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'Alyonushka Of The Apocalypse:' Russian Monument Gets Laughed Out Of Town   -8%

In the Russian city of Novovoronezh, a poorly designed statue was so widely loathed that officials had it dismantled -- but not before it became a joke on social media. In other cities, some residents wish their own local monuments would meet the same fate.

Navalny's Expected Return To Moscow Lights Up The Russian Internet   1%

Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny, who has been recuperating in Germany after being poisoned by a nerve agent, hsaid he will return to Russia to continue opposing President Vladimir Putin on January 17. Russians flocked to social media to weigh in on the decision and the looming showdown.

The Guardian view of Trump's populism: weaponised and silenced by social media | Editorial   23%

Democracy has been threatened by commercialising the swift spread of controversy and lies for political advantage

Donald Trump’s incitement of a mob attack on the US Capitol was a watershed moment for free speech and the internet. Bans against both the US president and his prominent supporters have spread across social media as well as email and e-commerce services. Parler, a social network popular with neo-Nazis, was ditched from mobile phone app stores and then forced offline entirely. These events suggest that the most momentous year of modern democracy was not 1989 – when the Berlin wall fell – but 1991, when web servers first became publicly available.

There are two related issues at stake here: the chilling power afforded to huge US corporations to limit free speech; and the vast sums they make from algorithmically privileging and amplifying deliberate disinformation. The doctrines, regulations and laws that govern the web were constructed to foster growth in an immature sector. But the industry has grown into a monster – one which threatens democracy by commercialising the swift spread of controversy and lies for political advantage.

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Donald Trump being banned from social media is a dangerous distraction | Matt Stoller and Sarah Miller   -12%

Facebook, Google and Twitter peddle extremism for profit. They must be broken up - if not, worse is coming

In the wake of Donald Trump’s instigation of a shocking attack on the US Capitol, it’s easy to demand that Trump be barred from social media.

Related: Trump attempted a coup: he must be removed while those who aided him pay

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'Law unto themselves': the Australian battle to curb Facebook and Twitter's power   9%

The suspension of Donald Trump’s accounts sparked outrage among conservatives but the prevailing mood is for greater regulation

Nationals MP Anne Webster and Labor MP Sharon Claydon are less concerned with why Donald Trump was taken off social media, and more concerned with what platforms such as Facebook are doing to stop online defamation and abuse.

Webster and Claydon are the co-chairs of the Parliamentary Friends of Making Social Media Safe, a group to “highlight the environment of social media and the risks associated” and to make the platforms more accountable. It now boasts more than 50 members thanks partly to Twitter and Facebook’s response to last week’s attack on the US Capitol.

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'Too angry, too political, too commercial': social media at tipping point   22%

More regulation is coming for social media, but users are pushing the real agenda. Media savvy friends are becoming reluctant users of platforms and taking them off their phones.

Don't want an Australian Trump? Now's the time to choose wisely   -8%

Censoring Craig Kelly or George Christensen on social media is missing a valuable opportunity.

'Almost unsurvivable': Sussexes turn their backs on social media   24%

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will not return to social media after reportedly becoming disillusioned by the "hate" projected on the platforms.

BTS in the Philippines Congress? Duterte allys plan to name political grouping after K-pop band draws backlash   1%

A former speaker of the Philippines’ House of Representatives has sparked outrage on social media after announcing his intent to form a new political grouping named after world-famous South Korean boy band BTS.Alan Peter Cayetano, an ally of President Rodrigo Duterte who was ousted as speaker in October, said he would form the BTS sa Kongreso (BTS in Congress) bloc with six fellow lawmakers – Representatives Luis Raymund “LRay” Villafuerte Jnr, Dan Fernandez, Raneo Abu, Mike Defensor, Jose…

Chinese lawyer suspended after posting videos of alleged police torture   -5%

A Chinese lawyer has been suspended for a year after he posted videos on social media that allegedly showed police using torture to extract confessions from witnesses and a defendant he was representing.The justice bureau in Beijing’s Chaoyang district on Thursday handed down the suspension to Zhou Ze, 51, for breaking a government regulation on lawyers’ conduct.Zhou, who has been practising law since 2003, said he would appeal the ruling.It comes as scores of lawyers in mainland China – some…

Israeli food makers break the rules in marketing to the young   19%

Social media have created new, potent opportunities to pitch soft drinks, snacks and desserts.

Is irregardless which Sen. Josh Hawley uttered on the Senate floor a real word? Heres Merriam-Websters answer.   3%

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) sparked a reaction on social media after using the word on the Senate floor on Wednesday night.

Michelle Wu and Andrea Campbell say they would fire city employees who attended Capitol riot   1%

The two mayoral candidates also said they would terminate workers who belong to white supremacist organizations and advocate racism on city and union social media.

Facebook DELETES account of Irans Press TV news network with 4 million subscribers   -1%

Social media giant Facebook has shut down an account run by Press TV, a major Iranian English-language media outlet. The network said it was provided with no warning or explanation ahead of the deletion.
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Kahkewistahaw First Nation security worker's dance at COVID-19 checkstop goes viral   17%

A video of Mike Bitternose dancing at a COVID-19 checkstop at Kahkewistahaw First Nation east of Regina as part of the #RezSecurityChallenge has been shared more than 5,000 times on social media. The challenge aims to spread positivity among those working at First Nations checkstops during the pandemic.

We Worked Together on the Internet. Last Week, He Stormed the Capitol.   6%

At BuzzFeed, we followed the signals of social media. A young employee followed them all the way to Charlottesville and Capitol Hill.

Thousands in France stage fresh protests against law that would restrict filming of police   26%

Tens of thousands of protesters marched across France Saturday to denounce a security bill critics say would restrict the filming of police and posting images to social media, notably to document cases of police brutality.

French police detain seven over beheading of teacher Samuel Paty   1%

French anti-terrorism police on Tuesday detained seven people suspected of having communicated via social media with the killer of schoolteacher Samuel Paty whose beheading last year reopened debate about France's cherished rights of expression, a judicial official said.

Uganda bans social media ahead of critical vote   31%

Uganda banned social media and messaging apps on Tuesday, two days ahead of a presidential election pitting Yoweri Museveni, one of Africa'slongest-serving leaders, against opposition frontrunner Bobi Wine, a popular singer.

US-Iran relations: Washington dials up rhetoric on social media   1%

FRANCE 24 speaks to Gabriel Noronha, who was working at the US State Department on communications with Iran until several days ago. Noronha was dismissed by the White House after tweeting that Donald Trump is "unfit" for office. We talk to him about the rules when it comes to communicating about Iran on social media.

Why Sea Shanties Have Taken Over TikTok   30%

In a surprising new trend, sea shanties have become popular on TikTok and other social media.