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Biden returns to Philadelphia for big-dollar fundraiser   10%

Many of the same Democratic donors who helped Joe Biden raise money at the start of his White House run welcomed the former vice president back to Philadelphia on Monday … Click to Continue »

Trump impeachment: Congress under pressure to remove president as administration enters grave new chapter of lawlessness   15%

Fresh row over attempts by White House to make Ukraine launch corruption inquiry into presidential rival Joe Biden

Trump announces Robert OBrien as new national security adviser to replace John Bolton  

Mr O'Brien is joining White House just as tensions with Iran have flared over attack on Saudi Arabian oil attacks

Trump impeachment hearing opened by Congress for first time   10%

House Judiciary chairman describes efforts to curtail testimonies 'an absolute cover-up by the White House'

Trumps long-term plan to destroy Obamas green legacy   16%

The White House is not only overturning as many environmental protections as it can - it also wants to significantly change the legal landscape to make it harder to reinstate them. Lily Puckett reports

Think America's fate hinges on the 2020 presidential race? You're forgetting something | Meaghan Winter   16%

Democrats can’t execute a long-term political project without winning state-level races. Yet, the prize of the White House is distracting liberals from this fact

Every day brings more headlines about the game-show-like spectacle of the presidential race. Of course, the 2020 presidential election commands attention because the stakes are so high. The presidential race, however, isn’t the only election that will have major ramifications for both the immediate and long-term direction of the nation.

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What is the Trump-Ukraine scandal about and how is Joe Biden involved?   -15%

What you need to know about the whistleblower’s complaint that the White House is refusing to release to Congress

Recently, a whistleblower from the US intelligence community voiced urgent concern about a matter involving the president.

The White House is refusing to release the whistleblower’s complaint to Congress but it has been reported that it is about a conversation between Donald Trump and the president of Ukraine.

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How Trump could lose the popular vote again and hold the White House  

Hillary Clinton won a majority but lost the presidency in the electoral college. A close election could bring a repeat

Some defeats never lose their sting. In Washington this week, Hillary Clinton summed up her bid for the White House in 2016.

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Elizabeth Warren: Donald Trump is 'corruption in the flesh' video   -20%

Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren targets the president while outlining her plan to end corruption in the White House, Congress and courts. Speaking in Washington Square Park, New York, Warren tells a crowd of around 20,000: 'Corruption has put our planet at risk. Corruption has broken our economy. And corruption is breaking our democracy'

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US and Australia grow apart on China, behind the smiles and handshakes   6%

When Scott Morrison meets Donald Trump during his first official visit to the United States this weekend, the Australian prime minister will enjoy a level of hospitality afforded to few other guests.Morrison’s invitation to a state dinner at the White House on Friday puts him in the company of just one other leader, French President Emmanuel Macron, to receive such an honour during the Trump administration.But behind the smiles and handshakes, analysts say the two leaders will have to confront…

Explained: what is the Trump-Biden-Ukraine scandal about?   -10%

Recently, a whistle-blower from the US intelligence community voiced urgent concern about a matter involving the president.The White House is refusing to release the whistle-blower’s complaint to Congress but it has been reported that it is about a conversation between Donald Trump and the president of Ukraine.In public, Trump is calling for an investigation of former vice-president Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, that involves Ukraine.Whistle-blower complaint: Joe Biden demands probe,…

U.S. man charged with terrorism offenses targeting landmarks for Hezbollah   -3%

Working on behalf of Hezbollah's Islamic Jihad, Alexei Saab of New Jersey allegedly documented locations such as the Statue of Liberty and the White House, and tried to murder a man he understood to be an Israeli spy

When an idealistic Obama adviser bumped against real-world politics   30%

Samantha Power’s candid memoir, “The Education of an Idealist,” details her experiences in President Barak Obama’s White House.

Vaping and a culture that substitutes one risk for another   12%

New York and Michigan became the first two states to ban flavored e-cigarettes this week, and the White House has said it will enact a federal ban.

Elizabeth Warren's long path from Oklahoma to Harvard   3%

On the campaign trail, Elizabeth Warren rarely mentions her two decades teaching at Harvard, preferring to dwell on her humble roots in Oklahoma. Her path to the White House may depend on which version of her voters accept — prairie populist or Ivy League elitist.

Pentagon to boost air defenses in Saudi Arabia   3%

The modest response, announced after the White House added new sanctions to Iran's Central Bank, reflects an attempt to keep mounting tensions from escalating into war.

Apple will keep production of the new Mac Pro in the United States  

After a months-long back and forth with the White House, Apple announced Monday it will keep production of the newest Mac Pro computer in Austin, Texas.

'I was non-stop Juuling up a storm': 10 college students on their vaping addictions   3%

The CDC, FDA, White House and a who's who of officials in suits want young people to stop using e-cigarettes amid a mysterious outbreak of hundreds of vaping-related lung illnesses.

Can Trump get a drug-price deal?  

Conservatives vs. White House on vaping policy — House panel probes state opioid cash

US Rep. Elissa Slotkin: If true, new allegations 'constitute an impeachable offense'   -4%

Slotkin and other Democrats who flipped historically Republican congressional seats are issuing an ultimatum to the White House


GM, White House deny report that Trump administration involved in strike talks   17%

Politico reported that Trump White House is involved in strike negotiations but GM and the administration say it's not true.


Apple Keeps Making Computer in Texas After Tariff Waivers  

Apple’s announcement ended a monthslong public dance with the White House over tariffs and the company’s ability to build products in the United States.