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'Put mental health first': Simone Biles reacts to exit from Olympic team gymnastics final video   -15%

Simone Biles was forced to withdraw from the women’s team gymnastics final at the Tokyo Games on Tuesday, citing mental health concerns after a difficult opening vault. The four-times Olympic champion said she had been struggling mentally in recent days and after the vault, she decided she wanted to 'take a back seat' and was confident her teammates would win a medal. Biles has not yet decided if she will compete in the all around final on Thursday.

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Simone Biles and the rise of the great refusal | Casey Gerald   -4%

Black public figures from Simone Biles to Naomi Osaka are helping us put one simple word at the top of our vocabulary: no

I can hardly do a proper cartwheel, so I’m hesitant to opine on Simone Biles’s decision to withdraw from the Tokyo Olympics this week, telling the press and the world: “I have to focus on my mental health.” I can’t stay silent, though, because I know she’s not alone.

As a former college football player, I can imagine the psychological price Olympians pay to squeeze every ounce of greatness into a tiny window of life. As a Black man raised by a cadre of women, I can imagine the tax Black women pay because of our national commitment to “trust” them, which really just means “let them do all the work.” Or, in the case of Simone Biles, “let her put the whole country on her back”.

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Simone Biles wins all of my medals | Maeve Higgins   30%

My heart soars imagining how much anguish will be sidestepped by girls and women who pay attention to Simon Biles’ wise words

This week was not the first time I watched Simone Biles in action and thought “Wow, I wish I could do that!” It was, however, the first time I thought I might actually be able to. I myself am a writer, making me the natural opposite of an athlete. As I slump in front of my laptop and watch her flip and twist and fly through the air, I am dazzled. But when she tells a barrage of cameras and microphones that she is withdrawing from the women’s team final mid-competition at the Tokyo Olympic Games to focus on her mental wellbeing? I am awe-struck. I sit up immediately and listen carefully to what she says, on her social media and during press conferences, and I learn over and over that you’re allowed to step back when you need to. I see from her demeanour that it’s an extremely difficult thing to do, but that it is possible. No matter how much pressure you’re under you can simply state your needs, make your health a priority and fundamentally not feel you must do what everyone else wants you to do. Forget about the Yurchenko double pike vault, it is that move – the defensive retreat, the protective step back – that wins her all of my medals.

Of course that’s a corny thing to say, and in any case I don’t have any medals except a battered one from my summer of 93 read-a-thon. Besides, Simone Biles stopped needing to win medals to prove her greatness a long time ago, although that has not stopped her from winning them. During the 2019 World Championships she won five gold medals and became the most decorated gymnast in World Championship history. She is a once in a lifetime athlete, perhaps the best there’s ever been. Even in all this week’s furore, herself and her team won silver medals, an achievement as much hers as her three team-mates. The others were extremely clear on that, with one of her teammates, Jordan Chiles stating: “But at the end of the day, we did though,” she said. “This medal was definitely for her because if it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t be here where we are right now.”

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'There was a lot of time I wanted to quit': Sunisa Lee on winning gymnastics all-around gold video   34%

Sunisa Lee came to Tokyo thinking the best she might do was win an all-around Olympic silver but the youngest member of the US gymnastics team grabbed the gold after Simone Biles dropped out of the event over mental health concerns.

With Biles watching from the front row at the Ariake Gymnastics Centre, Lee won the all-around to secure the title for the US for a fifth straight Games on the final rotation – the floor exercise – for a 57.433 winning total.

Surprise package, 22-year-old Brazilian Rebeca Andrade, who had topped the rankings for the majority of the evening, took the silver for her country's first-ever medal in women's gymnastics and Russian Angelina Melnikova completed the podium by taking the bronze for the ROC.

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'We're all human': US athletes show support for Simone Biles video   -2%

US athletes across the Games have shown support for gymnastics star Simone Biles after she withdrew from the Olympics to focus on her mental health. 

'I can only imagine the immense amount of pressure she is under' said gold medal surfer Carissa Moore, 'she is on every commercial, and billboard, and bag I see, and she is, like, touted as she is gonna win everything, like, how crazy is that? ... she has handled it beautifully.'

Swimmer Erica Sullivan added that 'people fail to recognise that she is also a human being. So, you know, so much heart love, just good vibes her way'

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Biles pulls out of Olympic vault, uneven bars finals   -10%

American gymnast Simone Biles has withdrawn from event finals for vault and the uneven bars at the Tokyo Olympics, USA Gymnastics said on Saturday.

Tokyo Olympics: Asian-American gymnast Sunisa Lee wins gold medal in womens all-around event   13%

American teenager Sunisa Lee won the women’s gymnastics all-around Olympic gold on Thursday then immediately video called her parents, saying “I told them ‘I did it!’ and then we all started crying.”Lee, 18, succeeded defending champion Simone Biles who withdrew over concerns for her mental health when she overcame a strong challenge from Rebeca Andrade, the first Brazilian woman to win an artistic gymnastics medal.Russian women’s team gold medallist Angelina Melnikova finished in the bronze…

Tokyo Olympics: US gymnastics star Simone Biles withdraws from second event, citing mental health concerns   -5%

Superstar US gymnast Simone Biles pulled out of a second event to protect her mental health on Wednesday, putting the spotlight on athletes’ well-being at a Tokyo Olympics held under strict rules to prevent the spread of coronavirus.Biles, who caused shock waves with her withdrawal during the team event on Tuesday, also ditched the all-around, raising doubts about her further participation in Tokyo.The 24-year-old American’s struggles follow those of Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka, another…

Sunisa Lees Stunning Olympic Victory   10%

Without Simone Biles, U.S. women’s gymnastics seemed likely to end its gold-medal streak in the all-around competition. Instead, a new champion had her moment.

