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Jackson, 50 Cent line up for Saudi concert after Minaj cancels  

Pop icon Janet Jackson and rapper 50 Cent are among musicians set to perform in Saudi Arabia, organizers said July 17, after rapper Nicki Minaj pulled out in a show of support for women's rights.

Saudis Approve Hosting U.S. Troops Amid Rising Tensions With Iran   25%

Saudi Arabia's King Salman has approved the hosting of U.S. troops for the first time since Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was toppled in 2003, as the two allies bolster cooperation amid rising tensions with Iran.

UPDATE 1-Lockheed awarded $1.48 bln Saudi missile defense contract -Pentagon  

Lockheed Martin was awarded a $1.48 billion contract to build the THAAD missile defense system for Saudi Arabia, bringing the total value of the deal to $5.36 billion, the Pentagon said on Friday.

Rapper Nicki Minaj pulls out of controversial Saudi Arabia concert  

U.S. rapper Nicki Minaj said on Tuesday that she was pulling out of a planned concert in Saudi Arabia next week, citing her support for the rights of women and the LGBTQ community.

Lockheed awarded $1.48 billion Saudi missile defense contract: Pentagon  

Lockheed Martin was awarded a $1.48 billion contract to build the THAAD missile defense system for Saudi Arabia, bringing the total value of the deal to $5.36 billion, the Pentagon said on Friday.

US to deploy troops to Saudi Arabia in face of 'credible' regional threats   15%

Washington says move will provide ‘an additional deterrent’ in face of ‘emergent’ risks

The United States has authorised the deployment of military personnel and resources to Saudi Arabia, the Pentagon says, to provide “an additional deterrent” in the face of “emergent, credible threats” in the region.

The move, agreed in conjunction with the kingdom, aims to boost regional security as tensions in the Gulf mount over Iran’s standoff with the US over sanctions and the 2015 nuclear agreement, and Tehran’s seizure of two British-linked vessels in the strait of Hormuz on Friday.

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Iranian ship repaired in Saudi Arabia heads back to Iran  

An Iranian ship which had gone to Jeddah port in Saudi Arabia because of technical problems in May is heading back to Iran, Iran’s ISNA news agency reported on Saturday. There was no immediate

Saudi Arabia says crew member of Iranian ship sent to Oman   -8%

Saudi Arabia said on Saturday it had sent a crew member of an Iranian ship, previously evacuated for medical reasons from a ship off the Yemeni port of Hodeidah, to Oman. The Iranian citizen was sent

Temporary visa framework in Saudi Arabia to be finalized  

The framework set to regulate temporary visas in Saudi Arabia is in its final stages, the Kingdom’s ministry of labor said, as reported by the state news agency (SPA). The visas provide

Saudi King Salman approves hosting US troops to enhance security in region  

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz approved hosting US forces in the Kingdom to boost regional security and stability, the state news agency (SPA) reported on Friday. The US Defense

Lockheed awarded $1.48 bln Saudi missile defense contract: Pentagon  

Lockheed Martin was awarded a $1.48 billion contract to build the THAAD missile defense system for Saudi Arabia, bringing the total value of the deal to $5.36 billion, the Pentagon said on Friday.

Saudi crude exports drop to 6.94 mln bpd in May: JODI   -41%

Saudi Arabia’s crude oil exports in May fell to 6.94 million barrels per day (bpd) from 7.18 million bpd in April, official data showed on Thursday.Saudi Arabia and other members of the

Emirates NBD allowed to open 20 more branches in Saudi Arabia  

Emirates NBD has received permission from Saudi Arabia to open 20 more branches in the country, the bank said, as Dubai’s biggest bank eyes expansion in the Arab world’s biggest economy.

Saudi Arabias PIF agrees to initial terms for $10 billion loan  

Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund (SWF), the Public Investment Fund (PIF), has agreed to the initial terms for a $10 billion loan from a group banks, according to the Financial Times.The loan

International superstars wow fans at Saudi Arabias biggest music festival  

American superstar Janet Jackson and British pop artist Liam Payne were among the A-list musicians that wowed fans at Saudi Arabia’s biggest music festival on Thursday. The music festival in

50 Cents Saudi name change humors fans  

Global superstar 50 Cent joked about changing his name to “50 HALALA” to reflect his newfound admiration for Saudi Arabia after performing at the Kingdom’s biggest music festival on

Amir Khan hails WBC win, says many more to come in Saudi Arabia  

British boxer Amir Khan beat Australian Billy Dib for the World Boxing Council (WBC) international welterweight title on Friday in Saudi Arabia. The fight took place at the King Abdullah Sports City

A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Trumps Middle East Policy Could Push Yemens Houthis into Irans Hands   -2%

As both the United States and Saudi Arabia continue to wage war and impose economic blockades on both Yemen and Iran, it is likely that the Houthis’ political alliance with Iran against their common enemies will grow, turning the fears of both the Saudi Arabia and the United States into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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Seeking New Routes for Oil Delivery Saudi Arabia Tightens Its Grip on Eastern Yemen   7%

Saudi Arabia is consolidating its military hold on eastern Yemen's al-Mahrah province, hoping to use the area for an oil pipeline that would bypass the Strait of Hormuz.

