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How the coronavirus pandemic has affected the golf calendar   12%

The Open has been cancelled for the first time since World War Two because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Josh Magennis: Michael O'Neill's Northern Ireland departure is heartbreaking but we must accept it   -7%

Philosophical Josh Magennis says the impact of the deadly coronavirus outbreak has suddenly put Michael O'Neill's expected departure as Northern Ireland manager into perspective.

Yad Vashem to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day with global name-reading initiative  

With gatherings to mark Shoah barred amid coronavirus outbreak, memorial museum calls on people worldwide to record clips of themselves reading out names of victims

Turkey's coronavirus death toll rises to 425, with 20,921 total cases   50%

Turkey's death toll from the coronavirus outbreak increased by 69 to 425 on April 3, while the number of confirmed cases from the disease rose by 2.786 to 20,921, the Health Minister said.

Notes to Odunpazar Modern Museum from under quarantine   5%

Renowned fashion photographer and director Osman Özel documents his life in an official quarantine center in Istanbul during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak and shared his observations with Odunpazarı Modern Museum’s (OMM) editorial director, Büşra Erkara.

Tribal casinos in WA closing due to coronavirus  

A look at coronavirus-related developments in Washington: TRIBAL CASINOS CLOSING Numerous Indian tribes around the state are temporarily closing their casinos because of the coronavirus outbreak. The Kalispel Tribe of … Click to Continue »

From Irans hot zone, Afghans flee home, spreading virus   -16%

Mahdi Noori, a young Afghan refugee in Iran, was left jobless when the factory where he’d worked cutting stone was shut down because of the coronavirus outbreak. He had no … Click to Continue »

Coronavirus Shatters Iranian Death Rituals, Robbing Many Of Last Farewell With Loved Ones   25%

The coronavirus outbreak in Iran is stealing many of a last farewell with their loved ones as funeral ceremonies have been banned to help contain the pandemic that has killed more than 3,000 Iranians.

Capri furloughs all North America retail staff, sees stores opening around June 1  

Capri Holdings Ltd will furlough all its 7,000 retail staff in North America due to the coronavirus outbreak and expects to reopen stores around June 1, the owner of Michael Kors and Versace brands said on Monday.

Keepers, animals keep each other company at Cairo's shuttered zoo   10%

The chimpanzees, lions and hippos of Cairo's zoo are getting a rare spell of peace and quiet alone with their keepers as a closure caused by the coronavirus outbreak keeps the public away.

Climate summit in Glasgow postponed to 2021 because of coronavirus pandemic  

A climate summit that had been due to take place in Glasgow in November has been postponed to 2021 because of the coronavirus outbreak, officials said on Wednesday, throwing new uncertainty into talks to tackle global warming.

Lausanne watchman rings cathedral bell anew to signal hope amid pandemic   -25%

In Lausanne, a Swiss city on the shores of lake Geneva, the coronavirus outbreak has revived a tradition of centuries past: The cathedral watchman climbs the 153 stone steps to his tower at night,...

Trump says will ask Congress for more small business funds if money runs out   10%

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Saturday he would ask Congress for more money to make loans to small businesses struggling with the economic fallout from the coronavirus outbreak if the original $349 billion allocated in a fiscal stimulus bill runs out.

Russia's 2020 satellite launch programme hit by production halt: Roscosmos  

Russia's space agency Roscosmos said on Friday it would have to adjust its 2020 launch programme because of a halt in satellite production in Europe, amid the coronavirus outbreak.

World's fastest blind man adjusts training in coronavirus crisis   -18%

David Brown, the world's fastest totally blind sprinter, has been accompanied every step of the way by his guide Jerome Avery but the coronavirus outbreak has forced them apart for the first time in six years of training and racing together.

UK needs to know lockdown is working before next steps discussed: government adviser  

Britain needs to know how well its current lockdown measures are working in tackling the coronavirus outbreak before it can discuss what happens next, the government's deputy chief scientific adviser Angela McLean said on Monday.

