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Lib Dems are very pro-European but not a rejoin party Sir Ed Davey  

The Liberal Democrats are not the party of rejoining the European Union, Sir Ed Davey has said.

EUs Borrell urges Israel to facilitate Palestinian vote   12%

The European Union on Saturday welcomed a promise by Palestinian leaders to hold their first elections in 15 years, urging Israel to facilitate the ballots.Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas said

China acts quickly to stymie Biden trade alliance with Europe  

The European Union has forged a new trade deal with China, ignoring pleas from the incoming Biden administration in the US to wait and give it an opportunity to recreate a Western alliance to deal with China.

China-EU investment deal: smaller countries question whether France and Germany have their best interests at heart   -2%

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron’s role in sealing a landmark investment deal between the European Union and China has raised questions in some other member states about whether their interests are being addressed.An initial draft of the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) was approved by the two sides on December 30, narrowly hitting the target set by the two sides of finishing seven years of negotiation before the end of 2020.The final talks held…

China tried to punish European states for Huawei bans by adding eleventh-hour rule to EU investment deal   -4%

At the eleventh hour of its painstakingly negotiated investment deal with the European Union, China tried to add a clause that would have frozen some of the benefits for EU states that restricted access for Huawei Technologies Co. and other Chinese telecoms firms, according documents reviewed by the South China Morning Post.The insertion appeared in a draft negotiating text dated December 11, just weeks before the parties finalised their bilateral investment pact, but was struck-through by EU…

Nicola Sturgeon on Scotland after Brexit: "We Are Committed To Becoming an Independent State"   12%

Brexit was a mistake. Scotland should leave the United Kingdom and remain a part of the European Union, argues Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Amid many losses in 2020, a win for electric cars  

COVID-19 has pushed some conversations about climate change to the wayside, but progress continues in the field of electric vehicles. In the European Union, new incentives and stricter regulations on carbon emissions have spurred growth in electric car sales.

'Willingness and urgency' to resolve Brexit trade issues: UK ambassador to France   -2%

We're now just over a fortnight into the new arrangements between the United Kingdom and the European Union. Their combined half a billion citizens are getting used to things post-Brexit, to varying degrees. We've seen major European freight handlers refusing to take goods to the UK. There are also shoppers in various countries unable to find certain foodstuffs: some of this due to Covid-19 restrictions, some due to Brexit. There have also been some Brits unable to reach their second homes in the EU.

EU and US should 'pause' trade standoff says France's foreign minister   -6%

The European Union and the US should "pause" a long-running tariff disagreement to allow the issue to be resolved, France's foreign minister suggested Sunday.

New year, new tariffs: French wine & cognac hit by new US trade tax  

In another blow to French wine producers, the United States has expanded the list of products it's hitting with tariffs to include all French and German wines – except for champagne – as well as cognacs. It's part of a long-running dispute between the European Union and the US over subsidies to planemakers. We speak to French winemaker Bérénice Lurton, the owner of Chateau Climens in the Bordeaux region.

European wine, aircraft parts hit with new US tariffs in Airbus-Boeing dispute   -4%

French and German wine, cognac and aircraft parts have been hit with new tariffs by the United States, as part of a long-running dispute with the European Union over subsidies to plane makers. The new tariffs are expanding a list of products which have been subject to US import levies since 2019. The French wine exporters' association estimates the new tariffs will cost the sector €300 million in lost sales. Also today, dozens of major American companies have suspended political donations after last week's riot in Washington.

EU says it has secured nearly half of Pfizer's 2021 global output of COVID shots   -4%

The European Union reached a deal with Pfizer and BioNTech for 300 million additional doses of their COVID-19 vaccine, the head of the European Commission said on Friday, in a move that would give the EU nearly half of the firms' global output for 2021.