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Is a US-led war with Iran on the horizon as troops head to Saudi Arabia?   12%

The US is sending troops to Saudi Arabia amid concerns that it is preparing for a war with Iran. It will be the first deployment of American forces in the kingdom since the US toppling of Saddam Hussein's Iraqi regime.

As more oil tankers seized, US putting troops back at Iran's doorstep   13%

It comes as the US confirmed it was sending forces back to Saudi Arabia including fighter aircraft, air defence missiles and likely more than 500 troops.

US lawmakers vote against Saudi arms sales worth US$8.1 billion, setting up veto by Donald Trump   -10%

The US House voted on Wednesday to block US$8.1 billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia and other allies, a rebuke of Donald Trump that will likely lead to a veto by the president.Lawmakers, many of whom are outraged with the kingdom over Riyadh’s role in the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi last year, approved three resolutions that would prevent the controversial sales announced under emergency measures earlier this year by Trump.The resolutions blocking the sales have already cleared…

Sister of Saudi crown prince and bodyguard tried in France over alleged beating of workman in luxury Paris flat   -1%

The sister of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia is going on trial in absentia in Paris accused of conspiring to kidnap and beat a worker who was refurbishing her luxury flat there.Hassa bint Salman’s French lawyer said she denied the charges of complicity in armed violence, complicity in holding someone against their will and theft against an Egyptian-born man who was carrying out repairs at her family’s Paris residence on the exclusive Avenue Foch in September 2016.France issued an…

U.S. to send troops to Saudi Arabia over Iran crisis, CNN says  

The U.S. is preparing to send 500 troops to Saudi Arabia in response to rising tensions with Iran, CNN reported, citing unidentified defense officials.

Saudi-led coalition starts operation targeting Houthi positions in Yemen's capital  

Iran-aligned Houthis launched a drone attack on Jizan airport in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday

U.S. defense chief authorizes troops deployment to Saudi Arabia   20%

Trump has said he considers Saudi Arabia an important partner in the Middle East and counterweight to the influence of Iran

Headlines for July 18, 2019   28%

House Lawmakers Vote to Table Trump Impeachment Resolution, Trump Renews Racist Attacks on Four Progressive Congresswomen, Rep. Ilhan Omar Introduces Bill Affirming the Right to Boycott, House Votes to Bar Trump's Planned Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE, U.S. to Deploy 500 Troops to Saudi Air Base, Sudan's Military Rulers Agree to Share Power with Civilian Protesters, United Nations Declares Global Health Emergency as Ebola Spreads, Puerto Ricans Demand Resignation of Governor Ricardo Rosselló over Hateful Messages, AG Barr & Commerce Secretary Ross Held in Contempt of Congress, Sen. Rand Paul Blocks Vote on September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, Drug Lord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán Sentenced to Life in Prison, 1992 Video Shows Donald Trump Partying with Jeffrey Epstein, Prosecutors Drop Sexual Assault Charge Against Kevin Spacey, Pentagon IG Ordered to Probe U.S. Use of Ticks as Biological Weapons, Protests Mark Fifth Anniversary of Eric Garner's Killing by NYPD Cop, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Won't Say If Eric Garner's Killer Should Be Fired, Hawaiian Elders Arrested at Nonviolent Protest of Mauna Kea Telescope

Saudi Arabia invites US to 'preserve its peace' against Iran by swamping Gulf with more troops   -2%

Saudi Arabia has rolled out the welcome mat for US troops in a move it claims is aimed at “preserving its peace” – mainly by menacing Iran, where tensions have risen near a breaking point after multiple tanker seizures.
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Janet Jackson, 50 Cent to perform at Saudi Arabia concert despite protest from human rights groups  

Janet Jackson and rappers 50 Cent and Future have been added to the lineup for the Jeddah World Fest, the concert in Saudi Arabia that Nicki Minaj pulled out of after human rights organizations urged the rapper to cancel her appearance.

Yemen Has Been a Saudi Princes War. Now Its His Quagmire.   35%

The withdrawal of Saudi Arabia’s key ally in Yemen leaves Prince Mohammed with few good options. Now he is asking for increased American help.

Saudi Arabia says evacuated crew member of Iranian ship sent to Oman: SPA   -8%

Saudi Arabia said Saturday it had sent a crew member of an Iranian ship who was previously evacuated for medical reasons from a vessel off the Yemeni port of Hodeida, to Oman.

Saudi Arabia to revive political, economic role in Lebanon   10%

Saudi Arabia is ready to refocus attention on Lebanon to revive the political and economic role the kingdom traditionally had, senior Lebanese politicians heard during a visit to Jeddah Monday.

Lebanese Eurobonds up over reports of Saudi buy   20%

Prices of Lebanon’s Eurobonds increased slightly Tuesday following reports that Saudi Arabia is preparing to provide some kind of assistance to help the government tackle the budget deficit. According to Reuters, the 2024, 2025 and 2027 Eurobond issues rose more than 0.8 cents to the dollar after three former prime ministers indicated that Saudi Arabia may offer new support to debt-laden Lebanon.

Iran Seizes British-Flagged Oil Tanker In Strait Of Hormuz  

Ship-tracking data show the U.K. tanker Stena Impero was traveling to Saudi Arabia when it veered toward Iran's coast. British media report the government warns shipping to stay out of the area.