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Alarm And Grief: Mindful Of 1980s, Iranians Warn Of War's Devastation   -2%

Iranians take to social media to air concerns about a possible military conflict.

A toast to the Guardian's Simon Ricketts, a Twitter folk hero   -10%

When the Guardian journalist died recently, it triggered a torrent of grief on social media. People felt they knew him, even if they hadn’t met. Ian Martin understands why

We lost someone special when the journalist and writer Simon Ricketts died just over four months ago. He was a 24-carat mensch. A living antidote to cruelty and heartlessness. An astonishing comet of kindness blazing across social media’s dark night skies, indiscriminately brightening the lives of everyone. His wasn’t the first high-profile death at our end of Twitter, but it was the hardest.

“Our end” – you know the end I mean. The older end. The flexitarian, smartarse, squabbling, umbrage-taking, performatively progressive end. The rainbow end. The herbivore lunch with an Armagnac at the end.

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Sikhs call headpiece sold by Gucci disrespectful mimicry  

Hat made by Italian fashion house criticised for not respecting religious sensitivities

Gucci has been criticised for selling a headpiece resembling a turban as a backlash grows on social media where users have accused the Italian fashion house of being insensitive towards the Sikh religion.

The item, named the Indy Full Turban, came to the attention of critics when it appeared on the American retailer Nordstrom’s e-commerce site retailing at £790, prompting the Sikh Coalition to tweet that the turban is “not jsut a fashion accessory, but it’s also a sacred religious article of faith”.

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The Punkt MP02 is a back-to-basics phone with premium style   -9%

The Punkt MP02 is a stylish, expensive minimalist phone for those tired of losing hours to notifications and social media.

How I lost my social media religion (and you can lose yours too)   15%

'You could call it a collective delusion; it is only our decision that social media is significant that actually makes it significant.'

Chinese Indonesians in Jakarta fear attacks on the community, as anti-China hoaxes spread on social media   -16%

As violent protests broke out in the Indonesian capital early on Wednesday, resulting in the deaths of several people, messages started circulating on social media that the deceased were shot by “police from China”.The message was followed by photos of light-skinned masked police officers that came with the caption: “China has sent security forces to Indonesia disguised as foreign workers.”In another photo, a man is pictured in a selfie that showed a light-skinned officer from Indonesia’s…

Chinas foreign ministry finally starts using Weibo to promote its message to millennials   7%

The official voice of China’s foreign ministry has made its debut on Weibo, one of the country’s biggest social media platforms, as it tries to better connect with younger Chinese, 10 years after the microblogging site first began operations.The effort to use social media to promote the government’s official line comes amid the escalating confrontation with the United States and was described by one observer as a sign of a bureaucracy that was belatedly “waking up” to social media.Without the…

Indian car owner protects vehicle with layer of cow dung as summer temperatures exceed 45 degrees Celsius   5%

A car owner in India has gone to extreme lengths to protect her vehicle from the punishing summer, as the mercury in the western city of Ahmedabad crosses 45 degrees Celsius.An image of her car being shared on social media showed her Toyota sedan completely slathered with cow dung to keep it cool in the hot weather, local media reported.“Best use of cow dung I have ever seen,” wrote Facebook user Rupesh Gauranga Das after sharing the images of the vehicle on the social media platform.“To…

Iranians tense and apprehensive as whispers of war spread   1%

In interviews conducted from outside the country by telephone and online, Iranians described heated discussions at home, on the streets and on social media

Liberals, don't celebrate Facebook's ban on anti-Semites and hard right extremists   -55%

Facebook's ban on right-wing conspiracists like Alex Jones has led to an outpouring of grief from the permanently outraged and self-pitying 'conservative' social media - and Donald Trump. But liberals should listen up

VeganCoin aims to be cryptocurrency of the sprout-eating set   3%

Israeli-UK company is also launching a vegan platform with social media, e-commerce and food-sharing functions

Israeli food makers break the rules in marketing to the young   19%

Social media have created new, potent opportunities to pitch soft drinks, snacks and desserts.

Protesters clash with police after Indonesian presidents reelection, leaving 6 dead   14%

Hundreds were injured as rioters supporting the president’s hard-line challenger threw rocks and molotov cocktails at police, prompting the government to restrict social media.

India's Election Commission wrestles with fake information   -11%

Fake political news is proliferating on social media ahead of India's election. Several platforms agreed to adhere to a voluntary code of ethics to curb the menace. Facebook says it has already removed 687 pages or accounts linked to one party. 

Its complicated: Facebook users fraught relationship with social giant   12%

Social media was supposed to bring people together. But amid a steady stream of allegations against Facebook and calls to quit the platform, many users are finding themselves more trapped than connected.

Democratorship: Swedes lambast TV channel for refusing to air anti-EU Swexit ad   -1%

Swedish commercial broadcaster TV4 has refused to air an anti-EU promo, prompting outrage on social media. The Alternative for Sweden (AfS) party wanted to run the ad showing a single word – ‘Swexit’ – ahead of the EU elections.
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'Acne does not define me'   1%

Abigail has faced abuse from strangers because of her cystic acne but is now fighting back using social media.

Video shows woman stealing two $10,000 vintage guitars from O.C. store   10%

An Orange County music shop is hoping video it shared on social media will help police recover two stolen vintage guitars and find the two women they say orchestrated the thefts over the weekend.

An employee at Imperial Vintage Guitar at 864 N. Main St. in Orange said a woman posing as a customer...

China's new propaganda song goes viral   -6%

China released a new anti-US propaganda song called "Trade War." The song is lighting up social media in China and is part of a wide propaganda push.

Vivek dropped from charity event over tweet   -5%

Actor Vivek Oberoi on Tuesday apologised for sharing a meme on Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's personal life after severe criticism on social media and elsewhere, but that cut little ice with a charity organisation that dropped him from a fund-raising event.

Celebs at screening of Indias Most Wanted'   15%

Right from Abhishek Bachchan to Taapsee Pannu to Anupam Kher, celebs have been rooting for the Arjun Kapoor starrer on the social media.

Jays GM says decision to sit Junior was manager Montoyo's   15%

Everything seemed to be set up nicely on Victoria Day for Blue Jays fans eager to celebrate the team's star attraction on a holiday matinee against a top-flight opponent. Instead Vladimir Guerrero Jr., sat on the bench for his scheduled rest day, kicking social media into overdrive and giving local columnists plenty of fodder.

Man Who Climbed Eiffel Tower Is Taken Into Custody   18%

Images of the man scaling the landmark quickly flooded social media, and the tower was evacuated. It was not known why he embarked on the climb. The tower is to reopen on Tuesday morning.

India's political parties accused of spreading 'fake news' as campaign enters final week   17%

In the latest edition of India Votes, our team on the ground investigates claims that political parties are using social media to spread "fake news". We also ask India specialist Christophe Jaffrelot if Prime Minister Narendra Modi's strategy to shift the conversation to national security during the campaign has worked.

6 dead in Indonesia riots, gov't restricts social media   3%

Six people have died in election rioting in the Indonesian capital, authorities said Wednesday, as supporters of the losing presidential candidate burned vehicles and battled police and the government announced restrictions on social media.