coronavirus pandemic

Joe Biden outlines Day One agenda of executive actions   27%

In his first hours as president, Joe Biden plans to take executive action to roll back some of the most controversial decisions of his predecessor and to address the raging coronavirus pandemic, his incoming chief of staff said.

Billionaires add $1tn to net worth during pandemic as their workers struggle   40%

Companies’ attempts at hazard pay have been paltry and fleeting as employees are threatened for protesting working conditions

Billionaires in the US have increased their net worth by more than $1tn during the coronavirus pandemic, while many of their US workers have struggled with coronavirus risks in workplaces, for little to no extra pay to work in hazardous conditions, and millions of other Americans have struggled to survive on unemployment.

The Amazon CEO and founder, Jeff Bezos, added more than $70bn to his net worth during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, which is now nearly $185bn.

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The City of London is still eerily empty: will workers and shoppers ever return?   15%

The Square Mile has been affected more than most districts by the Covid pandemic. We talk to firms large and small about the future

The City of London has survived fire and plague in its centuries-long history. But the coronavirus pandemic has emptied its streets of office workers, shoppers and tourists, leading some to question whether the Square Mile will ever return to the way it was before Covid.

The first working week of the new year has done little to break the silence in the capital’s financial district. Even if the vaccines programme allows restrictions to be lifted in the spring, few expect office staff to spend the entire working week at their desks in future.

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Airlines turning to paid loyalty in bid to keep customers coming back amid COVID-19  

Airlines have begun to shift to a new model of “paid loyalty” in a bid to keep customers coming back while the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt global travel while hitting the disposable

Lower imports cut Tunisias trade deficit to $4.7 bln in 2020 due to coronavirus   -40%

Tunisia’s trade deficit dropped by $2.7 billion in 2020 to $4.7 billion as imports declined because of the coronavirus pandemic, the state statistics institute said on Tuesday.The deficit decreased

Coronavirus: Why producing a vaccine is no smooth sailing   11%

A sustainable global vaccination campaign is key to ending the coronavirus pandemic. While a number of vaccines are already available, the road to mass production is long and bumpy.

Can yoga and meditation help us to connect with nature?   -23%

The coronavirus pandemic has forced people to slow down, consume less, and reevaluate their lives. Could turning to meditation and ancient bodywork traditions benefit the environment?

East Africa braces for a return of the locusts   -100%

East Africa has not just suffered from the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, but also the worst locust plague in decades. Now, the swarms are returning, and experts are concerned about food security in the region.

Coronavirus: How to cope in the pandemic   50%

The coronavirus pandemic has brought loss, unemployment, and loneliness to many. But the crisis has given some the impetus to change their lives for the better.

German economy shrank by 5% in 2020   -3%

The coronavirus pandemic caused German economy to shrank "dramatically" according to Economy Minister Peter Altmaier, although the drop was smaller than expected.

'Heartbreaking': Premier sympathises with couples over wedding plan changes  

Planning a wedding can be a series of last-minute changes and disappointments for couples during the coronavirus pandemic.

Zimbabwe: Mine Workers Demand U.S.$200 Covid-19 Monthly Risk Allowances   20%

[New Zimbabwe] Mine workers are demanding a minimum US$200 per month as Covid-19 risk allowances arguing the mining sector is one of the key economic cogs not spared from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

'I might die because of surgery delays due to Covid'   -12%

As the coronavirus pandemic puts pressure on NHS resources, millions pf people remain on waiting lists for other treatments.

The US box office just had a horrible year. 2021 may not be much better   -23%

With the coronavirus pandemic shuttering theaters for months on end and major blockbusters delayed into an unforeseeable future, 2020 was one of the worst years in domestic box office history.

The latest on the coronavirus pandemic and vaccines   50%

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. Meanwhile, vaccinations have already started in some countries as cases continue to rise. Follow here for the latest.

Biden to use executive actions to roll back Trump policies on 1st day in office   27%

In his first hours as president, Joe Biden plans to take executive action to roll back some of the most controversial decisions of his predecessor and to address the raging coronavirus pandemic, his incoming chief of staff said Saturday.

Michigan business owners, economists optimistic about state's recovery in 2021   -15%

While 67% of survey respondents in Michigan said the coronavirus pandemic has had a negative impact on their business, 16% said the opposite.


German car sales, output posts historic slump in 2020: data   -15%

Germany's key car market plunged in 2020 to its lowest levels since reunification, data showed Friday, with output and sales down dramatically due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Opera and theaters Prototype Festival pushed mostly online   8%

One of the leading international festivals of contemporary opera and theater has shifted format for its ninth edition because of the coronavirus pandemic

When It Comes To COVID-19, Iran Is Dealt A Double Whammy   -50%

As the world rushes to vaccinate against the coronavirus pandemic, Iran is one of the worst hit countries in the Middle East. And because of U.S. sanctions, it may not have money to buy vaccines.