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Supreme court rejects Trump bid to shield documents from January 6 panel  

Court’s move leaves no legal impediment to turning National Archives documents over to congressional committee

The US supreme court has rejected a request by Donald Trump to block the release of White House records to the congressional committee investigating the deadly January 6 attack on the Capitol, dealing a blow to the former president.

The order, which casts aside Trump’s request to stop the House select committee from obtaining the records while the case makes its way through the courts, means more than 700 documents that could shed light on the attack can be transferred to Congress.

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The US supreme court to Americans: tough luck if you get Covid at work | Robert Reich   15%

The Republican-appointed majority court says the risk is one workers have to accept in order to get a paycheck

By a 6-3 vote, with liberal justices in dissent, the supreme court on Thursday blocked the Biden administration from enforcing a vaccine-or-testing mandate for large employers. (The court upheld a more modest mandate requiring vaccinations for healthcare workers who treat Medicare and Medicaid patients.)

The employer mandate would have required workers to be vaccinated against the coronavirus or to wear masks and be tested weekly (neither employees nor employers were required to pay for the testing). It applied to employers with at least 100 employees. This would include more than 84 million workers, about two-thirds of the American workforce.

Robert Reich, a former US secretary of labor, is professor of public policy at the University of California at Berkeley and the author of Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few and The Common Good. His new book, The System: Who Rigged It, How We Fix It, is out now. He is a Guardian US columnist. His newsletter is at

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US Supreme Court rejects Trump bid to keep Capitol attack records secret  

In a setback for former President Donald Trump, the Supreme Court is allowing the release of presidential documents to a congressional committee investigating the 2021 Capitol attack.

Ayesha Malik: How this Pakistani female judge shatters the glass ceiling   -10%

Justice Ayesha Malik's nomination to the Supreme Court has broken the glass ceiling, and her appointment will pave the way for increased opportunities for women in the legal field, observers say.

US Supreme Court spurns Donald Trumps bid to keep Capitol attack records secret   -5%

The US Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected former president Donald Trump’s request to block the release of White House records sought by the Democratic-led congressional panel investigating last year’s deadly attack on the Capitol by a mob of his supporters.The decision means the documents, held by a federal agency that stores government and historical records, can be disclosed even as litigation over the matter continues in lower courts.Only one of the court’s nine members, conservative…

US Supreme Court blocks Covid-19 vaccine mandate for businesses, in blow to Joe Biden   10%

The US Supreme Court delivered a blow to President Joe Biden, blocking his Covid vaccination-or-testing mandate for employees of large businesses.At the same time, the nation’s highest court allowed a vaccination mandate for health care workers at facilities receiving federal funding.Biden said he was “disappointed” in the nine-member court’s decision Thursday striking down his mandate for businesses with 100 employees or more to vaccinate or test their workers for Covid-19.“I am disappointed…

The Supreme Courts thoroughly weird handling of the Sotomayor-Gorsuch story   10%

Parsing the unusual statement from the Supreme Court, which disputed something that hadn't actually been reported.

Supreme Court allows Jan. 6 committee to get Trump documents   12%

The justices on Wednesday rejected a bid by Trump to withhold the documents from the committee until the issue is finally resolved by the courts.

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The Supreme Court and vaccine mandates: Three questions   21%

The Supreme Court Thursday blocked the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for large employers. What happens now?

Ohio court scraps maps, showing promise for redistricting reform   35%

In 2015, Ohio voters passed a constitutional amendment to make the redistricting process more bipartisan. This week, the state’s Supreme Court, in a decisions celebrated by voting rights advocates, cited the amendment when it nixed gerrymandered maps.

