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More than 1 million voters switch to GOP in warning for Dems   11%

A political shift is beginning to take hold across the U.S. as tens of thousands of suburban swing voters who helped fuel the Democratic Party’s gains in recent years are becoming Republicans.

Three in custody after 46 migrants found dead in San Antonio tractor-trailer   -35%

Four children survived what may be one of the worst single migrant death tolls in recent years

Chinas live-streaming e-commerce offers lifeline to fruit farmers amid Covid restrictions and short season   2%

Local farmers have come to rely more on Big Tech platforms to boost sales in recent years, but a tough season for some produce is proving challenging for some.

China inflation: Li Keqiang says prudent economic policy, bumper wheat harvest leaves room to tackle risks   -12%

Premier Li Keqiang says China has refrained from ‘excessive’ money printing in recent years to prevent inflation and create room to counter new challenges.

Use of bitcoin, other digital money to buy property grinds to halt as cryptocurrency market crashes   12%

The use of digital coins to pay for real estate globally has all but evaporated after strong growth in recent years, say property analysts, after the cryptocurrency market fell into the doldrums this year.

The most common abortion procedures and when they occur   5%

The number of abortions performed in the United States has fallen significantly in recent years. Nearly 1 in 4 women will have the procedure by the age of 45.

These Are Some of the Deadliest Instances of Migrant Deaths on the Southern Border   -30%

The journey north for migrants crossing into the U.S. from Mexico is typically dangerous, and sometimes fatal. In recent years, dozens of migrants have died in crashes while traveling north.

Tick Hunting: The Prey Are Tiny, and the Bait Is Human   -15%

Climate change and other factors have brought several new species of ticks, and frightening new diseases, to New York in recent years.

House Hunting on Anguilla: Modern Elegance, Steps From the Caribbean  

This January saw some of the island’s highest tourism numbers in recent years, lending some momentum to a rebounding sales market.

How a massive refinery shortage is contributing to high gas prices   -33%

Oil refineries have lost capacity over recent years, making it nearly impossible to increase supply and stabilize gas prices at the pump.