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'Threatened With Death And Rape': Iranian Activist Back Behind Bars After Exposing Prisoner Abuse   3%

Iranian journalist and activist Sepideh Gholian has become somewhat of an expert at exposing the torture tactics used in Iranian prisons. Now, her latest eyewitness accounts of prisoner abuse that she posted on social media have landed her back behind bars.

Missing womans sister asks TikTok for help after Gabby Petito case: Do your thing   -25%

Katana Curven is desperately hoping social media can help find her missing sister Courtney Bryan

Adele fans react as singer releases new single Easy On Me   3%

Adele’s return was greeted with fervent enthusiasm on social media

Adele: Easy on Me review reliably, relatably Adele-esque   5%

The first single from her divorce-focused new album 30 is quintessential Adele: piano, romantic recrimination, and soaring vocal work

Adele’s statement announcing the release of her fourth album was published on social media earlier this week. In it, the singer doesn’t talk much about music, more about her emotional state during the album’s making, provoked, one assumes, by the breakdown of her marriage: “absolute mess and inner turmoil … consumed by grief”. She compared the album she made amid it to friends coming over with “a bottle of wine and a takeaway” and offering earthy, if astrologically based, advice: “It’s your Saturn return, babes, fuck it.”

It all sounds thoroughly grim, but it also has a hint of reassurance about it for her fans, who come to Adele in record-breaking numbers for relatable heartbreak – the musical equivalent of an old friend in the pub, tearfully relating the latest chapter in their reliably disastrous love life as they demolish a third glass of pinot grigio. For one thing, it underlines that she has fresh heartbreak to write about, which had been an issue with her last album, 25, on which she was forced to rake over the same relationship that had inspired its predecessor for material. For another, her fans might have cause to be alarmed by what the cover of Vogue refers to as “a new look, a new love, a new sound”. How reliably relatable can Adele now be, with her home in LA, her squad of Hollywood A-list pals, her three-times-a-day exercise regime and, the Vogue profile suggests, an employee on hand with a different pair of shoes should the singer want to change out of her heels? It’s a statement that, consciously or otherwise, sends out a message: “Business as usual babes, fuck it.”

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He blue it: Police charge driver over baby boy burnout   1%

The gender-reveal stunt circulated widely on social media, and police launched a public appeal to try to identify the driver.

Captain North Korea? Soldier in tight blue outfit at military event generates social media buzz   4%

A North Korean soldier clad in a super-tight blue outfit in a state media photo has generated a buzz on social media, with some calling him “a superhero”, “a captain DPRK”, or “a rocket man”.He was among nearly 30 soldiers who posed for a photo with leader Kim Jong-un during an exhibition of weapons systems on Monday. North Korea published photos of the event the following day.They all mostly wore olive green uniforms, the most common colour for North Korean military uniforms. Only two of them…

Facebooks troubles stir debate over internet control and whether Beijing may have a point in keeping social media giant out   8%

Facebook’s recent service outage and allegations by a whistle-blower that the US social media giant puts “astronomical profits before people” have seen some tech commentators praise Beijing’s tighter grip on the internet, including its ban on many foreign online services and steps to restrict algorithms.The Chinese government has not made any public comment on this week’s outage at Facebook, which resulted in its vast family of apps including WhatsApp and Instagram, grinding to a halt for hours…

Texas hospital receives death threats, bomb threats after photo of COVID patient was posted online   3%

The photo posted on social media showed a COVID-19 patient wearing a plastic drape.

Africa: Vaccine Distrust Pervades Social Media Posts in Six African Nations   1%

[allAfrica] Cape Town -- A new analysis of online content in six African nations referring to Covid-19 vaccines has revealed that posts reflecting distrust of, or hesitancy over, vaccinations are dominating social media.

Israeli food makers break the rules in marketing to the young   19%

Social media have created new, potent opportunities to pitch soft drinks, snacks and desserts.

Israel beat Austria in World Cup qualifier, but match overshadowed by fans heckling Arab player   26%

Soccer fans jeered and booed an Arab player who criticized on social media Israel's policies during the latest escalation with Hamas, but coach and teammates stood by Munas Dabbur

The false GOP claim that the Justice Dept. is spying on parents at school board meetings   -13%

In interviews, congressional hearings, campaign ads and social media, Republicans falsely claim that the Justice Department will be cracking down on parents expressing disagreement at their local school board meetings.

Facebook's 'snow day': Massive outage reveals world's dependence   24%

On Monday, a widespread Facebook outage affected up to three billion people around the world who rely on the company’s services. As one user put it, the outage was a “huge awakening that social media controls so much of my success in business.”

Not again?! Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp offline for second time in a week   -3%

Social media giant Facebook, along with its subsidiaries Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp, is offline for the second time in less than a week, leaving competitors to rescue its customers from an existential crisis.
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Ex-Facebook employee tells Congress social media giant endangers users, democracy   1%

Former Facebook employee Frances Haugen testifies before a Senate panel that the social media giant chooses profits over users' safety.

Marine forced to forfeit $5,000 in pay following conviction related to his videos criticizing the US withdrawal from Afghanistan   -16%

A Marine who was found guilty after posting a series of videos on social media criticizing top military leaders' handling of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan received a sentence of one month forfeiture of $5,000 in pay and a direction to receive a letter of reprimand from a military judge on Friday.

Kohli shares hilarious photo describing 'what playing in bubbles feels like'   26%

Ahead of the upcoming T20 World Cup, Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli on Friday shared a hilarious picture on social media, describing what it feels like to be "playing in bubbles".

Anne Imhofs Stylish (and Shareable) Provocations   25%

The German artist shot to art-world fame with a performance at the Venice Biennale that captivated social media. Her latest work looks sure to please a smartphone-wielding audience, too.

Duterte's shadow: Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa denounces impunity   -1%

The 2021 joint Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa is calling out the Duterte years in an exclusive interview with FRANCE 24. We hear from the Filipino journalist and co-founder of the news website Rappler on how social media – and in particular Facebook – have distorted democracy in her country these past six years.

Whistleblower urges regulation to tackle Facebook 'crisis'   4%

Washington, Oct 6, 2021 (AFP) -Joshua Melvin A Facebook whistleblower told US lawmakers Tuesday that the social media giant fuels division, harms children and urgently needs to be regulated, drawing pledges Congress would take up long-delayed action.

How social media has changed migration to the United States   -31%

For migrants traveling north to the U.S-Mexico border from countries like Chile and Brazil, the trip has become virtually impossible without two things — a smuggler and social media.