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UK, France Germany blame Iran for Saudi oil attacks   -12%

Britain, France and Germany joined the United States on Monday in blaming Iran for attacks on key oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, but the Iranian foreign minister pointed to claims … Click to Continue »

Britain Says Iran Responsible For Attack On Saudi Oil Facilities   5%

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson says Britain has concluded Iran was responsible for the September 14 attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, and will consider taking part in a U.S.-led military effort to bolster the kingdom's defenses.

Saudi Arabia to restore full oil output by next week:Report   -28%

The September 14 attacks on the two giant oil facilities in Saudi Arabia caused raging fires and damage that halved the crude output of the world’s top oil exporter, by shutting down 5.7 million barrels per day of production.

Iran rules out talks with Trump, as US attempts to downplay appetite for war  

Saudi Arabia has been circumspect in assigning blame, calling for international investigation overseen by the UN

Jordans King: We are committed to Saudi Arabias defense  

Jordan’s King Abdullah II said on Monday that his country is committed to the defense of Saudi Arabia, amid heightened escalation in the region. In an exclusive interview with MSNBC, King

British MPs visit Saudi Aramcos Khurais and Abqaiq facilities   25%

A delegation of British lawmakers visited Saudi Aramco’s Khurais and Abqaiq facilities in Saudi Arabia to assess the damage caused by Sept. 14 attacks, and the latest efforts to restore

King Salman: Saudi Arabia capable of dealing with Aramco attacks aftermath   -13%

Saudi Arabia's King Salman said on Monday that the Kingdom is capable of dealing with the aftermath of the destructive acts which targeted the stability of global energy supplies, the Saudi Press

Very likely Iran responsible for outrageous, unlawful Saudi attacks: UK FM   1%

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said on Monday that it was “very likely” that Iran was responsible for the attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil installations. “UK

Riyadh police arrest man who repeatedly hit his infant in a viral video   3%

A man filmed repeatedly hitting his infant daughter in Saudi Arabia has been arrested after the footage went viral on social media. Police in Riyadh said he was identified as a Palestinian resident of

Saudi Arabia to restore full oil output by next week: Report   5%

Saudi Arabia has restored around 75 percent of crude output lost after attacks on its facilities and will return to full volumes by early next week, a source briefed on the latest developments told

Europe gasoline exports to Mideast surge after Saudi attacks  

Gasoline exports from Europe to the Middle East and Asia are set to surge this week after recent attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities crippled output at the Kingdom’s refineries. Over

PM Hariri: Lebanon to discuss Saudi financial support in new joint body   -10%

Heavily indebted Lebanon will discuss getting help from Saudi Arabia with its financial situation at a new bilateral council the two countries are setting up, the Lebanese prime minister said on

Quick return of Saudi oil output would demonstrate resilience: Moodys   31%

Saudi Arabia’s ability to quickly restore oil production after the weekend’s attacks on its oil facilities would demonstrate an important degree of resilience to potentially very damaging

IN PICTURES: Saudi Arabia celebrates 89th National Day with fireworks, air shows   35%

People across Saudi Arabia celebrated on Monday the Kingdom’s 89th National Day with over 70 entertainment events, including fireworks, air shows, and special performances. Two million

Saudi Arabia to celebrate 89th National Day with over 70 entertainment events   5%

Saudi Arabia’s 89th National Day will feature over 70 entertainment events across the Kingdom, organized by the country’s General Entertainment Authority (GEA) for the five-day National

German arms export freeze on Saudi Arabia extended  

Germany has extended its arms export moratorium on Saudi Arabia by 6 months. If parliament agrees, cabinet also plans to extend a Bundeswehr training mission in Iraq and reconnaissance flights tracking IS in Syria.

Shock and awe, but few surprises as oil prices spike   -2%

The attacks on Saudi Arabia's oil production facilities could mean that a large chunk of its oil exports are sidelined for weeks. But the price spike that has followed may not last, as global demand has changed.

Saudi oil strike: Iran pursuing 'strategy of escalation'  

The Iranian government has denied any involvement in the drone attack against Saudi Arabia, but observers say that Tehran is trying to raise the stakes in its tug-of-war with Washington.

