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599 people in New York died overnight from coronavirus  

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Monday that New York will remain "on pause" through the end of the month, as another 599 people died overnight from coronavirus in the Empire State. … Click to Continue »

Governor Cuomo sees signs of pandemic 'flattening' in New York  

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday cited tentative signs the coronavirus outbreak was "flattening" in his state but warned against complacency as the U.S. death toll topped 10,000 and the number of cases reached 350,000.

New York Governor says coronavirus crisis may have hit plateau   -15%

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo noted on Monday that hospitalizations of coronavirus patients are down and the rate of rise in deaths has leveled off in the hardest-hit state, suggesting the crisis may be plateauing, but he warned against complacency and extended a closure of businesses and schools.

New York governor sees 'return to normalcy' with rapid coronavirus testing  

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Sunday he believed there needed to be a mass rollout of rapid testing in order to achieve a "return to normalcy" after the peak of the novel coronavirus crisis passes in the United States in the coming weeks and months.

New York state reports 594 coronavirus deaths in past 24 hours   -1%

New York state reported 594 deaths from the coronavirus and 8,327 new confirmed cases in the past 24 hours, increasing the numbers to 4,159 dead and 122,000 cases since the outbreak began, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Sunday.

Amid Coronavirus Crisis, Andrew Cuomo Held New Yorks Health Care Hostage to Undo Criminal Justice Reforms   -20%

New York’s governor claims he’s not being political, but the acquisition of power permeates everything he does.

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NYPDs Aggressive Policing Risks Spreading the Coronavirus   3%

As Gov. Andrew Cuomo calls on the NYPD to be more aggressive, community advocates say police need to practice social distancing.

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Coronavirus: New York could hit apex in seven days as death toll passes 9/11  

"We're not yet at the apex, we're getting closer," Governor Andrew Cuomo says

Coronavirus: New York will run out of ventilators within six days, governor warns  

'If a person comes in and needs a ventilator and you don't have one, the person dies,' Governor Andrew Cuomo says

I dont believe you need 40,000 ventilators: Trump dismisses New York governors call for vital medical equipment to tackle coronavirus  

Andrew Cuomo says his state needs tens of thousands new units to curb the Covid-19 death rate

Coronavirus: New York City firefighters applaud hospital staff amid fight against Covid-19  

Gesture prompts New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to say: 'You have to remember, in the darkest of days, New Yorkers shine the brightest'

Chris Cuomo: Messages of support pour in after CNN anchor announces Covid-19 diagnosis   12%

'Stay strong little brother,' says Governor Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo doubles fines as New Yorkers flout 'stay at home' orders video   14%

The New York governor has announced he is doubling the fine for violating his ‘stay at home’ order to $1,000 after ‘unacceptable laxness’ over the weekend. ‘If I can’t convince you to show discipline for yourself, then show discipline for other people,’ Andrew Cuomo told rule-breakers

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New York has just six days of ventilators left, Governor Andrew Cuomo says   -3%

New York has just six days’ supply of ventilators left.Governor Andrew Cuomo made the dramatic revelation on Thursday as he dispatched 400 life-saving machines to New York City hospitals and 200 more to suburban counties.“Right now, we have a burn rate of about six days in the stockpile,” Cuomo said. “We have extraordinary measures in place that can make a difference if we run into a real ventilator shortage.”The Democratic governor said just 2,200 ventilators remain in the state’s stockpile…

With Hospitals Reaching Breaking Point, Pregnant People Face Additional Uncertainty During Pandemic   33%

New York hospitals cannot force pregnant people to give birth without a chosen support person. That's what an executive order released by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Sunday revealed. The order comes in response to a move by the NewYork-Presbyterian and the Mount Sinai hospital systems to bar partners from labor and delivery rooms, causing widespread outrage. But how are pregnant people coping with new hospital guidelines and uncertain conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic? We speak with freelance journalist Amy Littlefield, who focuses on the intersection of religion and healthcare, about what she is confronting now at the end of her pregnancy. Her piece for Insider is "I'm nine months pregnant, and I'm bringing my baby into a world I no longer understand. I have to remain hopeful anyway."

Andrew Cuomos crisis management gold medal   23%

At a time when it is a cliché to bemoan the lack of serious political leadership anywhere, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s potent combination of power, empathy, and impressive competence is proof that the qualities of earlier wartime leaders does prevail.

New York blocks hospital policy that would have forced pregnant women to give birth alone   33%

Gov. Andrew Cuomo will issue an executive order to ensure that pregnant women in New York do not labor alone.

New York governor extends shutdown to April 29   -9%

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday extended a shutdown in the epicenter of America's deadly coronavirus pandemic until near the end of the month. Cuomo said the COVID-19 death rate in New York was "effectively flat" for the past two days but announced that schools and non-essential businesses must stay shut until April 29.

U.S. deaths from COVID-19 climb to over 10,000: Johns Hopkins   4%

The death toll in New York, the state hardest hit by COVID-19, was "effectively flat" for the second day in a row, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in his daily news conference on Monday, but the U.S. as a whole saw the death toll from the pandemic climb to over 10,000.

Coronavirus in N.Y.C.: Latest Updates  

The state saw a one-day drop in deaths from the coronavirus, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said, but he added that it was too soon to say it was a trend.

In New York state, total coronavirus deaths surpass 3,500 as cases rise outside NYC   -10%

Coronavirus-related illnesses killed 630 people in the last day in New York state, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday, in the bleakest 24 hours yet for the U.S. state hit hardest by the pandemic.

With Coronavirus Deaths 'Essentially Flat' Last Two Days, NY Gov. Sees 'Good Signs'  

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said there were 599 coronavirus deaths statewide since Sunday. He said it may suggest a "possible flattening of the curve" but also warned numbers were inconclusive.