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Algerian leader to go to Saudi Arabia in first state visit since election   25%

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune will travel to Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, state media reported, his first state visit since being elected in December.

Saudi Arabia issues several royal decrees, introduces new ministries  

Saudi Arabia has issued several royal decrees on Tuesday which include the introduction of new ministries for sports, tourism and investment. The Kingdom’s Minister of Civil Service Sulaiman bin

8 Saudis sentenced to prison, death for spying, monitoring embassies for Iran   -12%

Saudi Arabia issued preliminary sentences for eight Saudi nationals, charging them with spying for Iran and monitoring two foreign embassies in the Kingdom. The Saudi State Security Court sentenced

Saudi advises against travel to Italy, Japan due to coronavirus  

Saudi Arabia advised its citizens and residents to avoid traveling to Italy and Japan amid the coronavirus outbreak, according to the Saudi Press Agency.

OPEC+ should not be complacent about coronavirus: Saudi Energy Minister   -33%

Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Energy, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, said on Tuesday that OPEC+ countries should not be complacent about the coronavirus. “Everything serious requires attendance

Saudi Arabia in touch with other countries on Lebanon aid: Finance minister   3%

Saudi Arabia is in contact with other countries to coordinate any support for Lebanon based on economic reforms, the kingdom’s finance minister said on Sunday. “The kingdom has been and

Saudi Arabia ranks third globally in deployment of 5G technology: Ministry   8%

Saudi Arabia ranks third globally and first in the Middle East, Europe and North Africa region in the deployment of 5G networks as the Kingdom installed more than 5,797 towers across 30 cities,

Foreign ambassadors visit Saudi Arabias Shaybah oil field   -30%

A group of foreign ambassadors to Saudi Arabia visited the Kingdom’s Shaybah crude oil field in the Empty Quarter desert, Saudi state news agency SPA reported on Saturday.The Shaybah facility is

Saudi GDP growth set to see uptick this year: SAMA   10%

Saudi Arabia’s economic growth is projected to see an uptick this year, backed by the non-oil economy, the country’s central bank governor said on Saturday. Saudi Arabian Monetary

Saudi Arabia plans $110 bln investment to develop al-Jafurah gas field  

Saudi Arabia said it is ushering in a new era in gas as it announced plans to develop the al-Jafurah field in the eastern region with a $110 billion investment and which will make it the

PepsiCo to invest more than $1.6 billion in Saudi Arabia over next five years  

PepsiCo and its local partners will invest over six billion riyals ($1.6 billion) into Saudi Arabia over the next five years, following a meeting between the company’s chairman and the governor

Saudi Arabia is not ready to close the door on low-skilled immigrants   40%

The UK recently announced the suspension of visas for low-skilled immigrants. Emulating this policy might seem attractive to Saudi Arabia, which is striving to create jobs for nationals, but doing so

Saudi Arabia appoints Jihad al-Khalidi as CEO of Kingdoms Music Authority  

Saudi Arabia has appointed musician Jihad al-Khalidi as the CEO of the Kingdom’s Music Authority tasked with developing the music sector.Her appointment was made by Saudi Arabia’s Minister

Oliver Stone to head jury at Saudi Arabias Red Sea International Film Festival   50%

Legendary filmmaker Oliver Stone has been chosen to lead the jury of Saudi Arabia’s inaugural Red Sea International Film Festival set to take place March 12–21 in Jeddah which will screen

The Chainsmokers, Tinie Tempah set for Azimuth Festival in Saudi Arabias al-Ula   10%

The Chainsmokers, Tinie Tempah, and Super Junior-D&E are some of the international acts set to feature in the upcoming Azimuth Festival taking place early next month in Saudi Arabia’s al-Ula

Saudi Arabias Al Taawoun FC demolishes Al Duhail SC of Qatar 2-0  

Saudi Arabia’s small-city club Al Taawoun FC stunned Qatar’s Al Duhail SC 2-0 at the King Abdullah Sport City Stadium on the second day of the 2020 AFC Champions League Group C on Tuesday.

Tinder, parties and no morality police: An Israeli reporter's journey through Saudi Arabia   4%

Dating, freedom to divorce, women in the labor market and behind the wheel, foreign tourists, coed leisure – Saudi Arabia is becoming a society that wants to resemble the West. How do people live with all this sudden freedom, yet no hope of democracy?

Sanders doubles down, blasts Israeli government as right-wing and racist  

Democratic front-runner also slams Mohammed bin Salman at Las Vegas town hall, saying the government of ‘billionaire dictator of Saudi Arabia’ is made up of ‘murderous thugs’

Report: Saudis, UAE funnelled millions to Trump 2016 campaign  

Lebanese-American fugitive CEO claims Saudi Arabia and UAE had deal with Trump to cripple Iranian oil industry.

Saudis intercept missiles fired from Yemen as Pompeo tours kingdom with Iranian threat show & promotes US air defenses (VIDEO)   -5%

Several ballistic missiles fired from the direction of Yemen were allegedly intercepted by Saudi Arabia’s air defenses, as the US secretary of state travels the country talking up the “Iranian threat” and the might of US weapons.
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Saudi creates new tourism, sports, investment ministries  

Saudi Arabia announced Tuesday the creation of three new ministries for tourism, sports and investment, according to royal decrees that also unveiled a sweeping cabinet reshuffle

Saudi jobseekers move into Uber gear for extra cash  

Burdened by a bank loan, Ibrahim Ahmed searched for years for a second job before opting for something once seen as menial in oil-rich Saudi Arabia -- driving for a ride-hailing app.

Saudi Arabia has granted 400,000 visas since opening to tourism   -21%

Saudi Arabia has issued more than 400,000 tourist visas since it opened its borders to foreign vacationers in late September, the country’s top tourism official said on Monday.