UN welcomes Yemeni rebels offer to halt attacks on Saudi Arabia   13%

The United Nations envoy for Yemen welcomed Saturday an offer from the country’s Houthi rebels to halt all attacks on Saudi Arabia, saying it could bring an end to years of bloody conflict.Implementation of the initiative by the Houthis “in good faith could send a powerful message of the will to end the war,” Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths said.The Iran-backed Houthis, which control the capital Sanaa and other parts of Yemen, have been fighting against a Saudi-led coalition which…

US to send more troops to Saudi Arabia after attacks on oil facilities  

The Pentagon on Friday said it will boost US air and missile defences in Saudi Arabia after last week’s surprise attack, allegedly from Iran, on critical oil facilities exposed the kingdom’s vulnerability.The modest response, announced shortly after the Treasury Department added new sanctions to Iran’s financial sector, reflects a White House attempt to keep mounting tensions in the Persian Gulf from escalating into war.Pentagon officials declined to provide specifics, but the latest deployment…

Iran diplomat warns of all-out war if hit for Saudi oilfield attack   -6%

Iran’s foreign minister warned on Thursday that any attack on his country over a drone-and-missile strike on Saudi Arabia’s oil industry will result in “all-out war,” further pushing up tensions across the Persian Gulf.The comments by Mohammad Javad Zarif represent the starkest warning offered yet by Iran in a long summer of mysterious attacks and incidents following the collapse of Iran’s nuclear deal with world powers, over a year after President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew America…

How did attack breach Saudi Arabias state-of-the-art missile defences?   10%

Saudi Arabia’s state-of-the-art missile defence systems could do nothing to stop the swarm of drones and cruise missiles that struck some of its most important oil infrastructure at the weekend.They were designed to deal with different threats – and they were looking in the wrong direction.The audacious strike against the Abqaiq petroleum processing facilities and Khurais oilfield on Saturday morning – which the Saudis say was “unquestionably sponsored by Iran ” – has exposed the limits of the…

Mike Pompeo calls oil site attacks an act of war as Saudis display proof that Iran was behind strikes  

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called strikes on Saudi Arabia’s oil sites an “act of war” on Wednesday, as the US ally displayed remnants of drones and missiles it said were used in a crippling attack that was “unquestionably sponsored” by Tehran.The senior official made his comments after US President Donald Trump said on Twitter that he had ordered the US Treasury to “substantially increase sanctions on the country of Iran!” and told reporters the unspecified, punitive economic measures…

Saudis join US-led Gulf naval force after attack on oil plants   10%

Saudi Arabia said on Wednesday it had joined a US-led coalition to secure the Middle East’s waterways amid threats from Iran after an attack targeting its crucial oil industry.The kingdom’s decision to enter the International Maritime Security Construct came ahead of a planned visit by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.Separately, Saudi officials said they planned to show evidence of Iran’s involvement in the attack at a press conference on Wednesday evening, by sharing information about the…

Saudi oil output halved as US blames Iran for unprecedented drone attack on major facilities   8%

The United States on Sunday said Iran was behind an attack on major oil facilities in Saudi Arabia that has escalated already high tension in the Gulf region and raised concern over global oil supplies.US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed Tehran for the destruction, calling it an “unprecedented attack on the world’s energy supply”, and refuted a claim of responsibility from the Iran-linked Houthi rebels in Yemen.“Tehran is behind nearly 100 attacks on Saudi Arabia while [Iranian President…

Drone attacks spark fires at Saudi Arabias largest oil facilities   12%

Drones attacked the world’s largest oil processing facility in Saudi Arabia and an oilfield operated by Saudi Aramco early on Saturday, the kingdom’s Interior Ministry said, sparking a huge fire at a processor crucial to global energy supplies.No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attacks in Buqyaq and the Khurais oilfield, though Yemen’s Houthi rebels previously launched drone assaults deep inside of the kingdom.It was not clear if there were any injuries in the attacks, nor what…

Reporters notebook: Saudi attack fans flames of uncertainty in global economy   12%

Will higher oil prices — even temporarily — hurt consumer confidence? The attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure has likely stoked even more geopolitical uncertainty.

Oil edges higher amid mixed reports over pace of Saudi recovery   41%

Oil futures gained on Monday as traders weighed conflicting reports on how quickly Saudi Arabia will be able to restore its lost production.

Oil slides as focus shifts to quick return of Saudi supply   -46%

Crude declined as investors shifted attention to a speedy return of Saudi Arabia's crude production amid signals that global inventories are plentiful.

Oil slips a bit more on small crude inventories increase   -9%

The nation's crude stockpiles jumped by more than 1 million barrels last week, giving more evidence that there's enough oil to go around after Saudi Arabia indicated Tuesday it is quickly recovering its production.

Oil plunges on report Saudis may soon resume 70% of lost output   -43%

Oil markets are grappling with uncertainty over how long it will take Saudi Arabia to restore output after the devastating attacks that knocked out 5% of global crude supply.

Oil loses much of its gains after report that Saudis are recovering output   -33%

Crude oil prices plunged Tuesday morning - losing nearly half of their Monday gains - following a report that Saudi Arabia is on track to recover its crude output faster than expected.

