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Turkish Cypriot premier to run for 2020 presidency  

Ersin Tatar, the prime minister of Turkish Cyprus announced on Jan. 18 that he will run for presidential race that will take place in April 2020.

Meet Russia's New Prime Minister, An 'Enforcer Who Knows Where The Bodies Are Buried'   15%

Mikhail Mishustin implemented significant reforms at Russia's Federal Tax Service during his nearly decade-long tenure at the helm, earning him accolades not only from government officials but also from the business community. Now he has been tasked with running the government as the new prime minister, implementing Putin's National Projects while keeping the elite in line.

Iran crisis: Donald Trump receives praise and calls for caution after missile strike video report   -9%

The US president announced on Wednesday that Iran appeared to be 'standing down' after it launched more than a dozen missiles at Iraqi bases hosting US and coalition troops.

While Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, showed his support for the US president, other world leaders struck a more cautious note. European commission president Ursula von der Leyen called for dialogue to replace the use of weapons. 

In Washington, the US Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer said Americans now feared for their safety.

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BT and Vodafone to lobby PM to allow use of Huawei equipment  

CEOs Philip Jansen and Nick Read say they have seen no evidence that warrants ban

BT and Vodafone are set to lobby Boris Johnson to allow Huawei technology to be used in the UK’s 5G phone network.

BT’s chief executive, Philip Jansen, and Nick Read, his counterpart at Vodafone, are drafting a letter to the prime minister arguing they have not seen evidence that Huawei equipment poses a security risk that warrants a total ban. Huawei has always denied allegations its kit could be used by the Chinese government to spy on users.

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Ukraine rocked by leaked audio scandal   -7%

Volodymyr Zelenskiy has rejected the resignation of his prime minister, who was under pressure after leaked audio seemed to show him criticize the president for his lack of knowledge. Is the premier the victim of a plot?

Will the Najib recordings fray ties between Mahathirs Malaysia and the Gulf states?   -5%

The revelation earlier this month that Malaysia’s disgraced former prime minister Najib Razak allegedly urged a crown prince from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to help cover up the multibillion-dollar 1MDB scandal is expected to complicate ties between the two countries, analysts say.It came as relations between the Southeast Asian nation and Saudi Arabia, the de facto leader of the Sunni Muslim world, have been strained since Riyadh saw a summit of Islamic nations in Kuala Lumpur last month…

Japanese politician Shinjiro Koizumi becomes a dad, makes waves by taking paternity leave   17%

Japan’s Environment Minister Shinjiro Koizumi, who has said he will take paternity leave in a rare move for a Japanese man, announced on Friday the birth of his first child – a boy.Koizumi, 38, is the son of charismatic former prime minister Junichiro Koizumi and is seen as a future leader himself, according to some opinion polls.On Wednesday he said he was planning to take two weeks of leave over three months, in an effort to become a role model for Japan’s working fathers.But some lawmakers…

Ukraine PM Oleksiy Goncharuk offers to quit after audio critical of President Zelensky leaked  

Ukraine’s prime minister offered his resignation on Friday after audio was leaked of him reportedly criticising President Volodymyr Zelensky’s understanding of the economy.“To remove any doubts about our respect for and trust in the president, I have written a resignation letter and handed it over to the president,” Oleksiy Goncharuk wrote on his official Facebook page.He said the audio “artificially created an impression that my team and I do not respect the president”.“This is not true,” he…

Lesotho PM Thomas Thabane to resign as police probewifes murder   1%

Lesotho’s prime minister said he intends to step down, following increased calls for his resignation over the murder of his second wife, which police have linked to the woman he married a month later.Thomas Thabane, 80, was inaugurated as prime minister of the tiny African mountain kingdom two days after his second wife was shot in June 2017.His decision to resign was announced by Communications Minister Thesele Maseribane on Thursday.Earlier this month, court documents showed that the country…

Entire Russian government resigns as Vladimir Putin plans shake-up that could let him keep grip on power   20%

Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed constitutional changes on Wednesday that would give him scope to extend his grip on power after leaving the presidency, and picked a new prime minister after Dmitry Medvedev and his cabinet stepped down.Most importantly, Putin suggested diminishing the powers of the presidency and beefing up those of the prime minister.The dramatic moves were widely seen as preparing the ground for 2024, when Putin, now 67, is obliged to leave the presidency after…

Justin Trudeau has shown a sure hand after the tragedy of Flight 752   6%

‘Since his return to Canada, newly bearded, the prime minister has displayed more gravitas, a laudable emotional feel for the needs of the moment, and a surer grasp on the demands of leadership.’

Tech Bro Uniform Meets Margaret Thatcher. Disruption Ensues.  

A new exhibition in San Francisco makes art out of the Patagonia vest, the former prime minister of England and … Salesforce?

Ukraine's President Zelensky refuses PM's resignation amid tape scandal  

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky on Friday rejected an offer by Oleksiy Honcharuk to resign as prime minister after an audio recording suggested the latter had criticised Zelensky's knowledge of economics.

Mikhail Mishustin: the unknown tax chief surprisingly promoted to Russian PM by Putin   2%

President Vladimir Putin nominated a new prime minister on Wednesday 15 January after the shock resignation of Dmitry Medvedev, who has been at the head of the government since 2012. Medvedev will be succeeded by Mikhail Mishustin, who until now was a barely known tax chief with no political clout.

Duma to review Putin PM appointee Mishustin on heels of Medvedev's resignation  

Russian lawmakers will begin reviewing President Vladimir Putin's nomination of a little-known tax chief as the new prime minister Thursday after his announcement of a sweeping constitutional shake-up fuelled speculation about his future plans.

Malta's Joseph Muscat: The fall of a prime minister   -33%

In Malta, the Labour Party has chosen Robert Abela to be the country's new prime minister. He'll replace Joseph Muscat, who was forced to resign following widespread anger over his perceived efforts to protect friends and allies from a probe into the 2017 assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. Mathilde Bénézet, Céline Schmitt and Wassim Cornet take a look back at the scandal that brought down the Maltese premier.

Boeing releases 'damning' internal messages as 737 MAX safety concerns persist  

Facing ongoing scrutiny over the safety of its 737 MAX jet, Boeing has published messages that show employees casting doubt on the jet's design and even mocking government regulators. Also, here in France, unions meet with the prime minister over pension reforms and Airbnb is paying millions of euros in taxes.