Trump administration plans drastic reduction of aid to Yemen  

The war-torn country faces a crippling coronavirus outbreak

Jane Fonda workout resurrected for TikTok video to promote climate campaign  

Oscar winner and longtime activist posted videos on TikTok to promote her Fire Drill Friday protests, which have moved online following coronavirus outbreak

Belgian league set to be abandoned with leaders Club Brugge awarded title   3%

  • League expected to officially end season on 15 April
  • Brugge would also qualify for Champions League

The Belgian league has become the first major European competition to recommend ending its season with the current standings declared final because of the coronavirus outbreak.

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Photography then and now: Berlin before and during coronavirus   20%

Photographs taken in Berlin before and since the coronavirus outbreak began reveal an increasingly familiar emptying of urban social spaces

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Germany has risen to 57,298 and 455 people have died of the disease here, statistics from the Robert Koch Institute for infectious diseases showed on Monday.

Germany has been testing around 120,000 people a week, according to NPR, which is partly why this daily rise in confirmed cases is so high. Germany’s testing rate has also led to its mortality rate seeming lower than in other countries – with more tested, fewer people as a proportion of confirmed cases are dying.

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As the west is in lockdown, China is slowly getting back to business | Daniel Falush   -1%

After the coronavirus outbreak, life is returning to normal here. Other countries face a much longer wait

When China shut down its economy at the end of January to try to control the coronavirus outbreak, it was a bold and terrifying experiment. No one had tried anything similar. It was unclear whether the virus’s spread could be curbed, let alone halted. It was also possible that, as a respiratory virus with highly variable symptoms, coronavirus was simply too transmissible and too difficult to detect for these measures to work. But work they did and now China is the first nation to enter into the next phase of the pandemic – attempting to reinstate everyday life against the backdrop of coronavirus. But how much can economic life and daily freedom be restored without risking a “second wave” of the virus?

Since I returned six weeks ago to my home in Shanghai from a trip to Europe, the city has progressively come back to life. First, the number of people on the streets started to increase. Then restaurants began to reopen and, slowly, filled up. As of this past week, it is no longer compulsory to wear a mask when going shopping or on public transport, and it is no longer compulsory for restaurants and shops to take the temperatures of customers, as they had been doing previously.

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Queen Elizabeth invokes WW2 spirit: We can defeat the coronavirus  

Queen Elizabeth told the British people on Sunday that they would overcome the coronavirus outbreak if they stayed resolute in the face of lockdown and self-isolation, invoking the spirit of World War

Iran prioritizes regional fighting over coronavirus battle   13%

“If [Americans] want to help Iran, all they need to do is to lift sanctions. Then we can deal with the coronavirus outbreak,” said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani last week, who made it sound simple:

Coronavirus: Keepers, animals keep each other company at Cairos shuttered zoo   10%

The chimpanzees, lions and hippos of Cairo’s zoo are getting a rare spell of peace and quiet alone with their keepers as a closure caused by the coronavirus outbreak keeps the public away.The zoo in

I did not say anything wrong: Kuwaiti actress after COVID-19 expat ban comments   -23%

“This is my opinion and I did not say anything wrong,” Kuwaiti actress Hayat al-Fahad said in response to uproar on social media after she called for a ban on expatriates amid the coronavirus outbreak

Women's Bundesliga not facing wave of bankruptcies at least not yet   -15%

Just like the men's league, the women's Bundesliga has been forced to halt due to the coronavirus outbreak. While money is much tighter in the women's game, mass bankruptcies are not expected. Not yet, anyway.

How to stay healthy at home during the coronavirus lockdown   -75%

Cooped up and feeling sluggish, bored, even a bit miserable? Despite being confined indoors during the coronavirus outbreak, there are still lots of things you can do to protect your health and wellbeing.

