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Australian PM says he will attend Cop26 climate summit, as doubts grow over Chinas Xi Jinping  

Boris Johnson has been reportedly told about China’s Jinping not attending summit

We in Northern Ireland are sick of being pawns in the Brexit game | Sarah Creighton   9%

The public have protocol fatigue. It’s time for politicians to find some good faith and repair the damage already caused

Being from Northern Ireland is exhausting. Being from Northern Ireland and experiencing Brexit is maddening. Two years ago Boris Johnson hailed the withdrawal agreement, which established the Northern Ireland protocol, as an “oven-ready” deal. The EU patted itself on the back. We knew better. We had an inkling of what was to come.

Here we are, almost a year since the protocol was actually implemented, and we’re still talking about it. After declaring that there was no Irish Sea border, after ignoring the fact that businesses in Northern Ireland were sounding the alarm about its implications, the EU and the UK government are still trying to fix their mess.

Sarah Creighton is a lawyer, writer and political commentator from Northern Ireland

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The Guardian view on the Northern Ireland protocol: take the deal | Editorial  

The European Commission is offering substantial concessions. If Boris Johnson refuses, it will prove that he prefers conflict to resolution

A detail in the story of Brexit, often forgotten, is Boris Johnson’s support for Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement at a third Commons vote in March 2019. Having resigned from the cabinet in protest at Mrs May’s plan, he endorsed it, not because he changed his mind about the content, but because it seemed expedient in the moment. The motive was fear of losing Brexit altogether; the intention was to kill Britain’s EU membership, take any deal available and then try to change it from the outside.

Mrs May lost that vote. Mr Johnson became prime minister and his sign-and-renege strategy became government policy. Hence the decision in October 2019 to agree to the Northern Ireland protocol, placing a customs border in the Irish Sea. Dominic Cummings, Mr Johnson’s chief adviser at the time, has said that there was never intent in Downing Street to stick with the terms of what had been agreed. A typically self-serving and pugnacious Twitter outburst by Mr Cummings included the assertion that “cheating foreigners is a core part of the job”.

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UK lawmaker David Amess dies after being stabbed multiple times  

David Amess, a lawmaker in British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party was attacked during a constituent meeting. Essex police have arrested a 25-year-old suspect and opened an investigation.

Why are UK and EU still fighting over Brexit after all this time?  

“Get Brexit done” was British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s slogan when he ran for election two years ago.Since then, the United Kingdom has pulled out of the European Union after more than four decades of membership and several years of wrangling over divorce terms.And yet the quarrels go on. The UK and the EU of now 27 nations are once again trading accusations and insults as they try to resolve rough spots in their relationship.What’s the problem?The current conflict centres on Northern…

British lawmaker David Amess stabbed to death in London, police say  

The Conservative lawmaker from Boris Johnson's party was attacked while meeting with constituents in a church

Sir David Amess: Tributes to much-loved MP who has died after being stabbed  

Boris Johnson calls Sir David, who has died after being stabbed, one of the kindest people in politics.

Conservative conference: Five things we learned in Manchester   37%

Tax jitters, selfies and Boris Johnson's unique speaking style - key takeaways from Manchester.

Labour accuses Boris Johnson of recycling teacher payment scheme  

But Boris Johnson says an extra £3,000 will lure maths and science specialists to deprived areas.

Hear Boris Johnson's words after Amess' death  

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks after a British lawmaker, Conservative MP Sir David Amess, died after being stabbed several times at a constituency meeting east of London.

British lawmaker David Amess dies after church stabbing in eastern England   20%

UK lawmaker David Amess was stabbed to death in a church on Friday during a meeting with voters from his constituency, in an attack that politicians described as an assault on democracy. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has paid tribute to "a fine public servant and a much-loved friend and colleague".