled that Trump must immediately comply with subpoenas from Congress and New York, but it did not. That's a win for Trump.

Editorial: Now we know Trump can be subpoenaed. But will he comply?  

The Supreme Court left room for the president to keep hiding his tax documents until after the election.

Letters to the Editor: The Supreme Court futher erodes the wall between church and state   -16%

Taxpayer money should never subsidize tuition at private religious schools, but the Supreme Court wrongly believes otherwise.

House Dems ask Supreme Court to speed things up in Trump financial docs cases   -15%

The House of Representatives asked the Supreme Court late Monday night to move faster so it can begin a renewed attempt to obtain documents from President Donald Trump's financial firms.

Opinion: The people who sit by while Trump sets Roger Stone free   16%

By ruling on Thursday against President Donald Trump's effort to prevent a New York grand jury from getting its hands on his financial documents, the Supreme Court emphatically told Trump that no one -- not even the President of the United States -- is above the law. All nine justices agreed with one aspect of the ruling, that a president does not enjoy absolute immunity from state criminal process. A 7-to-2 majority also ruled that a state grand jury does not need to show a "heightened need" before serving a subpoena on a president. And, when it comes to congressional subpoenas, that solid majority rejected Trump's insistence that the House of Representatives must demonstrate "specific need" before obtaining his financial and banking records.

House Democrats ask Supreme Court to speed things up in Trump financial docs cases   -15%

The House of Representatives asked the Supreme Court late Monday night to move faster so it can begin a renewed attempt to obtain documents from President Donald Trump's financial firms.

Travancore royals to manage Padmanabha temple   28%

The Supreme Court on Monday restored the right of “Managership or the Shebaitship” of Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple at Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala to the royal family of Travancore but the administration of the temple will be managed by a committee headed by a district judge.