Headlines for January 14, 2022   -7%

Voting Rights Bills Appear Doomed in Senate as Sinema & Manchin Oppose Filibuster Change, Supreme Court Strikes Down Vaccination-or-Test Mandate for 84 Million U.S. Workers, White House Orders Another Half-Billion Coronavirus Tests for U.S. Residents, New York Mayor Considering Virtual Learning Option as COVID-19 Cases Surge in Classrooms, Head of Oath Keepers Among 11 Charged with Seditious Conspiracy over Jan. 6 Insurrection, RNC May Try to Block Future Candidates from Presidential Debates, U.N. Calls for Urgent Funding to Avert Millions of Deaths in Afghanistan, Specter of War Remains After Talks Fail to Resolve Tensions on Russia-Ukraine Border, Prince Andrew Loses Military and Royal Titles as U.S. Sex Assault Case Proceeds, Australia Revokes Novak Djokovic's Visa for 2nd Time, Days Ahead of Australian Open, 2021 Was the 6th Hottest Year on Record, Protesters Call on Gov. Hochul, Lawmakers to Pass Sweeping New York Climate Bill, NJ Gov. Delays Power Plant Contract After Community Organizes to Protect Newark Neighborhood

Court rules on two-decade legal battle over loud flushing toilet   6%

A couple has won a legal battle that reached Italy’s Supreme Court, which ruled a neighbor’s loud toilet flush violates their human rights
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Gorsuch's disturbing refusal to mask   -16%

On Friday, we witnessed an unusually ugly spectacle at the US Supreme Court. Neil Gorsuch sat on the bench maskless (as he also has on other occasions), while his colleague Sonia Sotomayor -- who as a diabetic is at higher risk of severe disease if she contracts Covid-19 -- participated remotely from her chambers. While a Court spokesperson didn't respond to a question from The Washington Post about the incident, a statement made by the pair of justices on Wednesday noted that they are on friendly terms and that Sotomayor had not asked Gorsuch to mask up. Nonetheless, it's disappointing that Gorsuch did not decide to don a mask as a sign of respect to his colleague so that she might have felt comfortable participating in person. The episode was a shocking display of male entitlement.

Sotomayor and Gorsuch say they are 'warm colleagues and friends' amid masking dustup   18%

Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Sonia Sotomayor issued an unusual statement Wednesday asserting there is no tension on the high court around masking and stressing that Sotomayor did not ask Gorsuch to wear a mask while on the bench.

Supreme Court clears the way for House to get Trump White House documents  

The Supreme Court cleared the way Wednesday for the release of presidential records from the Trump White House to a congressional committee investigating the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol.

'Extraordinary rebuke of the former President': Toobin weighs in on SCOTUS decision  

Anderson Cooper, Jeffrey Toobin and Maggie Haberman discuss the Supreme Court clearing the way for the release of presidential records from the Trump White House to a congressional committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.

No 27% OBC quota in local body polls without triple test: SC  

The Supreme Court on Wednesday declined to recall its month-old orders quashing 27% OBC quota in panchayat polls in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh and said the state election commissions would dereserve OBC seats in all future local body elections across India unless such quota is determined in strict compliance of SC's triple-test guidelines.

Starbucks Ends Its Plan to Require Worker Vaccination and Testing   13%

The coffee company is among the first major employers to roll back plans after the Supreme Court blocked the Biden administration’s mandate for large businesses.

Company Vaccine Mandates at Risk After the Supreme Court's Decision  

The Supreme Court blocked the Biden administration’s rule, making corporate policies more fraught.

US Supreme Court rejects Trump bid to keep Capitol siege records secret   -5%

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected former President Donald Trump's request to block the release of White House records sought by the Democratic-led congressional panel investigating last year's deadly attack on the Capitol by a mob of his supporters.

US Supreme Court blocks federal Covid-19 vaccine mandate for large employers   -4%

In a blow to the Biden administration, the US Supreme Court has blocked its federal Covid-19 vaccine mandate for large businesses. The conservative-majority court ruled that the plan to require vaccines or weekly tests for employees at businesses with at least 100 staff was a "significant encroachment" on the lives and health of many Americans. FRANCE 24's Cole Stangler takes a closer look at existing requirements in the private sector and how businesses are reacting to the Supreme Court's decision.

Supreme Court heard Cruz case about using post-election contributions to repay loans  

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in Republican Sen. Ted Cruz's bid to undo a provision limiting the amount of money candidates can be reimbursed for personal loans to their own campaigns.

Carhartt blowback shows the tightrope companies face over vaccine mandate decisions   11%

Despite the Supreme Court striking down a vaccine-or-test rule for private employers, the workwear retailer is moving ahead with a mandate. The decision has fueled an outcry among some conservatives.