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Panel on 'constitutional safeguards' to Assamese submits report to CM  

During his visit to Assam earlier this month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had assured that the Centre won’t delay implementation of the committee’s recommendations.

President says he fears Bernie Sanders, as Indians label him warmonger, imperialist, gangster during lavish Taj Mahal visit   65%

Donald Trump has told reporters Vermont senator Bernie Sanders is the 2020 rival he fears the most during his tour of India, which began with the president receiving a bear hug from Narendra Modi and a lavish welcome from the locals.

Trump hails Modi as true friend as host faces backlash over anti-Muslim citizenship law   13%

Narendra Modi, hosting the US president, leads the crowd in chants of 'namaste Trump' and 'long live India-US friendship'

Trump visit to India: Sanitised and locked-down streets to greet US president on first trip to country   40%

Ahead of huge 'Namaste Trump' rally in the new 110,000-capacity stadium, president and host Narendra Modi to tour roads aggressively cleared of stray cows, homeless people and slum views. Adam Withnall reports from Ahmedabad

Hundreds of Indian slum residents evicted from stadium route ahead of Trumps first visit  

Narendra Modi's home state spending 1.5% of annual budget on three-hour Trump visit, including 'beautification' projects

Trump sings Modi's praises at massive rally in India video   -9%

On a two-day visit to India, the US president addressed more than 100,000 people at a massive public rally in Gujarat.

During his speech in Narendra Modi's home state, Donald Trump said the US and India would shortly announce an 'incredible' trade deal, but repeated the line that the Indian PM was a 'very tough negotiator'. He praised his achievements with the Indian economy and lifting people out of poverty, while Modi said the two countries had a 'far greater and closer relationship than ever before'.

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John Oliver explains Trump's support of Modi, India's 'temporary symbol of hate'   12%

Last Week Tonight examines Trump’s praise for Modi, whose government is prepared to strip citizenship from millions

Given Donald Trump’s first visit to India this week, in which he praised the prime minister, Narendra Modi, as “the father of India”, John Oliver dug into Modi’s increasingly controversial reputation and widespread protests against his government’s citizenship measures. “Calling Modi the father of India is completely inappropriate for multiple reasons,” Oliver said on Last Week Tonight, “not the least of which is that there is a certain Gandhi who already holds that exact fucking title.”

Still, Modi is popular; he handily won re-election last year, has a loyal following and appeared on Man vs Wild with Bear Grylls. “But while Modi may have charmed Grylls, the world and our current president, within India, he’s an increasingly controversial figure,” said Oliver, as his government has escalated campaigns of persecution against religious minorities, leading to abundant protests.

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Trump says US keen to boost defense sales to India   60%

The US leader sang the praises of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a rally attended by more than 100,000 in India. He arrived amid continued protests in the capital, and rose eyebrows trying to say a cricketer's name.

As Namaste Trump meets Howdy Modi in India, common threat China looms large   9%

If there is one foreign leader who has the inside track for organising the kind of over-the-top, boisterous public reception Donald Trump revels in, it has to be Narendra Modi – the Indian prime minister who in many ways is a kindred spirit to the showman US president.Modi’s government is pulling out all the stops, at an expense of some US$14 million, ahead of the maiden two-day trip by the US president and First Lady Melania Trump that begins in Ahmedabad on Monday. The first day of Trump’s…

Trump set to talk Indo-Pacific and 5G, a day after Modis grand welcome   -2%

After a day of pomp and grandeur, which saw US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi exchanging an embrace and praising each other at a stadium with some 125,000 fans, issues of geopolitics are expected to be high on the agenda when both meet on Tuesday morning.Ajit Pai, the US Federal Communications commission chief who is accompanying Trump, has made it clear he will be discussing the issue of 5G infrastructure and, potentially, the role of the Chinese telecom giant…

Trump receives massive welcome at India's 'Namaste, Trump' rally  

Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered President Donald Trump the largest rally of his American political career at a cricket stadium in Ahmedabad. The two leaders, ideologically aligned, hope for political boosts from the rally.

Guests are like God: Modi tweets warm greeting to Trump as US president arrives in India   37%

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted out a friendly message to Donald Trump, just minutes before the US president landed in India.
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In India, Trump revels in huge crowd and Modi's praise  

Trump began a two-day visit to India with a massive stadium rally, reveling in praise from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the spectacle he created as a sign of a strengthening relationship between the two countries.

PM Modi wants people to have religious freedom: Donald Trump   10%

US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he discussed the issue of religious freedom with Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his comprehensive talks and that the Indian leader wants people to have this freedom.

Trump Reports Progress Toward India Trade Deal but No Breakthrough   3%

The president stressed the strength of his relationship with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in meetings long on symbolism and short on concrete agreements.

India Set to Stage an Epic Show, With Trump as the Star   -33%

Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to have enticed Mr. Trump to fly 8,000 miles with the promise of a two-day spectacle. But serious issues remain.