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G7 summit draws to close with condemnation of Putins war crime mall massacre  

Boris Johnson and his fellow world leaders will gather for the final day of a G7 summit which has been overshadowed by atrocities in Ukraine.

'A bare-chested horseback ride': Johnson and Trudeau mock Putin at G7 summit video   -16%

The UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, has urged other world leaders to hold firm in their long-term support for Ukraine at G7 talks, amid increasing concern that some countries could become swayed by calls for Kyiv to cede territory to Russia in exchange for peace.

Johnson and the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, even began their talks with a mocking reference to the Russian president Vladimir Putin’s penchant for ultra-macho, topless official photographs. A suggestion they remove their jackets amid the heat prompted Trudeau to jokingly suggest 'a bare-chested horseback ride', while Johnson said they could 'show our pecs'

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British PM defuses anger over third term talk   55%

UK PM Boris Johnson has recast his controversial mention of serving into the 2030s
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UK's Johnson warns of downside to ending Ukraine conflict  

Any attempt at settling the conflict between Russia and Ukraine will lead to instability, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said
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UK PM outlines issue that could force his resignation  

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he would leave his post if the government withdraws support for Kiev
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UK could send Ukrainian refugees to Rwanda PM   -50%

Ukrainian refugees who arrive in Britain illegally could be deported to Rwanda, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said
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Ukraine war: The price of freedom is worth paying, says Boris Johnson  

Boris Johnson argues letting Russia "get away with" invading Ukraine would have "chilling" consequences.

PM: I will not undergo psychological transformation after poll defeat  

Boris Johnson tells the BBC he has to distinguish between criticism that matters and that doesn't.

Rwanda asylum plan: PM and Charles unlikely to discuss policy, No 10 says  

Boris Johnson earlier said he would defend the Rwanda asylum policy to Prince Charles if it came up.

Boris Johnson avoids question on job for wife Carrie  

A Labour MP asks Boris Johnson if he considered appointing his now wife to a government post.

Boris Johnson is interviewed by Today's Mishal Husain  

Boris Johnson tells Radio 4's Today there will be no "psychological transformation" from him.

Where do by-election defeats leave Boris Johnson's future?  

Boris Johnson once again faces questions about his leadership following two defeats and a resignation.

UK's Johnson defends migrant deal on Rwanda visit   13%

In tonight's edition: In Kigali, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson defends his controversial deal to expel migrants to Rwanda, telling critics to "keep an open mind". Also, while most members of the Commonwealth are former British colonies, Gabon and Togo are expected to become the latest nations to join the bloc despite few historic links to the UK. Plus we take a closer look at some of the major shifts needed to finance Africa's essential transition to reliable and cleaner energy sources.