Olympic sponsors praise Simone Biles after withdrawal   13%

Athleta and Visa are are lauding her decision to put her mental health first.

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Something more than gold: How US gymnasts earned silver   -50%

After Simone Biles’ exit from the team gymnastics finals, her teammates rallied for a silver medal – and showed their support for her difficult call.

Olympic stumbles for Biles and Osaka, but their legacies shine on   2%

American gymnast Simone Biles and Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka unexpectedly fell short of Olympic gold in Tokyo on day five of the summer competitions. Regardless, fans remain inspired by the representation and heart both women bring to their sports.

Simone Biles withdraws from floor final at Tokyo Olympics  

American Simone Biles withdraws from the floor final but is yet to make a decision on whether to compete on beam.

Simone Biles: Tokyo Olympics gymnast withdraws from two more events   -10%

American Simone Biles pulls out of the vault and uneven bars gymnastics finals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Simone Biles withdraws from floor exercise final at the Tokyo Olympics  

Simone Biles will not compete in the women's gymnastics floor exercise final at the Tokyo Olympics as she continues to deal with "the twisties."

Simone Biles withdraws from vault and uneven bars at Tokyo Olympics   20%

Simone Biles, who withdrew from the team and all-around gymnastics finals, will not compete in two apparatus events at the Tokyo Olympics on Sunday.

Elliott: Simone Biles needs to focus on herself and not compete again at the Tokyo Olympics  

It's unclear when or if Simone Biles will compete for apparatus event gold at the Tokyo Olympics as she continues to deal with the "twisties."

Despite ratings woes, Tokyo Olympics will be profitable for NBCUniversal   -10%

Simone Biles' departure, COVID-19 fears, empty arenas and time differences with Japan dampened NBCUniversal's presentation of the Tokyo Olympics.

Hernndez: Simone Biles excels as a human being but fails as a gymnast   28%

Simone Biles did the right thing by not competing when she believed she couldn't. But it also tarnishes her legacy as a gymnast.

Simone Biles thanks fans for making her realize 'I'm more than my accomplishments'   -2%

After withdrawing from multiple Tokyo Olympics events due to mental health strain, Simone Biles posted gratitude on social media for the support she has received.

Who are Sunisa Lee and Jade Carey? Meet Team USA's all-around competitors   10%

With Simone Biles out, the trend-setting pair of Sunisa Lee and Jade Carey will carry the U.S. torch in the individual all-around gymnastics competition.

Simone Biles had 'the twisties.' A gymnast explains the sport's dreaded mental block   35%

Gymnasts and coaches explain how many cope with "the twisties," which prompted Simone Biles to withdraw from team and all-around competition at the Tokyo Olympics.

Elliott: 'We can all learn from her courage': Simone Biles not alone in mental health struggle   -11%

U.S. gymnast Simone Biles pulls out of two events at the Tokyo Olympics because of mental health issues. Other athletes understand the struggle.

Simone Biles will not compete in Olympic all-around gymnastics final   10%

Simone Biles, who withdrew from the women's gymnastics team competition Tuesday, will not compete in the all-around final Thursday.

Simone Biles' road to stardom: Career milestones for America's favorite gymnast   -40%

Simone Biles has been upping her own game since she became an elite gymnast.

Simone Biles, the greatest gymnast alive, could be the next marketing GOAT too   25%

Simone Biles can do things no female gymnast in history has been able to pull off. The canny way she's handled her personal brand makes her one of the most sought-after Olympians for marketers.

Opinion: 'Simone Biles doesn't owe us a darn thing': Readers on athletes as commodities   23%

Readers express mostly empathy and support for gymnast Simone Biles, who withdrew from the Olympics' team and individual all-around finals, and tennis star Naomi Osaka.

Simone Biles withdraws from event final for floor exercise  

Simone Biles is withdrawing from the event final for floor exercise at Tokyo 2020, USA Gymnastics said on Sunday, adding that she would make a decision later this week on the one remaining event she is qualified for, the beam.

Simone Biles's withdrawal from Olympic event could 'normalize' mental health conversations, experts say   -5%

The decision of U.S. Olympic gymnast Simone Biles to withdraw from the women's team final to look after her mental health could go a long way toward dispelling stigmas around the issue in sports, experts said.

Georginio Wijnaldum and the Collective Toxic   25%

No one can compare themselves to Simone Biles, but Wijnaldum’s exit from Liverpool carried many of the same themes.

US star gymnast Biles withdraws from two more Olympic finals, citing the twisties   -16%

Simone Biles has pulled out of two more Olympic finals at the Tokyo Games, USA Gymnastics said in a statement on Saturday, with her entire campaign now in serious doubt.

A true sign of strength: Biles fuels reckoning around mental health in sport   3%

First it was Naomi Osaka, now weeks later a tearful Simone Biles. Two of the biggest names in sport have publicly revealed that they are struggling with their mental health—and they could be the catalyst for wider change.

Biles's Olympics hanging by thread as raging Djokovic misses medal   -5%

Gymnastics superstar Simone Biles further slashed her Tokyo Olympics schedule over a crippling mental block Saturday as a raging Novak Djokovic missed out on a tennis medal.

Gymnast Biles's Olympics in doubt after second pull-out over mental health   -14%

U.S. superstar Simone Biles pulled out of a second Tokyo Olympics gymnastics competition to protect her mental health Wednesday, raising serious doubt over her participation in the rest of the Games.