Coronavirus has lit the fuse on a time bomb in Chinas economy: debt   32%

The coronavirus outbreak has already taken a great toll on the Chinese economy, with all headline readings pointing towards a record slowdown in growth during the first two months of the year.But there is an even greater danger for what was once the world’s fastest-growing major economy: that Covid-19 will become the catalyst that will bring its many long-simmering problems to the boil. At the centre of these problems is a rising systemic risk in its banking and financial systems caused by a…

Coronavirus: Beijing doctor points to signs of hope in Wuhan following pandemic fear and chaos   4%

Most of China’s 42,000 medical workers sent to help contain the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan have returned home in the past week, but Wang Xiaogang will remain in the city until further notice.The 38-year-old doctor from Beijing is a member of a central government medical team sent to support Wuhan until the Covid-19 pandemic is deemed to be completely under control.The virus has infected more than 82,000 people in China and more than 3,300 Chinese people have died of the disease. In the rest…

Coronavirus: Chinas unemployment crisis mounts, but nobody knows true number of jobless   -8%

Yu Zhixiang received his redundancy notice in early-March, while he was on sick leave, weeks after the coronavirus outbreak forced Chinese economy to come to a standstill.The 47-year-old had worked as a contract translator on Beijing’s Financial Street, home to many of China’s largest banks and the nation’s central bank. He was one of millions, maybe even tens of millions, of Chinese people who lost their jobs during the outbreak, but who were not immediately reflected in national unemployment…

Coronavirus: Queen Elizabeth invokes World War II spirit in rare broadcast to British public   10%

Queen Elizabeth told the British people on Sunday that they would overcome the coronavirus outbreak if they stayed resolute in the face of lockdown and self-isolation, invoking the spirit of World War II in an extremely rare broadcast to the nation.In what was only the fifth televised address of her 68-year reign, Elizabeth called upon Britons to show the resolve of their forebears and demonstrate they were as strong as generations of the past.“We will meet again”, she pointedly said in a…

Coronavirus: US researchers develop possible vaccine with novel injection technology   1%

Researchers at University of Pittsburgh reported that they are working on a possible novel coronavirus vaccine through a new injection technology, building on work they had already been undertaking on a vaccine for Middle East respiratory syndrome (Mers), a deadly coronavirus outbreak that was first reported in 2012.In a paper published in EBioMedicine – a peer reviewed journal published by The Lancet – the researchers described their work toward an experimental vaccine that produced antibodies…

Covid-19 could be under control by end of April, Chinas top respiratory expert says   30%

The Covid-19 pandemic could be under control by the end of the month, but uncertainty remains as to whether there will be another coronavirus outbreak next spring, China’s leading respiratory disease expert said.“With every country taking aggressive and effective measures, I believe the pandemic can be brought under control. My estimate is around late April,” Zhong Nanshan, who heads a Chinese team of top experts that advises the government on managing the outbreak, said in an interview with…

Spains military uses DJI agricultural drones to spray disinfectant in fight against Covid-19   -5%

The military of Spain, one of the countries most badly hit by the coronavirus outbreak globally, is deploying agricultural drones, including a model by China’s biggest drone maker DJI, in its fight against Covid-19.DJI’s local agent in Spain, Stock RC, is assisting the Spanish Military Emergency Unit (UME) in the latter’s community disinfection operations, DJI wrote in a post on its official WeChat account on Tuesday.“Spain has become the first European country to use agricultural drones for…

Israel sells rare century bonds to aid recovery from coronavirus outbreak  

The sale came a day after the government said it would spend 80 billion shekels ($22.3 billion) to help the economy cope with the coronavirus outbreak

Orthodox leaders urge U.S. Jews to limit Passover preparations in light of coronavirus  

The coronavirus outbreak has shaken up millions around the globe, including Jewish communities who found themselves at the epicenters of the crisis

Despite coronavirus crisis, Trump to attend Republican Jewish conference   13%

Amid efforts to deal with the coronavirus outbreak, the White House has confirmed to the Republican Jewish Coalition that Trump will attend its conference at Sheldon Adelson's Las Vegas Venetian resort

One million Israelis will be permanently out of work before Passover, official says   -4%

A wave of layoffs amid the coronavirus outbreak is expected to hit the most vulnerable particularly hard – women, people with disabilities, workers near retirement age, and those in deeply affected industries

Yuanfudao is now one of Chinas most valuable ed-tech startups  

Chinese ed-tech unicorn Yuanfudao raised $1 billion in a Series G as demand for online courses surge during the coronavirus outbreak.

Nats fan organizes Take Me Out to the Ballgame balcony singalong for postponed home opener  

Dick Lasner was inspired by videos of impromptu concerts people have been giving in Italy during the coronavirus outbreak.