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Taking Apart, Putting An AK-47 Back Together As Russia Marks Kalashnikov's Centenary   16%

More than 100 Russian schoolchildren over the weekend got up close and personal with perhaps the world's most ubiquitous weapon -- the AK-47 automatic rifle.

Billionaires' wealth falls for first time since 2015   -11%

The world's richest people became a little less well off last year, according to a report by UBS and PwC, as geopolitical turmoil and volatile equity markets reduced the wealth of billionaires for...

KSI net worth: How much does YouTuber earn and how many subscribers does he have?   62%

KSI is one of the world's most successful YouTubers

Amazon accused of callous disrespect to voters for spending $1.5m on local election candidates it favours   12%

Company founded by world's richest man increasingly interested in local politics

Digging deep to tackle climate change: JCBs quiet revolution   25%

The world's first fully electric compact digger has come up trumps with a prestigious award from the RAC, writes Sean O'Grady

Jingle Bell Ball: Taylor Swift, Stormzy and Harry Styles to perform at London Christmas show  

Some of the world's biggest stars are performing under the same roof this Christmas

Bill McKibben on U.S. Withdrawal from Paris Accord, California Fires, Climate Refugees & More  

The Trump administration notified the United Nations Monday that it would withdraw the U.S. from the historic Paris climate agreement, starting a year-long process to leave the international pact to fight the climate crisis. The United States — the world's largest historic greenhouse gas emitter — will become the only country outside the accord. Trump's announcement of the withdrawal came on the first day possible under the agreement's rules. From Middlebury, Vermont, we speak with Bill McKibben, co-founder of "The decision of the United States to be the only country on Earth … unwilling to take part in a global attempt at a solution to the greatest crisis we've ever faced — there's a lot to be ashamed of in the Trump years and a lot of terrible things that have happened — it's pretty hard to top that," says McKibben.

Alibaba sees strong sales as Singles' Day beats record   -16%

The world's biggest online shopping day beats the previous record set in 2018

Historic Armenian monuments were obliterated. Some call it 'cultural genocide'   27%

For centuries the sacred khachkars of Djulfa stood tall along the banks of the River Aras — hulking and ornately carved 16th-century headstones, an army 10,000 strong, steadfastly guarding the world's largest medieval Armenian cemetery.

Chinese team FunPlus Phoenix wins League of Legends World Championship   3%

Every year, the world's biggest computer game, League of Legends, puts on a show at its World Championship esports finals complete with a huge opening ceremony.

Why celebrities are obsessed with Wagyumafia, a Japanese restaurant brand famed for $185 steak sandwich  

Japan's Wagyumafia restaurants serve the world's finest cuts of Kobe beef -- including the $180 Chateaubriand steak sandwich. Find out which celebrities have been spotted there.

Aurora Cannabis' next big play: The US CBD market  

Aurora Cannabis is angling to become the world's leading cannabis company, and the Canadian operator's next big move could come south of its border.

Behind the scenes of high fashion: Paris haute couture workshops   -18%

Paris is the eternal capital of fashion. The city is synonymous with some of the world's best-loved fashion designers: Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton, to name but a few. We take you to see the workshops of designers Stéphane Rolland and Jean-Paul Gaultier. But there are also less high-profile artists who keep the Parisian fashion flame burning. Barbara Cohen won France's best craftsperson prize in 2015 for her skills in corsetry. We take you inside her Paris lingerie boutique.

French literature appeals to a growing readership abroad   10%

This week, we're exploring the world of literature. The highlight of France's literary year comes in the autumn, with the publishing world's annual awards season. Among the different high-profile prizes to be won is the Prix de Flore, which is celebrating its 25th edition. These prizes offer young and promising authors the chance to win a sizeable cheque, but more importantly the type of coverage which can launch their career and also that of their publishers. We tell you more.

Saudi Arabia approves listing of energy giant Aramco   5%

Saudi regulators Sunday approved state energy giant Aramco's request to make its stock market debut, firing the starting gun on the highly anticipated offering which could be the world's largest.

Silver-Backed Chevrotain, With Fangs And Hooves, Photographed In Wild For First Time   10%

Scientists say their goal was to rediscover a type of chevrotain that had been "lost to science" for nearly 30 years. Chevrotains are the world's smallest hoofed mammal, or ungulate.

As Delhi Chokes On Smog, India's Health Minister Advises: Eat More Carrots  

Residents of one of the world's most polluted cities are getting fed up with government inaction — and a few questionable tweets aren't helping.