Saudis face lengthy oil halt with few options to fill gap   20%

The oil market is facing a prolonged disruption to Saudi Arabia’s oil production with few options for replacing such huge output losses.

Oil prices jumpmost on record after Saudi Arabia strike   10%

Oil surged the most in more than a decade after a devastating attack on Saudi Arabia intensified concerns about growing instability in the world's most important crude-producing region.

Perry says Trump prepared to tap oil reserve after Saudi attack   -35%

President Donald Trump has authorized the release of crude from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve if supply shortages develop following the attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, Energy Secretary Rick Perry said Monday.

Fuel prices fall again, but spike could loom after Saudi attack  

Prices at the pump fell again last week, but a spike could loom in the days ahead following the attack on Saudi Arabia's oil supplies.

Oil spikes nearly 15% on Saudi attack, heightened tensions with Iran   -70%

Crude oil prices spiked by more than 10 percent worldwide for the biggest jump in years Monday morning after Saudi Arabia's oil supplies were attacked Saturday amid heightening geopolitical tensions with Iran.

China ready to defend against drone attacks after Saudi Arabia oil hit   -1%

A police officer takes aim at a drone during the crab festival in Hongze Lake, Huai'an of East China's Jiangsu Province on September 8, 2018. Photo: VCG

Chinese military observers turned their attention to the threats from drones after two major oil installations of Saudi Arabia were attacked by drones on Saturday, saying on Monday China has a full range of countermeasures, including detection and interception systems.

Ten drones attacked the oil installations, damaging facilities that process the vast majority of the country's crude output and raising the risk of a disruption in world oil supplies, the New York Times reported on Saturday.

An anonymous Chinese military expert told the Global Times surprise was the key to the attacks' success. "If they had deployed a well-conditioned defense system, they would at least not suffer such a huge loss," the expert said.

Drones, especially those with small, slow, low-flying characteristics, are difficult for traditional air defense systems to detect and intercept, so new systems must be developed to counter them, experts told the Global Times.

China has already developed complete systems to counter drone attacks, so similar attacks would find it difficult to succeed in China, especially on strategic facilities key to national security, military observers said.

To detect these smaller drones, in addition to more capable and extra numbers of radar installations, other technologies, including infrared detection and radio environmental monitoring that track the control signal of the drones, could be used, the expert said, noting that after a drone is detected, it can be shot down by traditional guns, missiles and newly developed laser weapons, or it can be jammed through jammers.

State-owned China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) has developed a counter-drone system consisting of multiple weapons and equipment, including land-based rockets and drone-hunting drones that can shoot huge webs and vehicle-based detection devices, the China Central Television reported earlier this month.

China also has rifle-shaped counter-drone devices, which "shoot" jamming signals that will disrupt drones, bringing about either a forced landing or divert an intruding drone, a Shanghai-based weapons manufacturer told the Global Times.

At Airshow China 2018, CASIC showcased a vehicle-based laser weapon called LW-30, which could use a directional-emission high-energy laser to quickly intercept many kinds of aerial targets, such as photoelectric guidance equipment, drones, guided bombs, and mortars.

The drone attacks in Saudi Arabia also brought the attention of Chinese investors to the military drone and counter-drone industries, news website reported on Monday.

Chinese securities company Pacific Securities recommended shares of related Chinese companies, including CH, a major Chinese drone manufacturer that builds the CH series drones, the website said.


Iran may exploit Israel's political instability: How Trump must deter Tehran  

Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas may well see Israel's current political uncertainty as an opportunity to attack. This is how Trump should warn Tehran off – and it includes responding to Iran's attacks on Saudi Arabia

Headlines for September 17, 2019   2%

Iran Rejects Talks with U.S. Following Disputed Drone Attacks in Saudi Arabia, Israelis Head to Polls to Decide Netanyahu's Fate, Afghanistan: Blast Near Presidential Rally Kills Dozens Amid Mounting Violence, Massive Blackout Hits Four Central American Nations, 2 Italian Officials Indicted over Migrant Deaths from 2013 Shipwreck, 2019 Was Northern Hemisphere's Hottest Summer on Record, Autoworkers Continue Strike with Support from Dems, Environmental Activists, Manhattan DA Subpoenas Trump Tax Returns, Acting Intelligence Dir. Refused to Turn Over Whistleblower Complaint That Could Involve Trump, House Dems Investigating Elaine Chao for Ethics Violations, Florida Judge Refuses to Toss Epstein "Sweetheart" Plea Deal, Study: 1 of Every 16 Women and Girls' First Sexual Experience Was Rape, Sen. Warren Launches Anti-Corruption Plan, Receives 2020 Endorsement from Working Families Party, Saturday Night Live Fires Racist, Homophobic New Cast Member