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Kyriakos Mitsotakis: The Strong Favorite toBecome Greece's Next Leader   2%

In Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the scion of a political dynasty, is a big name. He's campaigning with the conservative party to become the country's next prime minister. This weekend's European election offers him a chance to test his prospects.

In search of a common ground: How debate is bringing Europeans together  

Ahead of European elections, more than 500 citizens from across the EU gathered in Brussels to civilly discuss the future of the bloc.

Right-wing Finnish youth group causes uproar over racist tweet against non-whites   -25%

The youth group of Finland’s largest right-wing party has come under fire after posting a tweet which warned that Finland would soon be overrun by non-whites if it votes the wrong way in upcoming European elections.
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Will MEPs get pensions and other frequent questions   25%

Reality Check runs through some of the questions cropping up most often ahead of the European elections.

2019 European elections opinion polls: How are the parties faring?  

Brexit Party leads polls for the European elections, with the Tories on course for a historic low.

European elections 2019: Heseltine loses Tory whip over Lib Dem vote  

The Tory peer has been disciplined after saying he would back the Lib Dems in European elections.

European elections 2019: Why adults are giving kids their vote  

Climate-conscious adults are allowing children to cast their ballots at the 2019 European election.

Will MEPs get pensions?   25%

Reality Check runs through some of the questions cropping up most often ahead of the European elections.

2019 European elections: How many new MEPs might you get?   -16%

As Brexit dominates the work of MPs and MEPs, how seriously should voters take the European elections?

Juncker slams 'stupid nationalists' ahead of elections   -2%

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has lashed out at "stupid nationalists" on the eve of European elections in which euroskeptic politicians are expected to make gains in the European Parliament.

Brexit overshadows European Parliament elections in Britain  

It is like renewing wedding vows while the divorce is on. On Thursday, May, as India watches the results roll in from the world’s largest democratic elections, Britons will be casting their votes in the world’s second-largest democratic contest – the European elections, which 400 million people can vote in.

Brexit firebrand Farage appears poised for victory as EU divorce flounders  

Nigel Farage's upstart Brexit Party is poised to make a splash in Thursday’s European elections, polling ahead of all others in voter intentions, including the U.K.’s governing Conservatives and opposition Labour.

Why Are Milkshakes Being Thrown at Right-Wing Politicians Like Nigel Farage?   25%

The divisive leader of the Brexit Party became the latest nationalist figure in Britain to be drenched while campaigning for European elections.

The Europe Report: Theresa May's second Brexit referendum offer  

It's the one dominant issue of the European election for the UK: Brexit. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Theresa May outlined her "new plan", to be put to British lawmakers in June. The 10-point proposal includes offering the public a second referendum on leaving the European Union... but there's a proviso.

Yellow Vests, six months on: Unprecedented fury, uncertain future  

France’s Yellow Vest movement has reached the six-month mark, but its 27th consecutive Saturday of protest made for a muted anniversary. Days before European elections that some Yellow Vests are contesting, FRANCE 24 takes stock of the phenomenon.